Sunday Notes

First, thank you all very much for the kinds words about Wolfie. As Krissie said, he’ll live forever in Dogs and Goddesses and Faking It, so that’s something.

Book Club Logo 2

So I’ve been thinking about the Argh Ink Book Club, and I think we should give it a shot, see how it goes. I like the idea of putting up three posts on the same day, discussing characters, plot, and the story as a unified whole, keeping all the discussions going at once, but sorted out a little so things don’t get quite so confusing. Continue reading

Sunday Notes

So that iZombie double episode finale. HOW GREAT WAS THAT????

Honestly, it’s as if Person of Interest got stoned and said, “You know what? Screw computers, let’s do zombies. Only we’ll be FUNNY. ABSURDLY FUNNY. And kinda hot with all the hook-ups. And sweet because of the great community. And then tragically sad because good people die. But still SO MUCH FUN. Yeah. Zombies.” Continue reading

A Word About Curio

One of my worst habits is taking notes on graph paper (I like graph paper) and then losing the paper. Or making so many changes that the whole thing becomes meaningless. And as the words mount up, so does the paper. Then back in the computer I’m making sticky notes to myself, and long pages of notes that are just words that I never look at again.

This is not efficient. Curio is efficient. Continue reading

Sunday Notes

Here’s the Pratchett quote Gin recommended (thank you, Gin!):


I think Pratchett is more quotable than the Bible or Shakespeare, but that may just be because I like Pratchett better than the Bible or Shakespeare.


Then, a head’s up. There’ll be a book out in October with my name on it called It Must Be Christmas. It’s an anthology of Christmas novellas. Since I’ve only ever written one Christmas novella, guess what’s in it? Again. You have been warned.


Then in iZombie last week, Liv ate the brain of a Type A over-achiever in an Asian dish from Taipei:
From the AV Club comments:
The Meal: Steak & brain stir fry (with broccoli, bell peppers, and onions) over noodles
The Heat: Topped with what looked like cayenne – or Thai? – peppers
The Case: Taipei/Type A.

More here:


The rest of that quote is “A person ignorant of the possibility of failure can be a half-brick in the path of the bicycle of history.” Or somebody who finishes a book.

Which reminds me: I’m still working on Nita because if I stop, I might lose it, even though it’s not really a book:


Oh and I have a question for anybody who’s good at Latin.
Is the plural of Emeritus Emeriti? As in the previous Devils are each a Devil Emeritus, so the three of them would be the Emeriti, the way the Supreme Court is colloquially referred to as the Supremes?


Only in this case:


Also, I’m pretty sure the book club book is going to be a Pratchett. Because it’s my book club, that’s why.


My brain is fried because I’ve been doing math and science (don’t ever make up a story that involves supernatural worlds on different time lines because then you have to map out time and EXPLAIN things) so I don’t have a big WIP for this week. But I have some magnificent math and science notes and about 8000 words of a novella that will probably never go anywhere because it has no plot. A lot of you have already seen the first scene, so that’s a disappointment, too. I’d try to do better, but I’m actually so lost in the Nita book that I’m writing about giant goats and equilibrium. You’ll just have to make do with Courtney (who, by no coincidence whatsoever, made her first appearance in that Christmas novella I was talking about).

Sunday Notes

I finally went to take the office picture and couldn’t find my phone. Then I wandered off.

Happiness post is up at ReFab and this one has very short videos of a rescued baby fox. Go there for your moment of happiness when they release her into the wild again.

Seven thousand words of a WiP (discovery draft of the beginning) of Haunting Alice are up on website for a limited time. Don’t tell people because it’s a rough draft and only those of you who have been through the process here (so many times) will understand that it’s unfinished and just discovery stuff. I may never get back to it, but this way you get to see Alice as an adult. Okay, yes, I’m feeling guilty about that office photo.