And Now, a Word from Our Antagonists

One of the tricky things about writing romance is the antagonist. I’ve found two approaches, which I have discussed in more detail than anybody wanted elsewhere: the lover as antagonist (Moonstruck) and the outside antagonist that brings the lovers together as they fight (Charade). Nita’s book was supposed to a mostly outside-antagonist book, but as I wrote it, the lover-as-antagonist aspect became stronger. And now that I’m on the final pass throughs, I really have to get my antagonist approach together.

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Happiness is An Alligator

Guess what the “F” stand for.

I had a rough year last year.  Many things imploded on me.  So at the insistence of my daughter, I went back into therapy, except I went for the wrong reasons and ended up with the wrong therapist, and that became another implosion.  I was not happy.

  However, half the job of becoming happy again is recognizing you have a problem and doing something about it, so I found another therapist, a great one this time. And she gave me a terrific coping strategy.

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Cherry Saturday, January 5, 2019

Today is Spaghetti Day, a pasta that is close to my heart because, hey, memories. No matter how bad a cook your mama was, I bet you had spaghetti when you were a kid, even if all she did was open a can.

Of course, now you can make spaghetti out of vegetables with a spiralizer which I kind of want to try and kind of don’t. For one thing, I’d have to eat vegetables.

But spaghetti with chopped tomato, sautéed mushrooms and onions, a little basil, maybe a little oregano if I’m feeling frisky, maybe some sliced black olives if I want to pretend I’m in the Mediterranean, that’s a good lunch. The kind with the thick sauce with everything but the kitchen sink is good, too. And of course, there’s Spaghetti and Eyeballs, the food that dares you to eat it.

Spaghetti. You should have some.

If you want the Spaghetti and Eyeballs recipe, it’s here.

Advice for the New Year

Do not leave a box of Pepperidge Farm cookies on your bed with three dogs and then go run errands. (In my defense, the dogs weren’t on the bed when I left and I forgot the cookies were there.)

In other news, I turned in Nita to NY. The first third was good thanks to all your feedback, the second third was iffy, and the last third was all over the place, but by damn I got it to NY. One tired person and three fat, burping dogs here now.

ETA: And Jen just told me I can have another two weeks so YAY, I get to go back and fix the stuff I know needs fixed. She’s swamped with mss so everybody wins.

Happiness is a New Start

I don’t know about your 2018, but mine could have been better. Could have been worse, of course, but in general, it was a tense slog. And now we’re down to the last two days, and I’m thinking, “Bring on 2019.”

I do realize that things are not going to miraculously turn around on Tuesday, but there is something about putting up a new calendar (that’s a pretty blatant turning point). I am not making resolutions–screw resolutions–but I am thinking about fresh starts, looking at the things that are constant in my life and thinking about them in new ways. The fact that they’re constants doesn’t mean they never change, it just means that they’re part of me, and I shouldn’t take any of them for grated.

So here’s looking at the things we love and do and need with fresh eyes in a fresh new year. In fact, here’s to the new year, may it be not quite so interesting and filled with a lot more joy.

Happiness to you 2019, Argh People.

This Is A Good Book Thursday, December 27, 2018

Since this is the last Good Book Thursday of 2018, how about posting The Best Book You Read All Year? I mean to go back through the comments on the Thursday posts to get a reading list for 2019–Murderbot is obviously one of them–but let’s go with your top read, just to simple things up. If somebody else has already mentioned your book, go ahead and post it again; the more times a title is posted, the likelier it is we’ll give it a shot. And then you can talk about what else you read this week or whatever else you want to.