Blog Remodel in Progress

So you may have noticed that Argh looks a little different.  We fumigated the pages and moved the entire blog and website and we’re still trying to sort things out.  So there will be intermittent weirdness here until that gets done.    We’re on it.

More ACK.

At some point, during some reboot, all the older posts on Argh lost their formatting. That means that anything that’s older than a year ago is a complete mess.
I have no idea what I’m going to do about that . . . there are 1,391 published posts on this blog so not going to be reformatting all of them . . . but I figured I’d give you a head’s up. The old stuff is now hard to read.

Ack. Hack.

NOTE: I am trying to take the blog offline and not having much success.
This is why I need a webmistress who doesn’t sleep.

Sorry about that. The blog got hacked.
OTOH, if you need Cialis . . .

Continuing My Series of Ineptedness

I was working on a post last night and accidentally hit “Publish.” Then I hit “Draft” again, but I think it might have gone out on the RSS feed. If so, just delete it. I hadn’t even started to cut it yet, so it’s a rambling mess, much like the rest of my life lately. ARGH.

Cherry Saturday 3-7-2014

Today must be the dullest day in history; there are NO holidays that I can find, and I consult lists that include things like Ugly Rug Day. Clearly this must rectified. We are now accepting nominations for a March 7 holiday in the comments. Knock yourselves out. Or wait until Sunday which is Be Nasty Day.

Your Moment of Dog: Goldi-Milton

So I was going to wait until the new year to start a new recurring feature–Your Moment of Dog–but then today I was cleaning out the basement for the insulation guys who are coming Friday and heard Milton make this racket. Squirrel, I figure. He has a thing for squirrels. Still, the neighbors would probably appreciate some silence so I go out and yell at him to get up those steps and shut up.

And then I look closer:
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As Requested: Wolfie and Siblings

Here’s Wolfie. He’s very old and he naps a lot. He was a rescue–they’re all rescues–but we’ve been together for thirteen years, so he’s fairly Zen now, except for the times he goes vamp face on me and I have to remind him who’s the Alpha around here. Not that there’s much doubt. I outweigh him by a hundred and fifty pounds.
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Passwords To Remember

I recently changed all my passwords because of that damn Heartbleed thing, and I’ve been lost ever since. I knew all my passwords before because I’d had them for over a decade (that’s a bad thing), but finding secure new ones that I could remember turned into a nightmare. Then I found this post on Lifehacker that had this excellent password generator from security expert Bruce Schneier. Here’s my version of the Schneier method:
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