Addendum: Double Dog Dare Accepted

It must have been the double-dog-dare: Susan zapped me a picture of her office. I’d just like to point out that I didn’t have fast food styrofoam anywhere in my office. Mostly because the fast food places I frequent are too cheap to use styrofoam. What’s wrong with a plan old paper bag, Miss I’m-Too-High-Falutin’-For-A-Cardboard-Box? And she’s kept her poinsettia alive past Christmas, which clearly means she’s made a deal with the devil.

Susan writes:

“Okay, Missy, here’s my office as of this very minute. Thank God you didn’t challenge me to take a picture of myself because the office looks a heck of a lot better than I do. I am cringing, however, at the fast food container on my desk, but I just had my very nutritious lunch of leftover salad with no dressing. (As long as I’m making you mad…) In total fairness, I cleaned up my desk 2 days ago, but even at it’s worst it never looked like— Never mind. My headache is coming back.”

“Here’s the thing. Your godawful mess of an office looks like the inside of my head ALL THE TIME, which is why I have to keep my workspace reasonably organzied. Otherwise, it would all just be too painful. That mess you work in is a credit to your amazing brainpower.”

See, THIS is why she’s my pal, even when wearing an electric bubble shirt and lying to Rod Stewart about me. Of course, then she ruins it by adding:

“By the way, I love your new cover for DON’T LOOK DOWN. Still angry that you only gave me that first amazing chapter to read. So unfair to keep me dangling like this, but then that cruel streak of yours does have its way of sticking its head up, now doesn’t it?”

So of course I’m sending her an ARC. How can I not?

I love Susan Elizabeth Phillips, bless her classy little heart.

14 thoughts on “Addendum: Double Dog Dare Accepted

  1. If I tell you you have lots of brain power and lie to (my cousin but not the singer) Rod Stewart will you send me an ARC of DLD?

    I don’t own a bubble shirt but I do have lots of bubble wrap…

    Sigh. 90 days and counting.

  2. Jenny, if I say that I’m mad at you for keeping me dangling, then can I have an ARC too? I swear I’d keep the plot a SECRET and I’ll give you a critique from the perspective of an average, American reader from the midwest… Really. Truly. I mean it. 😉

  3. Let me just justify my lack of a name here. I know I grew up in this burgeoning age of computers, but I’ve never responded to one of these things before.

    I do feel bad about having no name. So I should have one of those, but picking is too hard. So just call me Casey. My parents thought it was brilliant, and so do I.

    Now to the nitty gritty, because I don’t want to take up too much space here. Offices are funny things. Cleaning them is nice, but two minutes later they’re dirty again. Dirty, to me, means productive. My mother does not agree, in case any of you were wondering.

    I also posted because I was following the development of Mare and wanted to recommend a movie. Jersey Girl with Ben Afleck involves a video store clerk and an indepth clinical study of porn, so you can’t go wrong there. I will admit that the little girl, Gertie, completely steals the show. Still it might help get you in the mood for some killer plot points in the video rental arena.

  4. I was wondering how to get an ARC before I read today’s post. Count me in! Would sending a photo of my 2 Carlton Ware egg cups prove I’m a deserving fan? (I don’t even collect egg cups, but I had to have them … must be subliminals in some of your books) This one sounds like a real winner!

  5. So, are we all just asking for an ARC? Cause I want one too! Let’s see, what do I have to offer… Well, I love to clean so I can come clean your office and then you can take a picture of your awesomely cleaned office and email it to SEP and tell her to take that!

    Would that deserve an ARC?

  6. I bet you thought she would’nt take the picture! (Caught in your own trap.) I have already warned my DH that come what may, I’ll be first in our area to buy your new book. Good luck in cleaning YOUR office!

  7. I was so comforted by the picture of your office, Jenny. It helped to know that one of my writing idols also works in clutter. My office looks like I didn’t escape hurricane damage, to the point that I write at the dining room table. That’s actually a good thing, because I have a view of the harbor.

    Now, however, my comfort level is blown by the office picture of SEP — another of my writing idols. Her office is neat, elegant AND she has a terrific view.

  8. I am so jealous, I can’t see straight. I’m still trying to find the electric bill. It’s there somewhere. I think. Underneath the mounds of paper, synopsis drafts, rough drafts, sticky notes, and the empty chocolate box.

    Man, I would love that office!

  9. SEP’s office looks just like mine. Exactly. Almost. Just take 4 loads of clean unfolded laundry and pile it in the corner. Tip over the poinsettia and have little kitty paw prints trailing away from it and add 4 more to go containers, a overweight black cat on the fax machine and this could be my office. Exactly.

  10. Found this via Lee Goldberg’s site and have to ask–is SEP’s desk a custom-built job? It’s really nice and the sort of thing I’ve been looking for. . . (only signed in as anonymous because I don’t have a blogger account).

  11. I looked at the pic of your office and I went AHHHHHH. I looked at that fab photo sent to you by SEP and I went ARRGHHHH. I now have a new goal for 200…umm 7, no 8, no 9….sigh.

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