This is a Good Book Thursday: May 10, 2017

I’ve bought some new books through Book Bub and recs here, but I haven’t read any of them yet.  I’m obsessing on political reporting and the Justice League movie (so bad), trying to figure out what matters and what doesn’t about the Trump show and why, if Justice League has the exact same plot as The Avengers, one was so good and the other so bad, instead of reading good books.  Must fix that.

What have you been reading?

Working Wednesday, May 9, 2018

I’ve been vegging, writing a lot but not getting anywhere except in my head.  Every week I come in here and say, “I’ll get the photos up, I’ll make progress on the house, I’ll finish the book,” and then I go back to bed.  The good news: Having to come up with something every Wednesday and failing is a good motivator.  The bad news: there really isn’t any bad news, I need this kick in the butt.  

What effect is this having on you?  I love seeing the pictures, hearing the progress, but is it making other people feel guilty (bad) or inspired?

And what did you do this week?


The Time to be Happy is Now

Why now?  Because now is the only time you’ve got right now.  Unless you have an actual tragedy pressing down on you in the next five minutes, unhappiness a lot of times is fear of the future.  Well, a lot of us have that–have you seen America lately?–but right now, in this moment, how are you doing?   If it’s pretty good or even just okay, wallow in it.   

Right now, in this moment, it’s a rainy Sunday, I have three dogs who are annoyed they can’t go out (they can, they just aren’t fans of unnecessary wetness), I have a book to write I really like, and there’s a pancake mix from Krissie and pecans in the kitchen.  I’m happy.

How’s by you?


This Is A Good Poem, May 1, 2018

She burned her candle at both ends and won the Pulitzer for poetry, but what Edna St. Vincent Millay to me was one of the first female writers I read who truly did not give a fruck.  She was anti-war when that was unpopular, then supported the war against Hitler when that was unpopular.  She was bi-sexual when society demanded that you pick a side and that side better be hetero.  She was headstrong and hedonistic,  “a frivolous young woman, with a brand-new pair of dancing slippers and a mouth like a valentine,” according to one critic who proposed to her (she turned him down).  She had a damn good time, and she wrote damn good poetry: Continue reading

Cherry Saturday, April 28, 2018

Today is Go Birding Day, which evidently means you’re supposed to go out looking for birds.  This seems odd to me since they’re all over the place, and you can just sit in the yard with a bunch of birdseed or bread crusts and watch the little buggers come to you, engaging in what might be called cage matches over the good stuff except they’re not in cages.  If you live in northern New Jersey, shortly after you strew the seed and bread, the bears show up, so you might as well go inside and get a nice cuppa and watch the birds flit by the window, cussing out the bears in Bird.  

Or just draw a bird (Draw A Bird Day was April 7, but nobody checks):

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The Color of Happiness

It’s not exactly breaking news that color has an effect on mood, but that’s all science stuff.  What I’m realizing is that color’s effect on my mood depends on where I am in time and space.  I had a purple and blue bedroom once that made me extremely happy.  Then I had a Zen green bedroom that made me extremely happy.  Now I have a pink and green bedroom that makes me extremely happy, especially since I have a pale green night table with a heavy green glass water goblet on it, and beside that is a green striped ceramic thingy with Q-tips and tweezers and a nail file in it.  It has a pink rose on it which makes me extremely happy.  I would not be nearly as happy if the rose were red.  I have no idea why this is,  I just know that I look at those colors and I am happy.  I think that’s all I need to know.

What color was your happiness this week?

Cherry Saturday, April 21, 2018

Today is National Tea Day (in US and UK and possibly other places, but not International Tea Day because that’s December 15, no, I don’t why there are two Tea Days, drink up)..  My favorite is peppermint, but I am open to many others because tea is just a good thing (okay, not the fruit-flavored ones) and also with tea you often get cookies.  Even better, you get teapots, which I adore which is why I have so many.  Basically, tea is just a good thing that deserves its own day.  Let’s celebrate.  Bring cookies.    (The teapot above is a one-cup from Appletree Design.  I did not buy it.  I did buy the Sugar High Social cookie jar, though:

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Cherry Saturday, April 14, 2015, Okay, Fine, 2018

April is Garden Month and Decorating Month.  Or Winter Is Finally Over So Let’s Get This Place In Shape Month.  Or Screw It, Nobody Is Coming Over So I’m Going To Read A Good Book And Eat Chocolate Month.  No, wait, that’s every month.  

April is Unf*ck Your Habitat and Yard by Tidying Up and Death Cleaning Month.  Also, taxes are due Monday.