Cherry Saturday 6-10-2017

Today is Knit in Public Day.  I’d say something snarky about how crochet is better, but knitting’s good, too.

It’s also Gin Day, Iced Tea Day, Ballpoint Pen Day, and Doll Day, so spike your tea with gin and take it outside with your craftwork and a doll along with a pen to take notes, and you should have this covered.


Cherry Saturday 5-27-2017

Today is Cellophane Tape Day, or as everybody else calls it, Scotch Tape Day. 

I’m a big fan of tape–any kind of tape–because so much in my life keeps falling apart, so I have a whole bin of different colors of duct tape and different widths of masking tape, along with adhesive tape for bandages and crafts and electric tape for cords that get damaged and washi tape just because, but my go-to is always Scotch tape, especially since there are so many great looking tape dispensers these days.  None of this will come as a surprise to any office supply junkie, which I presume is pretty much everybody here.   Continue reading