You Again: She’s a Type A

First, thank you all very much, I had a great time reading the comments. Still not sure what Zelda’s deal is that gets her hooked, but I have plenty of options now.

Then I played with the type and thought about Zelda, and she has to be this one:

Because it looks like her, that why.

I know many of you were seduced by Fireside Chat, but the problem there is that it has such a strong identity already, before a book is even attached to it, that I think it overwhelms what I want the book to be. I love that font, but it’s just too classic Christie, and I’m looking for classic Crusie. On the other hand, the Archive type that’s so perfect for Zelda is too heavy and threatening for this story. So I think this is it:

This I like, now that I’ve calmed down that awful staring “O” in the middle of the “You” by making it lower case. This is formal and old-fashioned but it’s got that whacked-out undercurrent to it. I’m pretty sure this is what the book I want to write looks like.

And the fact that the Zelda font doesn’t match the world-of-the-book font? Symbolism, baby. Yep, these are my choices.

I still haven’t opened the file because I’m still working on Agnes but I’m really close now. I’m taking tomorrow to cut 5, 584 words from it (argh) and then I’m done. Forever.

And shortly after that, I’m opening that file. Well, I might take a break. But really soon . . .