Trudy 6: Bleah

Okay, I HATE writing to an outline. Just wanted to share that.

But . . .
The mailbox stayed painted and looks great.
The collage is coming together which should make rewriting this mess easier.
I did another 1000 words. Yes, I know I’m behind. I told you I hate this.

Some of us were just not born linear. Which is why we collaborate with people who were.

I swear, it feels as though this story is lurking just out of reach of my frontal lobe. I know it’s out there, I can see it moving around in the darkness, and yet . . .

Oh, well, tomorrow is another day, Scarlett.

3 thoughts on “Trudy 6: Bleah

  1. Wow, painting my mailbox! Thanks for giving me another great idea (aside from painting my bedroom door) to do instead of work. …my theory is that time spent doing other things recharges the part of your brain that site in front of the keyboard…and I’m sticking to it. So far today I’ve cleaning out one drawer in my bedroom, cleaned off the nightstand, and helped my son with four drafts of his English essay. In a minute we’re going to the gym together. And then, off to paint the mailbox! … er, after I check to see if Jenny’s written more blog entries. Or put up more RWA articles. Or maybe chapter 2 of DLD….

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