AG wrote:
“I was musing with a friend over why [Sense8 was cancelled), and it occurred to me that the best shows can usually be summed up with a very simple “subject verb object” statement that encompasses both premise and plot, so audiences near-immediately know what they’re getting into. (This doesn’t apply to books, this is just what kinds of shows more easily ensnare new browsing viewers) Consider:
“A teenage girl slays vampires.
“A vampire fights supernatural crime.
“A crew of thieves swindles bad guys . . .”

I think the idea behind the one-sentence premise does apply to books, too, but I think it’s more complicated than subject/verb/object.  (Of course, I do.)

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Book Done Yet? The Conflict Box Is A Magical Thing

So after staring into space (along with the fifty other things that had to be done this week) and then losing my computer (I had to run after the dogs and I forgot where I dropped it, so I kept searching the living room which wasn’t a help since it was in the guest room), and getting stung on the bottom of my foot by a wasp (don’t ask), I ended up with an ice pack back in bed, thinking about the antagonist.

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