Flashbacks: Why You Should Never

So aside from dealing with taxes and trying to rescue stuff from my screen-defunct computer, I’m also working on cleaning up my stuff in Rocky Start which is all detail work so I still don’t have stuff like the Egg Cups transferred over. But I did find one of our discussions about flashbacks which lays out why Bob loves them and I hate them, and I thought you might be distracted by picking a side and wading in.

Crusie’s Guide to Art, Lesson 2

So a long time ago–2014–I put up a series of classic paintings with captions and I just found them again. I put the first one up on Facebook last week, and now, by a miracle, I managed to transfer them to this new computer (which is fabulous and I’m loving it although my savings account took a hit) so since I’m putting them up on FB, I figure I should put them up here, too. (I’ve also found some other things, writing stuff, that if I can wrangle them into blog posts, I’ll put up here. Assuming anybody is still interested in anything I have to say about writing. By now, you’ve heard it all, I think.)

Where was I? Right. Here’s my interpretation of The Vision of Catherine of Aragon by Henry Fuseli.

I’ll put the first one up later this week (Saturday?).

Working Wednesday, April 2, 2024

Bob told me to stop thinking and just write, but I ignored him and went to sleep and dreamed a solution to a scene I was having problems with and then when I woke up, I thought about it some more and told him what I thought, and now we’re doing four Rocky Start books instead of three, which means more work for me.

Moral: Stop thinking.

What did you work on this week?