Mare 2: Kind Of

Well, it’s been one of those days, what with Susan answering my double-dog-dare, and the new tile going in my bathroom (and it’s GORGEOUS, too) and about twenty million e-mails coming in, including one with the first review of Don’t Look Down: “This is the first collaboration between best-selling and award-winning romance writer Crusie and adventure-thriller writer Mayer, and it is a rare and original delight. Mayer’s delectably dry sense of humor perfectly complements Crusie’s signature brand of sharp wit, and together the two have cooked up a sexy, sassy, and smart combination of romance and suspense that is simply irresistible.”

God, I’m so happy, I’m doing the Snoopy Dance all over the house.

But I didn’t get to Mare this morning. Or this afternoon. When it got to be 8PM and I was still handling business stuff and e-mails, I realized I wasn’t going to get to Mare or Baby (the scene from Agnes) today. I also realized I have to get a grip on my life. I truly typed from 9:30 this morning until 8 this evening without writing one word of fiction. I did four blog entries, though. And I proofread the newsletter and did a bunch of editor and agent e-mails and an agent phone call (except we talk about everything so that’s not exactly all business) and a partner phone call (except she’s my kid, too, so it’s not exactly all business), and then e-mails with Krissie and Eileen about the anthology and the trip next week and promotion, and then there were the lists I have to keep up with, and the call from the vet because Lucy has a double heart murmur even though everything else about her is fine and I swear to God she knows it because before she went to the vet she used to jump up on the bed just fine and now she sits on the floor and looks up at me with those big eyes and does everything but clutch her heart until I pick her up . . .

Clearly there’s a lack of focus here. As if you didn’t already know that from my desk.

But I did think a lot about fiction today, including writing long e-mails to Bob about what Agnes would be doing baking six kinds of cupcakes while Shane grilled her until Bob wrote back, “TMI,” plus yesterday, I was out because of the vet et al and stopped by Home Goods and looked at their Christmas markdowns and there was this angel that marked down from $38 to $5 (“as is”), and I am not an angel kind of person but the face on this one was so amazing, plus she was holding her halo in her hands as if she’d just decided to take it off, plus there was something about an “as is angel” that really appealed to me, plus she was five bucks, for cripes sake, so I bought her and she’s sitting on my desk and I keep looking at her fascinated. I know she’s going to fuel a book. Maybe Charlotte. Maybe the one I’m going to do a couple of years from now, my verson of The Turn of the Screw. I don’t know. But since I have nothing to show for my day, I thought I’d show you the As Is Angel instead:

Isn’t she something?

Tomorrow, tomorrow I must write fiction. Argh.

13 thoughts on “Mare 2: Kind Of

  1. I’m the Anonymous who promised to laud your brain power and lie to her cousin-not-the-singer Rod Stewart for an ARC. I’m Anonymous because I can’t remember the password to my never-used blog account.

    Nice to know I’m not the only one who worked all damn day and didn’t get any work done.

    Jenny, there is so much going on in your As Is Angel that if you don’t write a book about her I will come to your house and steal her just so I can. She’s talking to me. The pressure of the halo got to be too much so she took it off, she doesn’t have to be perfect she can just be her As Is self.

    I’m sitting here at my messy desk crying because I never knew there was such a thing as an As Is Angel and I think in some bizarre, totally accidental way you just changed my life. Thank you. Thank you for the great books and the blog and interacting with everyone on the Cherry list and at signings and conventions and workshops.

    I’m gonna stop now before this gets really, really weird…

  2. ok…i know i am bragging, and for some weird reason i need to tell a page full of random strangers about my wonderful xmas present that i got from my best friend. Apparently my obsession with Ms. Crusie’s site (and let’s face it, Bob too); my best friend who works at a bookstore managed to pull enough strings with Chapter’s HQ (chapters being the bookstore she works for here in Canada)got me a pre-order for “Don’t Look Down”!! It’s no ARC, but every morning, I take a quick peek at the pre-order receipt, and giggle like a child. Apparently, the pre-order was not available at the time she wanted to buy it for me, so she used her wiles – and i should be grateful that she would think of something so thoughtful, and go through such GREAT lengths to get me a copy – but the truth is I appreciate the gift much more than the thought.

    Can’t wait!!

  3. I love your blogs! I never get sick of them. I’m so anxious to read DLD but the blogs are great while waiting.

    And congrats on the review! I’m so excited for you! You seriously are a great author. Can’t wait for DLD!!! Three more months…

  4. The as-is angel is about to fling her halo frisbee-style. Perhaps for her as-is dog.

  5. Your angel is fabulous. I *love* that she’s holding her halo instead of wearing it — it says volumes about her, I think.

  6. Love the Angel. I have one who is holding a book on her lap that I feel a kinship with. I can see why you bought her. Sorry you didn’t get to do everyhthing you wanted to do today. But, think how how touched your life was today. Especially for us fans who can read your blog that you take the time to post on. Trust me, we are gratefull. Have a great night.

  7. The notebooks are a brilliant idea. I never thought of doing that. Blank notebook, their names on the side so plainly.

    Oh, and the angel is pretty, too.

  8. Hi!

    You don’t know me, but I’m a bookseller at a small used-book exchange store in ABQ, NM. We ‘pimp’ your books on a regular basis, and I love reading your blog…not simply for the fun, but cuz you’re a Firefly fan, too!!! Whooot! Major fan here! Walked the red carpet at the Premiere in Sept and all. 🙂
    Anyhoo….love the angel. When my Mamacita’s dad died, she said, “Take something to remind you of him” and the first thing I saw was an angel. Not much of an angel person my own self, but I love this one. She sits on my tv where I can see her at all times.
    They just kind of ‘grab’ you, don’t they? 🙂

  9. The look on her face is priceless. Like she’s finally realized as is, is ok and if the world doesnt like it, its just too damn bad. Like after of a life time of trying for perfect, as is, is feeling pretty good. I second the as is dog. No can bring a dog character to life like Jenny Crusie can!

  10. Wow! GREAT review. Great angel! It’s no coincidence you were drawn to her; seems like some of your most memorable main characters have taken their halos off, too (Crazy for You, Faking It, Welcome to Temptation).

  11. LOVE the halo in the hand…Sometimes being an angel is just too hard!

    “As Is Angel” what a great name for a book!

    Great DLD review. Can’t wait.

    See ya in Cocoa Beach

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