Working Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Welp, we made it through January. One more month of winter blahs and we can start climbing out, assuming you’re in the Northern Hemisphere. Things continue to go awry here–one of my medications gave me hallucinations, so that was interesting–and Bob and I stopped moving forward on the current book because I’d borked my heroine so badly, but we’re back on track now (see below). And I’m thinking about just taking everything in this house outside and lighting a match. How did I accumulate so much STUFF?

Enough about me, what did you work on this week?

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Happiness is Having A Writing Partner Who Doesn’t Blame You When You Screw Up The Book You’re Collaborating On

This week, I have not been happy, just grateful to Bob who isn’t saying, “How long have you been writing?”I’ve screwed up so many things, not just the book, and I’m trying desperately to fix them and it’s a miracle this whole post isn’t one big scream. So you guys are going to have to bring the happy this week.

What made you happy this week?

Working Wednesday, January 25, 2023

We’re almost out of January, and we’re finally getting a grasp on the book. We ended up slicing and dicing what we had, moving scenes around to fix the pacing.

Now we’re having to fix all the discrepancies for time and cause and effect. Bob got more than half way through it and started to scream and sent it to me, and I’m trying to get the rest lined up, but it’s a lot better, and we’ve got a much better grasp on the plot although we won’t know for sure until the first draft is done. I am still driving Bob nuts with that two-spaces-after-a-period thing, but he’s coping.

What did you work on this week?

State of Collaboration: Character Argument

So Bob has the master and he’s telling me the scenes he’s adding (which is good) and then he tells me he’s put Rose in a scene when I had her asleep, and it was important that she sleep late.

I may have lost my cool a little bit. It was one of those man vs woman things. There was something about Bob asking me why she isn’t fixing him breakfast that set me off. Bob, as always was patient. And answered with zombies.

As he would say, “Sigh.”
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Working Wednesday, January 18, 2022

I had a work calamity that I still haven’t fixed: My laptop is stuck on a screen I’ve never seen before and can’t get out of. I tried for a couple of hours and then realized I was going to have to go to the mall to find a Genius Bar. And I didn’t want to go to the mall. So I had Apple overnight me a cheaper laptop as a backup (yes I am eating peanut butter for the rest of 2023 because I had to replace my iPhone, too), and I actually like it better. So I waited for the battery to run down on the old one–that takes forever on a Mac–to see if that cleared up the screen. Nope. I’m stuck with the Genius Bar.

But Bob and I got to 50,000 words on Rocky Start this week, so that was good. The week was not without disagreements–I want a Chinese restaurant in Rocky Start and he doesn’t–but we’re moving right along. See below for a brief look at how we’re doing.

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