Thursday, November 8, 2018

I’m having a fraught week.  Apologizing profusely for the second late post in two days.  I’m reading Krissie’s next book so we can talk about it in Slack–title right now is Thirty-fourth Street Time Warp, but as I explained to her, I keep seeing Tim Curry in a corset, so I’m thinking a change might be in order–and putting together the last of Nita which has spiraled completely out of control, so AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH.

What are you reading?

Working Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2018

So I took a shower, took the dogs out, hit the grocery, fed everybody, got through my e-mail which included talking with Krissie about her new book and asking one of my agents if I could postpone a conversation until Monday, talked to my new trash collection people, caught up on the election, sat down to finish reading Krissie’s WiP before starting on the last pass of the truck draft of Nita and realized I hadn’t put up a Working Wednesday post or put the groceries away.  But the point is, I’m working.

What’s up with you?

Argh Author: Gin Jones, Deadly Thanksgiving Sampler

Gin Jones’s latest book, out on Nov. 6 (today!), is Deadly Thanksgiving Sampler.

Gin says, “Please note that this is the fourth in a series, but I think it can be read as a stand-alone. For those who like to read in order, it starts with Four-Patch of Trouble, then Tree of Life and Death, and then Robbing Peter to Kill Paul. They’re available both individually and as a virtual boxed set:

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Happiness is Autumn

Or at least a big pile of leaves.

How did you plunge into happiness this week?

(Also, if you’re in the US in a place that observes Daylight Savings Time, it’s time to fall back (at 2AM this Sunday morning, the time reset to 1AM.)

(Also, Judith is a GREAT name for a dog.)

Working Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween!  Also, good-bye October.  Good time to finish outdoor stuff if you’re in the Northern hemi and probably get started in the Southern.  (My grasp on the Southern hemi is loose, to say the least.)  Also, the end of the year approaches, if that’s a deadline for anybody.  And tomorrow Novel Writing Month starts.   And then there’s holiday presents, if anybody out there is making theirs.  So what have you been making this week?

Food for Thought

Pleasure may not be the same as happiness (we talked about that a while back), but pleasure can certainly lead to happiness, and one of the greatest pleasures in life is good food.  The happiness in eating may be tied to great taste or to great memories (Proust and his madeleines come to mind).  I love the taste of vinegar, especially vinegar on French fries because some of my happiest memories are of the county fair and my dad buying me paper cones of fries drenched in vinegar.   Plus we have to eat to live, so tying happiness to food, just makes sense.  

So how did you consume happiness this week?