The Color of Happiness

It’s not exactly breaking news that color has an effect on mood, but that’s all science stuff.  What I’m realizing is that color’s effect on my mood depends on where I am in time and space.  I had a purple and blue bedroom once that made me extremely happy.  Then I had a Zen green bedroom that made me extremely happy.  Now I have a pink and green bedroom that makes me extremely happy, especially since I have a pale green night table with a heavy green glass water goblet on it, and beside that is a green striped ceramic thingy with Q-tips and tweezers and a nail file in it.  It has a pink rose on it which makes me extremely happy.  I would not be nearly as happy if the rose were red.  I have no idea why this is,  I just know that I look at those colors and I am happy.  I think that’s all I need to know.

What color was your happiness this week?

Cherry Saturday, April 21, 2018

Today is National Tea Day (in US and UK and possibly other places, but not International Tea Day because that’s December 15, no, I don’t why there are two Tea Days, drink up)..  My favorite is peppermint, but I am open to many others because tea is just a good thing (okay, not the fruit-flavored ones) and also with tea you often get cookies.  Even better, you get teapots, which I adore which is why I have so many.  Basically, tea is just a good thing that deserves its own day.  Let’s celebrate.  Bring cookies.    (The teapot above is a one-cup from Appletree Design.  I did not buy it.  I did buy the Sugar High Social cookie jar, though:

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Cherry Saturday, April 14, 2015, Okay, Fine, 2018

April is Garden Month and Decorating Month.  Or Winter Is Finally Over So Let’s Get This Place In Shape Month.  Or Screw It, Nobody Is Coming Over So I’m Going To Read A Good Book And Eat Chocolate Month.  No, wait, that’s every month.  

April is Unf*ck Your Habitat and Yard by Tidying Up and Death Cleaning Month.  Also, taxes are due Monday.


Exploiting You: Cinderella Deal $1.99


Bantam is doing a promotion for the digital edition of  The Cinderella Deal at $1.99.  I only checked Amazon, but it should be everywhere online.  Yes, I’ll put up a real post later, I swear.  

This has been an exploitation post by Jennifer Crusie.