It’s Gonna Be a Good Go-To-Hell Day

I was not looking forward to today because I had an MRI scheduled.  I don’t mind MRIs, I can sleep through those, but the drive there included I-80 to 287 S, and that’s a bitch and I was stressed.  But they called and asked me to reschedule and I said, “YES!” and now I have the whole day free.  Oh, joy, joy, happiness, happiness, joy.  Of course I should be spending my time doing a decent blog post for here, but instead, you’re getting this and I’m going to go out and leap about, having a good time.

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This Is A Good Book Thursday, July 26, 2018

I’m currently re-reading the Rivers of London series by Aaronovitch because I mistakenly thought the next one was out in August.  Nope, November.  I’m still enjoying them after multiple re-reads, so it’s about time I started taking them apart to see why.  There are minor things that annoy me, but mostly they’re really solid stories about a great world full of great characters.  Can’t ask for much more than that.

So what have you been reading?


Shopping for Happiness

Sometimes when I’ve been holed up in the cottage too long, I do some shopping therapy.  Also, any time Krissie comes to visit from the wilds of Vermont, we do shopping therapy (she calls visiting the backwater where I live “visiting civilization,” which gives you some idea of the backwater where SHE lives).  The point is not to buy anything, although we sometimes do, it’s to go and find out what’s there. (Basically, we’re Rikki Tikki Tavi.)  Since we’re hitting places like Home Goods, Staples, Walmart, and Target, we are not spending big bucks, but we are satisfying our ancient roles as gatherers.  We were bred for this.  You know, like this guy:

How did you go and get happiness this week?

Cherry Saturday, July 21, 2018

Today is National Junk Food Day.

I object to the term “Junk Food.”  Okay granted, if a food is 90% sugar, salt or fat (or 90% sugar, salt, AND fat), it’s probably junk, but a lot of perfectly good food gets lumped under the Junk Food label.  Like Krispy Kremes.  Okay, probably not those.  Or Big Macs.  Okay, not those either.  Or Snickers ice cream bars–  okay, no, not them, but how about french fries; they’re a vegetable.

You know, you probably shouldn’t eat junk food.



Happiness is Summer with Friends

When I ended up in the hospital, I explained to my doctors that I had to go home and get my dogs and board them at the vet.  Just as they were prepared to taze me to keep me from leaving, Krissie drove down, collected the dogs (who adore her), schlepped them to the vet, and washed my dishes.  She also came to the hospital twice a day and made me laugh.   And when I got out four days later, we went to the diner and assessed the situation which, as far as I was concerned, came down to one thing: I am extremely lucky in my best friend and my daughter, who did everything while I was flat on my back getting holes punched in me.  Krissie’s coming down again at the end of July, preferably without another heart failure on my part, and we will laugh again because she is my best friend, and because laughing in the summer (or winter) with friends is the best recipe for joy I know.

How did you kick up your heels this week?

Cherry Saturday, July 14, 2018

Today is Pandemonium Day.  The word “pandemonium” is from Milton’s Paradise Lost and means “all the demons,” or possibly “the place all the demons hang out,” and he seemed to think it was bad.   Well, you know what a buzzkill Milton was (the poet, not the dog).  I like to think of it as Hell’s Elk’s Club.  

From there the word degenerated into a synonym for chaos, which isn’t nearly as interesting or probably as accurate since there isn’t a lot of evidence that demons aren’t as organized as human beings, who in turn aren’t as organized as ducks.  Organization is greatly overestimated in living things, is what I’m saying.  

So today, you get to be as disorganized as you want, in celebration of . . . I really have no idea.  Nobody really organized this holiday.

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Okay, Back to Work

I’m home, I’m stable (well, in context, I’m stable), and it’s now time to get back to work.   I’d meant to start back yesterday (it’s Monday!  Go To Work!) and I did e-mail with Krissie so we could start sharing progress stories daily, and then I went to sleep.  But TODAY . . . 

Okay, today I’m going out to a farm stand and buy tomatoes because I suddenly have a craving for frittata.  

And today, I’m going to clear out the last of the guest room and the bathroom so two rooms in this house are clean and bright.  

And today I’m going through all the notes on Nita’s first act that you all gave me and doing a rewrite, especially that at-what-point-is-she-too-dumb-to-live for not accepting the supernatural.

That’s a full day for me, invalid that I am.  Actually, I’m not an invalid, I feel better than I have in months.  But I’m still pacing myself.  

Then tonight I’ll e-mail Krissie and probably say, “My accomplishments today?  I bought tomatoes.”  Sigh.  

OTOH the dogs are chewing on rawhide bones and having a great time, so I think the whole tender-teeth thing is probably in the past.  Nothing but good times ahead.

Anybody else have plans for the week?

Inner Happiness

Inner peace always reminds me of that Groucho Marx line: “Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend, inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.”  

Yes, I know that’s not deep.  I’ve been sick as a dog for a month.  Be happy you’re getting a Happiness Post.

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Cherry Saturday, July 7, 2018

Today is Macaroni Day.   (It’s also Chocolate Day, but then every day is . . .).

Macaroni is one of the Ultimate Comfort Foods, probably because so many of our mothers shoved it in front of us as kids.  One of the first meals I had out of the hospital was macaroni and cheese because I needed a food hug.  I have since concentrated on Caesar salads and broiled chicken, but mac and cheese is always waiting in the background, a blast from the past and comfort for the future.  And that’s before we get to Johnny Marzetti from the school cafeteria and any number of slumgullions made with whatever’s in the house at the time.  And now that they have high fiber pasta, well, why wouldn’t you get a spoon and start to scoop?