Trudy 10: Bob Was Right

Well, in a fit of exhaustion, I managed to delete tonight’s blog entry. I can’t believe it. I need a nap.

Basically what it said was:

Bob was right when he said I had to fix that plot point. I offered a compromise, he tweaked it and made it better (but NOT a tac nuke), and now I have a great ending because of it. So Bob is a hero.

Because of that, the first and fourth acts really pulled together and now make sense. The Mess in the Middle is still a mess, but I’m getting closer.

Trudy has a complete four act character arc that makes sense and will pull the whole novella together.

Nolan has a first and fourth act chartacter arc, and I’m sure there’ll be movement for him in Two and Three once I solve the Mess in the Middle.

There are two motifs for sure: Santa Baby sung by four different artists and the phrase “Maybe it fell off the sleigh.”

The settings are still a structural problem–toy store, street, cab, outside of warehouse, warehouse, outside of warehouse, home–but if I make the transitions tight, I might be able to get a kind of hero’s journey going there, or at least a Red Riding Hood thing, with Trudy trying to get her basket home past all the wolves.

And I’m generally feeling much more optimistic. Except that I just lost this whole blog entry which had much more detail. Definitely time for a nap. Or maybe some time on the treadclimber, that often jumpstarts my mental processes.

I can’t believe I lost an entire blog entry. I was using it for notes for the story, too, so it’s really bad. Must learn to hit “Save As Draft” when I wander off.

Oh, and I wrote nothing today. Not a word. So I have two days left to write 8,000 words.


5 thoughts on “Trudy 10: Bob Was Right

  1. Jenny,
    Where can I get a Bob? I definitely need a Bob…
    So glad things are coming together for you… 🙂


  2. Computers are wonderful things until they eat your homework or blog…so sorry about that.

    Should we all apologize to Bob for thinking he was trying to push you too far? And now, you admit in print, that he is right. Don’t you hate that?

    I love Santa Baby, no matter who sings it.

  3. I think we need a video of you singing Santa Baby posted on your website. Complete with bright red velvet, marabou trimmed outfit, black patent leather boots, fishnets, and cherry lipstick to match.

  4. “Leshia said…
    Where can I get a Bob? I definitely need a Bob…”

    I need a Bob too…someone to crack the whip or glue my fanny in a chair in front of my computer!!


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