Another Country Heard From

Here’s the Korean cover for Strange Bedpersons. They got it mostly right, the cat, the red hair. I don’t remember the raking leaves part, but I still like it:


But the real reason I put up another post was to give you the full size good quality jpg for Tentacion (you’ll have to click on the thumbnail to open the full jpg). I still don’t see any dots:

Tentacion Full

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  1. Interesting Cover. Different. It certainly catches my eye.

    But Hot Damn on the full size of Tenacion. That is one sexy back.

    And it’s so amazing what some of these photography programs can do. It’s so cool.

  2. Maybe it’s him trying to rake the leaves, while she’s kicking up her heels, distroying his attempts at order???

    It looks like the Tentacion model has a tattooed slave collar under that neck band. Funnily enough, it showed up better in the smaller version on the other post. You can see the red band and the grayish/blackish one showing above it. Heh. Is there a Spanish BDSM book running around somewhere with this cover? Or would they even have such a thing?

  3. I can only imagine how completely satisfying and COOL it would be to see covers of a book I wrote translated and for sale in countries around the world. I’m just sayin’…

  4. Oh, it’s wonderful. Sometimes you look at the covers and say, “Huh?” but it’s wonderful. I like both of these.

  5. i just love the international covers, it makes me wish i want to buy them all again, just for the fun covers 🙂

  6. ok, sorry just saw many spelling/grammatical errors….humph, and i’m an english teacher! well, heck, its basically Friday for me, i think i’ve stopped caring…

  7. There are dots and then there are dots. This version doesn’t show any. The one on the Tentacion post had dots, sort of like tiny melted points if you stuck a hot nail on a styrofoam grocery store meat tray a lot of times.

    I personally think Jenny ought to zip over to Spain and buy the real thing and report back.

    A real question: Japanese or Spanish or whatever language… How well do the jokes and banter translate? Maybe Colognegirl can answer that.

  8. Hi all! Newbie here. I think the “dots” are an artifact of the image compression used to make the small first image. They disappeared in the second, larger image because it wasn’t compressed so much.

  9. Yeah, Jenny, don’t worry about the dots, I often see stars too. Heh.
    I was just intrigued because as an ex-nurse, I look at bodies and see the bones and the muscles and the what-have-you and every time I looked at the smaller photo I saw these funny little dots and no bones of the spine. I imagined it was embroidery done on a pale silken insert instead of a tattoo. I know, I’m weird. *grin* I still say it’s sexy, dots or no dots.
    Interesting cover on Strange Bedpersons. I think that might be your only book I haven’t read.

  10. I’m loving these covers. Keep ’em coming.

    In my experience Gatorperson, things are often lost in translation which is why you better hope and pray for a damn good translator. Dont even get me started on that topic…..

  11. I have the book here. I get foreign copies, most of which Mollie takes to the library as a donation.

    As for more, I have s lot of them. Usually I just give them all to Mollie but sometimes the covers are so striking I frame them. Wish I’d kept the dumpster diver cover.

  12. i like it. not so much for the book, but i like how it looks. (the Korean one, i mean)

  13. Jenny,

    Like the Korean cover. Also love the Tentacion cover.

    BTW — your Korean title is “Dong Sang Ii-Mong” which translates to One / Same Bed Two Dreams. It’s one of old phrases…proverbs I think, used to describe people who seemingly act / work together, but have different goals in mind.

  14. I went to the German Amazon site- and I must say some of those covers are amazing, and some are just odd- but I loved“>these
    and the boots on“>this cover– wow baby

    and I figured if I was doing some virtual traveling I might as well continent hop
    this is from Amazon Japan- I think it shows the book well“>

    and now I’m confused- I popped over to Amazon France- and found books with the US, UK, and German covers in English and German but didn’t locate books in French- I thought the French loved romance!! But since I confuse easily…

  15. I love that Korean cover — so fun! And the kitty is adorable.

    I don’t read Japanese much past the fifth grade level, so I can’t tell you how well it translates. Depends on the translator, I suppose.

    I went to and put “Jennifer Crusie” in the search box, and saw stuff from all over the world. (-: The first hit was a German book that looked like the cover came from the Big Book O’ Romance Covers — a silhouette at sunset kind of standard thing.

    Then I saw the Japanese one for Faking It (I’m sure it’s Faking It!)

    Oh wow, what a great cover! Riffs off the US one, too. But the title?? It translates to “The Kiss is the Very Best.” (Kisu ha gokujyou)

    Some authors have fan-run sites, and they have a picture gallery of covers from around the world. I haven’t been over to Jenny’s main site in quite awhile, but it sounds like there isn’t something like that up. Yahoo! Groups is set up with a photo file — is anyone sticking photo covers there? (I’m afraid I wouldn’t know how to do that, exactly.)

    It’s a lot of fun looking at the different covers. (-: Those pink heart German ones almost made my insulin fail!

  16. I can only speak for the German translation, of course you lose a lot of the puns. That’s why I prefer to read the books in English. I once read a Sidney Sheldon book – a long time ago, I must add – in both languages as an exercise, and they cut a whole love scene in the German version. Puritan Publisher probably. Or the translator didn’t know how to describe a velvety manhood.

    Still, the Crusies seem to be very popular, at least my best friend loves them, same as Evanovich and others. I suppose the gist of the story still comes through no matter what language. DLD is among the Amazon top 25, by the way.

