A Word About Curio

One of my worst habits is taking notes on graph paper (I like graph paper) and then losing the paper. Or making so many changes that the whole thing becomes meaningless. And as the words mount up, so does the paper. Then back in the computer I’m making sticky notes to myself, and long pages of notes that are just words that I never look at again.

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Book Done Yet: Problem Solving

I’m switching The Office and Book Done Yet around because it makes more sense to follow Craft Wednesdays with talking about the book I’m writing. Also end-of-the-week for office stuff just seems more logical. Or not. Pictures of progress tomorrow; discussion of Nita’s book today.

I’m still not sold on the idea of writing the Nita book, but since it seems to be occupying my mind, I decided to take a hard look at the real problems of writing it. Of course, all of this is more fun than actually finishing a book, so I’m fairly sure I’ll be back to You Again shortly, but still, problem solving . . .

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