Mare 6: I Heart NYC

Well, I’m in New York and can I just say this is the greatest place on earth? Thank you.

Spent the day with my brilliant beautiful daughter, Mollie, because it’s her birthday, and we walked around and talked. And then we had omelets and talked. And then we walked and talked some more. And then we had coffee and raspberry chocolate cake and talked. And then we walked and talked back to the apartment where I’m staying and then we sat and talked some more. Truly a wonderful day. We got six hours in before she had to go back to her significant other who also wanted birthday time, and now I’m here getting ready to get my notes together for Krissie and Eileen tomorrow and maybe order a pizza.

In the meantime, the frog is a Christmas ornament from Hobby Lobby that I bought because I thought, “I’ll need that someday;” the Girls in the Basement are never wrong. Will check into music selections. And that screaming you hear from the South is Bob because we’re reconfiguring Agnes after only 20,000 words. Which is always what happens to me, but a new experience for him. Well, actually, it’s the second time; it happened on DLD, too. He just e-mailed me and said, “We’re off the outline already!” Yeah, what’s your point?

Must go revel in being in New York for awhile and then work on Mare. Back later.


And now it’s later. Bob keeps saying he’s going to fix the plot of Agnes, so my plan is to leave him to it because he’s going to do it anyway. Very singleminded, our Bob. Also this is Mare Week in NYC, Krissie is arriving tomorrow morning and Eileen tomorrow afternoon, so I’m just going to do Mare all week, although I’ll end up brainstorming with Bob in e-mail while he obsesses on turning points. Tonight I got the Mare plot outlined (HA, like that will last) so that we can compare notes tomorrow. I’ve never collaborated with anybody but Bob before, so this should be interesting.

At least Krissie and Eileen won’t try to write the history of the Gatling Gun. Although there may be paragraphs about shoes. An ENTIRELY different thing.