Save the Day

Josh Whedon assembles the Avengers:

Background info here:

(I’m very excited about this. BIG Mark Ruffalo fan.)

While We’re Waiting 24 Hours . . .

I can’t talk about the critiques for 24 hours, so that’ll be sometime Thursday Sunday probably, but there are a few things that need to be said:

1. You are terrific critiquers. Seriously. This is good, good stuff and it’s blowing away a lot of the fog for me. One thing I noticed: nobody’s telling me how to fix things. Do you have any idea how rare that is in critiquing? I mean, you people are pros. So thank you very very much. Continue reading

Making Up Is a Pain in the Ass To Do

Once again I have missed a social moment. Or movement. Whatever, I completely missed the NoMakeUp thing, which is odd, because I haven’t worn make-up for years. Once I got off the promotion train, there didn’t seem to be any point. This is my face. It’s the face I take to McDonald’s and to see my grandkids and to buy chocolate. It’s the face I mow the lawn in and walk a hundred yards to get my mail in. For me, make-up isn’t necessary, but then it’s no big deal for me to go without. My neighbors don’t throw things because my lips aren’t glossy. The window people at McDonald’s do not refuse to hand over my chicken sandwich because my cheeks are pale. The plumber fixed my toilet without batting an eye at my lack of eyeliner. To me, this all seems kind of logical. And rational. Why the hell would I wear make-up? Continue reading

Talk Amongst Yourselves

I know I said I’d respond to your critiques. Instead, I worked on the second scene all weekend. I did get the first one cut back some, and now the second one is too long and all over the place, but still better. And since I’m starting the third one from scratch, yeah, it’ll be awhile.

The good news is, I was in the middle of something and had this vague thought that I wanted to get back to the book I was reading because it was really good. Then I realized it was the one I was writing.

So you guy talk about anything you want. I’ll be here revising . . . Continue reading