Mare 10: Mission Accomplished

And tomorrow we go home.
We worked on the book all day today while we drove and had lunch by the ocean and we’ve got the structure blocked out. So we can all go to our separate states now and work on our sister’s story. And we need to meet again to do the final draft, putting them all together.
So we had a beautiful day and did good work and now we’re going home, tired but happy.
It was a good, good trip.

Mare 9: Nothing But Good Times

I’d love to write about everything that happened today but I’m so tired I’m falling over. In short:

Eileen and Krissie and I worked all morning.

Then Mollie came and we went back to La Ripaille the French bistro on Hudson Street where the food is incredible and where Eileen and Jen and I had had lunch the day before, and the maitre d’ hugged me. So I’m going back.

Then we worked on the book and discussed business for the rest of the afternoon until Dale Burg came, at which point we laughed harder because Dale is hysterically funny. And she quoted Nora Ephron who said that at the beginning of every relationship, the role of crazy person is up for grabs. And I wondered who had grabbed it in the partnership so I asked Bob in e-mail. No answer so far. I also don’t know who it is in the Eileen/Krissie/Jenny collaboration (we’re trying to think of a name for it), but basically, I think we’re all nuts.

Then we met Mollie’s significant other who had dinner with five women without flinching.

Then we went to Mary’s for cake because she was closing forever tonight. Very sad.

And then we came back to the apartment and ate cake and had a wonderful time.

After which I convinced Eileen and Krissie to start blogs so they could talk about Dee and Lizzie. Eileen says her first blog entry is going to be “Jenny Made Me Do It.”

Then they went to bed and I picked up my e-mail which included several from Bob, three of which read, in their entirety, “We’re doomed.”

And tomorrow we’re driving out to the Hamptons because none of us have ever been and we might want to set the next book out there. Because we’re pretty sure we want to do this again.

There’s more, but I’m exhausted and I need to get to bed because I have to get up and drive across Long Island tomorrow with Eileen and Krissie screaming “Road trip!” out the windows.

Have I mentioned I’m having a wonderful time?