Viciously Horrible

Every time I go to post here, I’m dragged under again by the horrors. I’d post something cheerful about the WiP, but I don’t want to write. I want to scream and blame somebody, but it’s not one person, one group, it’s a whole collective mindset that’s fogged the whole damn country– all black men are dangerous, we need our guns for protection, if you’re afraid it’s okay to shoot– insane ideas that defy logic and humanity. I need to believe that things will be different, but I’m afraid they won’t. I’m aching for those lost, and I’m terrified for the future, and I should not be posting now.

But some thoughtful things have come out of this. Continue reading

Binge Watch Plan

I never really thought about the binge watches I’ve done here. I didn’t even think of them as binge watches, but there are four, counting PoI: Leverage, Arrow, Sense8 and Person of Interest. problem is that the back posts of the blog are a mess because of the hack, so I really need to go back through and clean-up anything that might be of value, which I’m not sure all the binge watch posts were. Continue reading

Sunday Notes

First, thank you all very much for the kinds words about Wolfie. As Krissie said, he’ll live forever in Dogs and Goddesses and Faking It, so that’s something.

Book Club Logo 2

So I’ve been thinking about the Argh Ink Book Club, and I think we should give it a shot, see how it goes. I like the idea of putting up three posts on the same day, discussing characters, plot, and the story as a unified whole, keeping all the discussions going at once, but sorted out a little so things don’t get quite so confusing. Continue reading

Sunday Notes

So that iZombie double episode finale. HOW GREAT WAS THAT????

Honestly, it’s as if Person of Interest got stoned and said, “You know what? Screw computers, let’s do zombies. Only we’ll be FUNNY. ABSURDLY FUNNY. And kinda hot with all the hook-ups. And sweet because of the great community. And then tragically sad because good people die. But still SO MUCH FUN. Yeah. Zombies.” Continue reading

A Word About Curio

One of my worst habits is taking notes on graph paper (I like graph paper) and then losing the paper. Or making so many changes that the whole thing becomes meaningless. And as the words mount up, so does the paper. Then back in the computer I’m making sticky notes to myself, and long pages of notes that are just words that I never look at again.

This is not efficient. Curio is efficient. Continue reading