Questionable: Character Chemistry with the Reader

This is another one from Draft Vault, and it included this note: “Somehow I hit “Publish” while this was still in draft form. Therefore, whatever went out in the RSS feed was a rough draft. Sorry about that.” I’m pretty sure I cut almost all of the previous draft, so this shouldn’t be a re-run at all.

Cate M asked:

“Could you do a post on a character chemistry? Not necessarily romantic chemistry, although that would be helpful too. Basically, once you’ve got your checklist of goals, motivation, conflict, how do you make sure the characters are actually fun to spend time with, and better together than they are apart?” Continue reading

Snow and Writing/Romance

My computer is developing alarming symptoms (lines, flickering screen, very slow restarts) and I have a lot of snow to shovel, so if I fall silent in the comments, it’s just because I’m digging myself out or on the way to the Genius Bar in a panic. The latest in the Structure series (Escalation and Pacing) is up on the Writing/Romance blog now, and I have a Draft Vault post scheduled for Tuesday and a Questionable scheduled for Wednesday, so at least you’ll be getting posts. Argh.

UPDATE: I shoveled. The dogs are there in the picture for scale . . . Continue reading

So I Have A Plan . . .

I’m trying desperately to get organized here. There’s a storm coming in so I won’t be going anywhere until next week anyway, I’m stocked up on bottled water and dog food, and I need to clear out my blog, my work docket, and my cottage. So I’m starting with the blog because I don’t have to get out of bed to do that. I love this plan! I’m excited to be a part of it! Let’s do it!


Here’s the plan: Continue reading

Susan Elizabeth Phillips is a Gloater

Every now and then my Close Personal Friend Susan Elizabeth Phillips sends me a picture of her office, which is always expensively spotless:

Susan's Office

You know how she got that picture? She has a freaking balcony in there because her office has cathedral ceilings. So I send her a picture of my office, which has no ceiling because I bought a derelict cottage in the wilds of New Jersey and then tried to move from a 4000 square foot house into 900 square feet of charming shanty: Continue reading

Question About Examples

I’m working on the Writing/Romance stuff, and I just added an example using Maybe This Time. So you know, a book. But I always feel that using a movie is better because more people will have seen a popular movie than will have read almost any popular book. The only things movies can’t illustrate as well as books are things like point of view and internal monologue. But people get annoyed if I don’t use books because they’re writing books, not movies.

So help. Is using books as an example better than movies? Are movie examples just as helpful?