Trudy 3: Tivo and 2358 Words

I did 2358 words. They’re lousy words, but by God I wrote them.

Plus I downloaded four versions of Santa Baby from iTunes to inspire me. I can’t find any of my Christmas music, so that’s something else to do tomorrow because I definitely need Christmas music. I’d do Christmas cookies, too, except for that no refined sugar thing. Maybe drag one of the little Christmas trees out of storage just until the novella is done. It’s hard getting Christmassy in September.

It’s also hard writing because this is season premiere month, so I’m missing a lot of new shows. Thank God for Tivo, although the hard drive is filling up fast. I cheated and watched Miami Ink tonight because I’m hooked on it, and NCIS because I’m hooked on Mark Harmon and Pauley Perrette, but everything else on there is untouched and calling to me. I love TV. All those people who say, “I wouldn’t have a TV in my home,” I just feel sad for them. No Buffy. No House. No Bobby Goren. No Lorelei and Luke, no Muldaur and Scully, no Rush and Valens, no Charlie and Don. No Jon Stewart, for heaven’s sake. What are they thinking? They can’t tell Galactica from Serenity or Spike from Angel. It’s just so sad.

But enough about them. I wrote 2358 words. Two scenes that are not well-developed and are going to need major work, but hey, they’re on the page.

This is when I always have grave doubts about the whole writing thing, especially my writing. Seriously, this is lousy, lousy prose, but it’s always lousy in the beginning until I find the rhythm and the characters, until the words start to bounce. So tomorrow I’ll do better.

The important thing is I got 2358 tonight.

13 thoughts on “Trudy 3: Tivo and 2358 Words

  1. Go, you!

    And thanks for the reminder that there’s almost always a part of the path forward where things look like a mess but it eventually leads to something better.

  2. But if they don’t have a television in the house, who watches the kids???

    Also? You wrote 2358 more words than I did yesterday. You should feel way superior. I know I totally would.


  3. You better hope Bob doesn’t read this blog. You’ll get H*ll for watching tv and not writing more than a measley 2358 words. He probably wrote 4000+ just yesterday. 🙂
    Does he have a life???

  4. I spent hours on iTunes last December listening to and buying Christmas songs. Let me tell you, I don’t like Mariah Carey, but her version of All I Want for Christmas Is You rocks my socks off. And The Chipmunk’s Christmas Don’t Be Late is a classic.

  5. 2358 words is me on a good day! No, an excellent day! In fact, that’s me when someone has hidden the remotes, my modem, my books, and every backissue of Cosmo, and I am desperate to entertain myself.

    Besides, who cares what type of words they are? That’s what the lengthy process of editing and rewriting is for.

  6. I’m doing the FastDraft Workshop on Romance Divas, and we’re supposed to do 5k a day. So far, I’m overachieving. Of course, we’re not talking quality, just hammering out that first draft. ;+)

    I’m having fun with it, pretty much writing whatever comes into my head. We’ll see what I’ve got at the end of two weeks. It will be fiction, but will it be a book?

  7. I love your finished words and have been missing my Jenny fix. Are they ever going to release Cinderella Deal and Trust Me on This? Even though Charlie gave you fits, I absolutely adore that book and read it, Manhunting, and Getting Rid of Bradley whenever I need a good laugh. I loved all the shoes in Bet Me. I’m waiting patiently for 2006 to roll around and being able to read your next book. Tell Bob he needs to post excerpts on his website – my library doesn’t have any of his books under any name and neither does the local UBS. I totally agree, menopause is a bitch that sneaks up and smacks you in the head, been there and done that. I really, really like your blog, it brings humor into my day and improves it to no end. Thanks for starting it!

  8. You definitely need to iTunes Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses. Inspiration in 5 minutes and 20 seconds!

  9. Lorelei and Luke? Jon Stewart??

    You just became the coolest person in the world. I’m addicted to both. Also watch NCIS and House, but this year it’s more of a Lost and Alias sort of thing…

    When there’s so much good TV on, who has any time to write? *grin*

    Congrats on the 2,358–at least they’re words! You’re officially 2,358 words closer to finishing.

  10. Hmm. Mulder, unless Maria has teamed up with Dana. d
    Sorry, it’s the copyeditor in me that pops up Tourette’s-like at the least notice. Because when I can’t write, I … edit.

    And really, premiere week should be some sort of national holiday. Who could work?

  11. Love Miami Ink…and House…I live in Japan tho, so I get Miami Ink like three weeks later than u in the states. 🙁 And house i probably won’t get the new season in forever. They just now premired Medium…anyway enough blab. Can’t wait til your next book.

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