Working Wednesday, December 11, 2019

My Christmas shopping is done (I know, I can’t believe it either), my cards are in the mail, my presents are ready to be wrapped, and I spruced up a gnome. I am not generally a gnome person, but I had to go looking for a gnome game and I came across these little fabric gnomes (14″ high) on Amazon for not-too-much ($15) and one of them had a green hat and I thought, “I could make that my Christmas tree this year” because I am not in a Christmas mood, so I bought him and he was darling, and then I saw the gnome-couple-with attitude and got those because they were so happy-making, and when they came, they looked like Pratchett’s elves in that only they could tell that girl gnome was a girl gnome, she looked like she had a handlebar mustache, so I cut the two swathes of hair into three pieces and braided it that still didn’t look right, so I added red yarn, and then gave her some eyelashes and made her an apron, and now I’m trying to figure out how to give her a basket of something like apples or bread because she’s too big for dollhouse food, but she needs to be carrying something nourishing.

Yes, that’s a run-on. That’s exactly how it happened, one thing after another, and the end I was left staring at Glam Gnome wondering when I’d lost my grip on the whole thing. (I’ll post a picture later when there’s light.)

Then I ordered four more gnomes (it was a set). I am NOT a gnome person, but now the little buggers are everywhere. I’m going to put one out on the front door wreathe. They’re Scandanavian. Cold holds no fear for them.

So what did you work on this week?

Argh Author: Krissie has a New Book, Return to Christmas

Krissie, my partner in crime and also Anne Stuart, has a wonderful new Christmas book out, called Return to Christmas. A young woman gets stuck in 1947 Macy’s and falls in love – you know the drill. But it’s a book of her heart and she loves it to pieces (and so do most readers). Other Cherry beta readers and I read it and loved it, so go hit that buy button. (Sorry for the abbreviated entry, I’m using Friendly’s WiFi and eating breakfast, so this is a hit and run.)

Working Wednesday, December 4, 2019

I am clearing out my stash this week. Finding many wonderful things but also the occasional yarn barf of a skein that unwound itself while I wasn’t looking. Most of the time I just patiently untangle it while I watch TV, but sometimes there’s just no way. If it’s lace weight, for example. But I’m getting it sorted into weights so I know where everything is, and I’ve got a big bag of yarn to hand off to Krissie next time she comes, and I have many many projects planned, so I’m working. Also there’s that book I have to finish that I have been obsessing over. Finally decided that I needed a white board on my one big plain living room wall more than I need a TV so I can see the damn thing (book not wall) all at once. My plan for December: FINISH STUFF.

What are you up to?

It’s December. Try To Be Happy Anyway.

Welcome to December! If you’re in the US, that means hearing “Santa Baby” and “All I Want For Christmas Is You” at the supermarket while you’re trying to buy bok choy and considering the merits of Oreos vs Grasshoppers (buy both). It also means hearing the Christmas Nuts screaming about the audacity of Other Holidays being celebrated in preference to Our Lord’s Birthday Party (aka The War on Christmas) because America is now the land of the free-ish and home of the paranoid. Ah, for Christmas past, when my all my relatives would get drunk and take my allowance off me at poker (on the up side, I was damn good at poker by the time I was twelve). Or last year, when Melania Trump did the weirdest decorated White House in history (remember that creepy red forest? Evocative of both The Handmaid’s Tale and menstruation). Sigh.

OTOH, I just bought myself a fuck-ton of yarn for Christmas, and that makes me deliriously happy.

What made you happy this week? (Besides the Drifters, I mean.)

Questionable:How do we know when it’s okay to Tell instead of Show?

Olga asked:
The old writers’ dilemma of ‘show’ vs. ‘tell’. All the writing teachers and textbooks instruct us: “show, not tell,” but many successful writers use ‘tell’ a lot. Georgette Heyer is one of them. There is a lot of ‘tell’ in her novels. I’m not even talking about Jane Austen and other old-timers.
Did this demand of ‘show not tell’ change with time. What was allowed 50 years ago isn’t recommended today? Or are there some universal guidelines? How do we know when ‘tell’ is okay? And how much of it?

First, you can do anything you want. It’s your book. Seriously, if it feels right to tell, tell. Continue reading