Tbis is a Good Book Thursday, February 7, 2019

I think Mercury is in Fucked again because things are falling apart everywhere I look, and not just for me. Solution: Read. Comfort reads, new books, soup cans, crochet instructions, the twitter feeds about Pelosi’s shade clap, the ingredients in dog cookies, just read. I was talking to my new therapist who is a genius, and she said, “One of the books I read this year is my favorite ever. Good Omens.” I shrieked and said, ‘Pratchett and Gaiman! That’s my favorite, too!” So I reread Good Omens because it reminds me that people are basically good. Also that any tape left in a car too long becomes a Best of Queen tape. I must get a Best of Queen CD for my car and leave it in there. Right now there’s just the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack (the first one) and there’s only so many times you can hear “Please go all the way” before you really need some Freddie.

Where was I? Oh, right. What did you read this week?

We Interrupt This Five Days . . .

Just when things start sailing, you hit a speed bump. SMP did not care for Nita and does not want a Crusie supernatural, which is what Mackie would have been, so back to the drawing board. I have agents who are on the problem, and Jen and I are still good, so all is fine. It’s a marketing decision mostly, although the book was also too damn long.

Cogitating here. But no worries, nothing but good times ahead.

The Five Days of Mackie

So in the spirit of Lee’s Make-Something-Every-Day-in-February (which I am now four days behind on), I’m going back to an old blog plan, The X Days of ?. The plan here is to write on the novella every day, regardless, and since it’s a novella, I should get a fair amount done on it. And I have to report here every day, so there’s accountability. It’s a plan.

Plus I ordered a sketchbook and pencils on Amazon and then decided that tomorrow was too long to wait and went to the craft store today, so I can actually draw today. HUGE step forward. And I already wrote today. I revised the first scene when I had lunch at the diner, and then wrote 500 words in my therapist’s waiting room. I’ll get back to it later, but I’m feeling very pro-active right now. And really itching for that sketchbook. It’s only 8 x 10 (a larger one is coming from Amazon tomorrow) but it has lovely smooth pages and I have new pencils. Very exciting.

So this is the First Day of Mackie. Goal each day: 1000 words, not counting revisions. I can do this.

Happiness is Realizing Life is Pretty Good

I was looking back through some old photos recently and realized I was pretty damn cute back in the day. “The day” was the time when I thought I was fat, ugly, and hopeless. Nope, I was cute, and in the pictures I’m surrounded by friends who have their arms around me, laughing and happy. So today I realized that I’m still pretty damn cute, and that I’m surrounded by friends, and that I am happy. I’m with Colette on this:

How did you realize you were happy this week?

Cherry Saturday, February 2, 2019

Today is Groundhog Day.

Okay, technically that means that if some rodent in PA sees his shadow we have six more weeks of winter, but polar vortex, people. We’ll be lucky if all we have is six more weeks. The important thing here is that if you haven’t seen the movie Groundhog Day you really should. There’s a reason that’s a classic. (The new Netflix series, Russian Doll, is getting great reviews and it’s supposed to be a new variation on that trope.)

It’s also Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, in case you’ve gone off groundhogs for some reason.

Working Wednesday, January 30, 2019

As we turn the corner into February, Lee is back with her project-a-day post on her blog, and I for one intend to embrace it this year. I haven’t drawn in years, and yet I now feel the urge to do so, in part because I’m looking at You Again which now seems to be an Edward Gorey story. Big Gorey fan here. Doing Gorey-inspired drawings of the You Again characters seems like a good way to brainstorm the book, even though mine will be awful, at least in the beginning. I also want to look into doing the cartoons for the character section of Writing/Romance. So one a day? Yes, please. Must go find my sketchbook this afternoon and pencils and my Mars Staedler eraser without which I cannot work. Very excited, so thank you, Lee!

Are any of you going to play along?

Oh, and what did you make this week?

Rebooting a Novella

We’ve got miserable weather coming in (although not as bad as the midwest, sorry about that, Midwest) so I am counting my blessings. The big one is that Milton is just old, not dying, and his arthritis is giving him hell, so new meds and a snooze on the electric blanket are fixing him right up. With that worry off my mind, it’s time to get back to work. I’m rebooting a novella I began a couple of years ago that has Alice at fourteen and Southie meeting Alice’s art teacher. I only have the first five scenes, and I’m not feeling the heroine, and there are some major plot holes already, but that’s par for my course. My beginnings are always 747s on icy runways: I know exactly where I want to go, I pick up speed, and then I slide sideways into where I’m going to end up. Exciting.

So here’s the beginning of the rebooting process.

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