  17. If you click on the publishing category and then find the post titled: The Crusie Theory of Cover Design: A Lecture, you can see a small picture of the dumpster diving cover.
    I love my Crusies no matter what’s on the cover. 😀

  18. I indulged in a little Babel Fish to translate some German titles, and came up with this wonderful tidbit:

    the author Jennifer Crusie belongs in America to the most successful authoresses of cheerful woman novels.

    Yup, that’s our Jenny.

  19. I’ve got to ditto the “Same Bed, Two Dreams” title. It just rings and crunches and beckons…

    I do love this cover. It would make me cross and store and buy it. Korea is absolutely the last thing I think of when I see it, but maybe that’s the idea. When I see “Tentacion” I think of Spain, but maybe that’s the idea, too.

    And is it just me, or does this woman look like an elf or fairy with her flying red hair, outlines that look like pointy ears and the boots?

  20. The cover of Tentacion reminds me of Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel’s Dart. Hmmm… JC= Jenny Crusie or Jacqueine Carey. 🙂 It’s beautimous.

  21. This is starting to feel like one of those Twilight Zone episodes where Aliens take over the planet. They try to behave as if everything were completely normal but they can’t help slipping up now and then in little, telling ways.
    For instance, how likely is it that any Crusie blog would go two-three days without a comment? Exactly.
    Time to gather up a lot of those books that have been on the TBR list and retreat silently into the nearest bunker…

  22. Mary the CB–my thought exactly! and see how long it’s taken for someone to chime in–to the bunker immediately.

  23. Hope you’re okay, Jenny, and that you didn’t get another of those stinkin’ colds.
    Will just imagine you suntanning on some tropical island, being fed grapes by a cabanna boy in a speedo and sipping your diet coke with lots of ice, a wedge of lemon, and a little pink umbrella on the side.
    Or, even better, that the muse hit and you’ve been writing twenty-four seven. Yeah, that’d be good. More books!

  24. I don’t know, K.L. — that cabanna boy picture sounded pretty good too 😉

  25. How about both? Let’s imagine she took her laptop to the tropical island. It’s gotta beat working at home. 😀

    Seriously, Jenny, I hope you’re okay and haven’t been thumped by anything.

  26. I just ate an entire box of Krispy Kreme centers–that’s 1000 calories to you–with a glass of skim milk. Because I’m all about health.

    Helluva week but I’m starting to see the light of day. There’ll be a new post soon. Or I can just throw up another foreign book cover.

    Speaking of throwing up, 1000 calories of Krispy Kremes . . .

  27. You know Jenny, at least you can eat. Something has been attacking my system lately and I have no appitite. Not even for a crispy creme or a Tim Hortins Tim bits (small donut holes) with a hot chocolate. Nope. And while I wanted to loose weight, not this way. I want to feel human. I want to eat a krispy creme again.

  28. how much comes in a box of krispy kreme centers, cause i always thought one small center was a 1000 calories… ok, that’s mean. post an excerpt to tease me.

    (i really think you should be impressed how i’m able to turn everything into posting an excerpt. you should post an excerpt as a prize)

    i’m gonna go back to paying attention in class now…

    hope you feel better JJ

  29. Krispy Kremes? Gallbladder attack coming up. Heh. Glad you’re okay Jenny, we’ve missed your pithy humor. Just throw up another book cover, don’t tax yourself, we’ll talk about anything. I wrecked Bob’s blog. He had to put up a new one so my “contest” would be overlooked. I’m going to behave now, and not leave silly messages, except here. He’s way too serious.

    I have the opposite problem J-T. I can’t stop eating. I gave up alcohol because of the so-called empty calories. The other night a friend offered me wine, I declined, came home, put on P.J.’s, watched Idol, drank a diet coke and ate a half a gallon of ice cream. Sigh.

  30. Here in Krispy Kreme City, I remember when we could get the holes for almost nothing. No one wanted them; they were trash. Times have changed. Also the KK treasurer resigned this week. Or maybe it was the VP.

    On Fridays one of our managers at work (not KK) would always stop by the KK bakery w/in a mile of our building and bring back 2 dozen still-hot glazed. I made sure I had my 3 with diet Coke to offset the calories. People here really do have KK wedding cakes!

  31. Do a poor confused kiwi a favour … Krispy Kreme centers are the dough from the middle of the donut, right? Why don’t they just make more donuts from it?? And are they really crispy?

    We’re deprived. We don’t have Krispy Kremes. That doesn’t stop me finding plenty of junk food to scoff!

  32. Colognegrrl said: [Quote] I can only speak for the German translation, of course you lose a lot of the puns. That’s why I prefer to read the books in English. I once read a Sidney Sheldon book – a long time ago, I must add – in both languages as an exercise, and they cut a whole love scene in the German version. Puritan Publisher probably. Or the translator didn’t know how to describe a velvety manhood.[/quote]

    Colognegrrl, this happens frequently in Icelandic translations of romances. The explanation I got when I asked the publisher was twofold: one is that it’s a cultural thing, that we don’t want or need as much description in love/sex scenes as English-speaking readers do (yeah, right!); and the other was that it’s a practical issue since a text translated into Icelandic will be somewhat longer than the original English text, but to save money on printing it needs to be a certain ideal length (multiples of the number of pages you can print on one sheet of paper). Because of the first reason, removing love/sex scenes is considered a good way to cut the text down to the right number of pages. A German translation of an English text would be even longer than an Icelandic one, so there may have been pruning involved because of that.

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