Trudy 4: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

So let’s see what we’ve learned:

  1. If you give up sugar for three days, the craving does not go away. I just had a sundae and it was delicious.
  2. That 2000 word a night thing does not work if the words aren’t in your brain. I reread those 2000+ words from last night. They stink on ice.
  3. Some of us aren’t linear thinkers.

But I’m on it. I’ve got the collage started, I’ve got people talking in my head, and I’ve got an outline with beats. What I did get done today: Brainstorming for DLD marketing, beginnings of collage, and internet research. (It’s not like I didn’t work. I swear.) Tomorrow I’m going out for more Diet Coke and pretzels and trying this again.

So I’m behind what now? 4000 words?