Mare 9: Nothing But Good Times

I’d love to write about everything that happened today but I’m so tired I’m falling over. In short:

Eileen and Krissie and I worked all morning.

Then Mollie came and we went back to La Ripaille the French bistro on Hudson Street where the food is incredible and where Eileen and Jen and I had had lunch the day before, and the maitre d’ hugged me. So I’m going back.

Then we worked on the book and discussed business for the rest of the afternoon until Dale Burg came, at which point we laughed harder because Dale is hysterically funny. And she quoted Nora Ephron who said that at the beginning of every relationship, the role of crazy person is up for grabs. And I wondered who had grabbed it in the partnership so I asked Bob in e-mail. No answer so far. I also don’t know who it is in the Eileen/Krissie/Jenny collaboration (we’re trying to think of a name for it), but basically, I think we’re all nuts.

Then we met Mollie’s significant other who had dinner with five women without flinching.

Then we went to Mary’s for cake because she was closing forever tonight. Very sad.

And then we came back to the apartment and ate cake and had a wonderful time.

After which I convinced Eileen and Krissie to start blogs so they could talk about Dee and Lizzie. Eileen says her first blog entry is going to be “Jenny Made Me Do It.”

Then they went to bed and I picked up my e-mail which included several from Bob, three of which read, in their entirety, “We’re doomed.”

And tomorrow we’re driving out to the Hamptons because none of us have ever been and we might want to set the next book out there. Because we’re pretty sure we want to do this again.

There’s more, but I’m exhausted and I need to get to bed because I have to get up and drive across Long Island tomorrow with Eileen and Krissie screaming “Road trip!” out the windows.

Have I mentioned I’m having a wonderful time?

8 thoughts on “Mare 9: Nothing But Good Times

  1. You lucky gal. That’s it. In my next incarnation I’m coming back as you.
    Like I’d be that fortunate.
    Ant hill, here I come…

  2. I’ve scrolled back to the top to add this. The following may sound like a gushing syncophantic suck up, but I mean every word. Really!

    Long after I’ve left my computer in the morning after reading one of your blogs, I smile. I get transported for a minute by something I remember you said. It’s like a mini-vacation. I work in an RV park where most everyone visiting is on vacation so when I get to take one in the middle of the 10th registration of the day…it’s just the coolest thing.

    Anyway, my little vacation today was taken while mulling over all the updates about your writing with your friends in NYC and Agnes with Bob. When *snap* I realized or put my finger on why I like visiting here so much. Yeah! Finally, my point.

    You are so optimistic! While you may needle Bob or share the mis-adventures of your writing process you remain optimistic that it will all come together and you just keep plugging away at it. Even with Bob you always show or mention what positives he brings to the partnership.

    That is more valuable to me to see, read and absorb each day than you can imagine.

    Of course, the wit, charm and cool collages don’t hurt either!! : )

  3. Can’t wait to read that blog!

    I don’t know that I could deal with all those different characters running around in my head all the time!

  4. You so make me want to collaborate on a book. It would be nice if I learned to write a book first, but maybe I can collaborate on that, too. Thank god for Cherry Writers.

  5. Road trips are the best!!!

    Glad you’ve had a wonderful time, sweetpea. I think this is a fantastic prequel to the 2006 DLD World Tour.

    Isn’t Bob cute when he gets hysterical? He’s such a drama queen.

  6. RE: Sister Krissie the Impeccably Demure’s nickname: If you check the copyright page on Anne Stuart’s books, her real name is actually Kristine Something-that-starts-with-an-O-which-I-won’t-even-attempt-to-spell-from-memory. (I’m a fan, but I’m not Rain Man). And WHEN is her next book coming out already!

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