Mare 7: Eileen, Krissie, and Jenny, Together Again

Well, we’re all here in New York, and after a late dinner with Meg at the White Horse where Eileen humiliated everybody by asking what kinds of Chardonnay they had–just have a beer, Eileen–we came back and worked on the plot of the Miss Fortunes and laughed pretty damn hard. There was that moment when Eileen said seriously, “Okay, so the three guys are chained naked on the mountaintop and then?” that will live in surreal memory (no, that’s not going in the book), and the three of us trying to untangle and layer the supernatural element, the sexual element, and the community element so they echoed each other instead of confusing things, and about forty other things I can’t repeat here because they were too lewd but also funny as hell, and now we’re breaking for the night to start again tomorrow. We actually got quite a bit done, although to do it we had to reference Buffy and The Waltons and discuss the erotic significance of motor cycles, plus Eileen brought packets with maps and all her character stuff done, I brought the Mare character stuff and then realized I hadn’t done Crash, so my homework was only half done, and Krissie hadn’t done any of it. We were meant for each other.

Tomorrow, we get the plot lines down and figure out exactly what happens in the climax so that we can write our separate novellas all heading for the same ending. This is going to be SUCH a good book.

So I’m working, I’m really working. Honest.

5 thoughts on “Mare 7: Eileen, Krissie, and Jenny, Together Again

  1. I can’t wait for the book! Are you sure you don’t want to publish the “out takes” of the discussions? Especially after beverages? Oh to be a fly on the wall! 🙂

  2. “the erotic significance of motorcycles” Tell me, I need to know. DH just bought a Harley Ultra Classic Screaming Eagle CVO -whatever that is, I just like the color.

  3. As I recall from the days I had boyfriends with motorcycles instead of a hubby with a new knee.its all in the vibration, although men think its all in how big they are.

  4. That reminds me of the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun quote about his motorcycle: It’s the safest thing you’ll ever have between your legs.

    I love that movie…

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