Viciously Horrible

Every time I go to post here, I’m dragged under again by the horrors. I’d post something cheerful about the WiP, but I don’t want to write. I want to scream and blame somebody, but it’s not one person, one group, it’s a whole collective mindset that’s fogged the whole damn country– all black men are dangerous, we need our guns for protection, if you’re afraid it’s okay to shoot– insane ideas that defy logic and humanity. I need to believe that things will be different, but I’m afraid they won’t. I’m aching for those lost, and I’m terrified for the future, and I should not be posting now.

But some thoughtful things have come out of this. Continue reading

Book Done Yet: So Much Bigger Than I Thought

I always panic at the beginning of a book because I look at it and think, There’s just no there here. (I also panic in the middle and at the end, but for different reasons.) It’s just a story about a Girl who isn’t even My Girl yet, and stuff happens but it’s just . . . stuff. There’s no depth, no layering, it’s all surface.

Well, yeah, that’s because it’s the beginning. Continue reading