AG wrote:
“I was musing with a friend over why [Sense8 was cancelled), and it occurred to me that the best shows can usually be summed up with a very simple “subject verb object” statement that encompasses both premise and plot, so audiences near-immediately know what they’re getting into. (This doesn’t apply to books, this is just what kinds of shows more easily ensnare new browsing viewers) Consider:
“A teenage girl slays vampires.
“A vampire fights supernatural crime.
“A crew of thieves swindles bad guys . . .”

I think the idea behind the one-sentence premise does apply to books, too, but I think it’s more complicated than subject/verb/object.  (Of course, I do.)

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Antagonist Monologue: Trish


I’m telling you, I don’t know what this country is coming to!  We used to have standards, there were rules, people knew their places and it was peaceful. Everybody was polite and everybody was happy. And now look at us: Rudeness and violence and division, no respect for the things that made our country great.   We’re just going to Hell, that’s all there is to it! Except here on my island, it’s the other way around: Hell is invading us! I’m sorry, but I am not going to accept demons on my island. You know you’ve crossed a line when people like me start to speak up! There are standards, and I’m going to defend them!

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Cherry Saturday 5-27-2017

Today is Cellophane Tape Day, or as everybody else calls it, Scotch Tape Day. 

I’m a big fan of tape–any kind of tape–because so much in my life keeps falling apart, so I have a whole bin of different colors of duct tape and different widths of masking tape, along with adhesive tape for bandages and crafts and electric tape for cords that get damaged and washi tape just because, but my go-to is always Scotch tape, especially since there are so many great looking tape dispensers these days.  None of this will come as a surprise to any office supply junkie, which I presume is pretty much everybody here.   Continue reading

Antagonist Monologue: Mammon

I blame Satan.

Of course, I blame Nick Giordano, too, but if he’d just known his place, I’d have kept him on once I became Devil.   As they say in Hell, he made the trains run on time. (Do you know what other human made the trains run on time? Mussolini. That should give you an idea of Nicolas Giordano.) Continue reading

Wear the Lilac and Don’t Forget Your Towel for This Good Book Thursday 5-25-17

So it’s This Is a Really Good Book Thursday, but so much more because this is also the day we remember the glorious Terry Pratchett and the fabulous Douglas Adams.  If you haven’t read them, you must, if only so you know why you must carry your towel and wear the lilac.

Then tell us the title and author of something delightful to read, fiction or non-fiction.  The weekend is coming and we need good books!

Food and Fiction

I’ve been thinking about food a lot.  About how we think about it, talk about it, choose it, prepare it, enjoy it or feel guilty about it, but mostly how it works in story.   I’ve always said that setting is time, place, and people.  Now I’m thinking it’s time, place, people, and food.   Continue reading