8 thoughts on “Trudy 11: Sorry

  1. True, days do go wrong. I kept having to apologize to my boss for messing up things yesterday, I finally just walked in and said “I am sorry. I guess I just woke up incompetent today”. On those days, we should just get a pass to go back to bed and start all over.
    Today, is a new day and you can conquer the world!

  2. By the way, don’t forget that you are an amazing, fabulous woman! You are awesome, and today is your day!

  3. Nestle (I think) made a new instant cocoa mix. Butterfingers flavored. Will solve almost anything (or at least make you not mind quite so much).

    Hope today is a better day.

  4. Your writing is so vivid that I am a nervous wreck reading these postings. I’m waking up in the night worrying about how you will fix these scenes. I can barely write a grocery list so the absurdity of me worrying about the writing of a best selling author is profound but nevertheless, the tension is killing me. Come on Jenny, you can do it, you can do it!

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