Zelda 4: Inching Along

I now have all the pieces of You Again separated into different scene files and stashed in Act Folders and I know exactly why Jen said, “No,” and Bob screamed trying to fix it. It’s a puzzle that’s missing three quarters of its pieces and somebody lost the lid to the box with the picture on it.

Of course there’s some good stuff in there. It just doesn’t make any sense when you put it together.

So now it’s time to hit the whiteboard. Scrivener is a godsend on this, it’s helping enormously, but it can’t give me the whole book at a glance. For that I need my whiteboard. I see colored markers in my future.

So what did we learn today, Dorothy?

I know this is definitely a book about fathers. Zelda’s, James’s, Rose’s, I’ve got fathers all over the place.

I know it’s got something to do with clashing realities, something to do with how everybody tells her own story and makes herself the hero and other people supporting players, except the other people think THEY’RE the heroes . . .

I think I know my turning points for Zelda’s father hunt, for the mystery, and for the romance, plus Scyllas subplot.

I know this is a lot more fragmented than I remember and that’s a little frightening.


Whiteboard Tomorrow.
Panicking Tonight.

10 thoughts on “Zelda 4: Inching Along

  1. And by the twelfth day, you’ll have it all figured out. If anyone can do it, you can, so go buy those colored markers … or are you snowed in?
    I didn’t comment on the 3rd day, still letting it all gel. Very interesting though, thanks for sharing.

  2. Whenever you talk about James, I keep picturing a Springer Spaniel. Probably this impression will fade as I read more about him. I do hope so — it’s getting in the way.
    Also, I’m still pondering the previous post about the different beats in the scene. Good info.

  3. breath, Jenny, breath.

    and now that you’re angry and saying to the screen “i know how to breath, what is wrong with this child“, you are no longer panicky.

    i’m a CB. i do what i can.

    dads. i’m watching TV with my dad right now. well, i’m watching TV and he’s sleeping, which is what usually happens after 20 minutes after 9pm.

  4. do you actually read our comments? just curious…
    I am learning so much about the creative writing process! Like every other industry, unless you do it for a living, you have NO IDEA how much work goes into producing the end product…I just got through my “hell holiday: Valentines Day. And everyone keeps telling me it “must be so much FUN to be a florist” I’ll trade you this week for a year in anyone elses life. seriously. okay, i’m a little bitter, but getting better. reading your posts crack me up. Thanks for the laughs this week… (hugs from a former Columbus resident now stuck in Virginia) 🙂

  5. p.s. Bella Donna Delphinium, plant is very toxic to humans, so is Angel Trumpet. Actually, most plants are toxic to humans. just in case you needed more research.

  6. It must be a whiteboard day. I cleaned off all mine from last book and now I’m ready to start on my idea board. Tried a collage again, but me afraid me suck at them.

    Good luck!

  7. Speaking of springer spaniels; is there going to be a dog in this book? Because that’s one of my favorite parts. Maybe with a Sherlock Holmes hat.

  8. There’s a bloodhound named Rhett in Agnes, a beagle named Plum in You Again, and nine dogs so far in the Fun Book including a long-haired dachshund named Wolfie.

    It wasn’t a plan to have them all have dogs, it just worked out that way.

  9. One of my other favorite writers is Dean Koontz.

    I think all of his books have dogs in them, except one, and it has a young man named Shepherd.

    I have a Mac, now I want a Labrador!

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