Expectation and Reversal: A Video Explanation

We’ve talked about setting up expectations and then reversing them in a way that makes the reader/viewer see things in a different way so they feel engaged and delighted instead of swindled (the infamous Gotcha). I love this video because it’s a great short visual for that concept:

My fave is the lightbulb that lights up instead of breaking; not just a reversal but a delightful surprise.

Originally on Vimeo.

Thank You!

I surrender to destiny my beta readers.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. The comments on the WiP are gold, and since they’re here on the blog, I can find them if and when I ever finish Liz. (I think I started her in 2008?) And having looked over all of them, I think you’re all absolutely right (except Lavender dies). Continue reading

RANT: Eyes on a Plate, A Rant About Expectation

I’ve been thinking for awhile about the expectations we hold for creative people. We’ve been talking in the comments about author biographies that paint the authors as less than perfect and therefore disappointing, as in, “How could somebody so rude/cruel/thoughtless/choose-your-own-sin write such good stories?” I have a history of being yelled at for my views outside of my writing (“Jenny Crusie loves plagiarism!”), not to mention what’s in my writing that some readers find betrays their concept of me by promoting the gay agenda, animal abuse, and birth defects, among other things. What I don’t understand is why these people think “creativity” equals “person I’d want to have lunch with.” Continue reading