Blurb Coding

I get BookBub every day, and every day I skim the list and ignore most or all of them.  My biggest reason for not clicking on anything is that they tend to sound alike.  The romances are all about billionaire rock stars and the women who reluctantly fall for them; given what little I know of billionaire rock stars (or Wall Street guys or billionaires in general) that’s a bad, bad idea.  The paranormal seems to be clustering around dangerous shapeshifters.  The mysteries are about murder and pastry or inns at the shore.   Women’s fiction is about women who must go home again and rediscover themselves.  YA still tends to dystopia.  I know some of those books must be good, and I know that a lot of what’s working there is a signal that “this book is that kind of book” which has nothing to do with how well it’s written.  My question is, how do I tell which ones are the same cookie cutter plot and which ones are worth my click?   Continue reading

Cherry Saturday, November 2, 2017

Today is Book Lovers Day, which is sort of pointless here since we do that every Thursday.  It’s also National Novel Writing Month, which I try to do every day to keep the lights on and the dog cookie tin filled.   So let’s go with World Numbat Day because the numbat’s numbers are decreasing.  Let’s get those numbat numbers up, people.  We have a species to save.  Here are a number of numbats (never gonna get tired of that):

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Nita Research: The Lemmon McMansion

Pictures can help me write a thousand words, so I do a lot of google-search.  This time it lead me to Kate Wagner’s McMansion Hell, an outstanding blog about the infernal large builder-designed houses that are too big, too ugly, and too poorly built to deserve anything but Wagner’s biting criticism (Zillow once tried to shut down the blog because it was too truthful. They failed.)

I started my search because I had this line in the book: Continue reading

A New Bujold AND A Great Cover Discussion

Eight Ladies Writing has another interview with Lois McMaster Bujold in conjunction with the release of the sixth Penric and Desdemona enovella, “The Prisoner of Limnos”. They talk about choosing ecovers, and her artist, Ron Miller.   Several of the Ladies are busy choosing ecovers themselves, so there’s a lot of information to share.

So you should go here:


It’s a Good Day to Write

It’s truly autumn here now.  Still not coat weather, but lovely and brisk.  Leaves all over the place.  And today it’s overcast and blowsy, a day made for curling up in blankets with hot chocolate and dogs and making stuff up about demons and humans and other animals  

I’m never tempted by sunny days, probably because I’ve spent my entire life fighting allergies and asthma–breathing, it’s a good thing–but when the weather turns in spring or fall, I come alive.  There’s just so much promise in the air in spring, so much last-ditch energy in autumn when everything’s trying to get its act together for winter.  Winter here is beautiful and thanks to global warming, not nearly as cold as it used to be.  Summer is amazing, but spring and autumn are the times when things move.  

Which makes me think of story structure.  (Everything makes me think of story structure.) Continue reading

Cherry Saturday, Oct 21, 2017

Today is Apple Day.  

I have a thing for apples.  They’re the only fruit I can eat without gagging.  No, I don’t know why, but it means that even though I’m not a huge fan of apples (like I am for, say, chocolate), I quarter one every morning and eat it so I can feel virtuous about eating fruit.  Also, apples are pretty good.  Also pumpkin (is that a fruit or a vegetable?*) but it’s hard to quarter a pumpkin and eat if for breakfast while you’re half asleep.  

An apple a day keeps the HMO away.  Also known as the Republican Health Plan.  Eat an apple.

*I googled, it’s a fruit.  Amazingly, so are tomatoes, peppers, and beans.  Turns out I love fruit.  Who knew?

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