Talk Amongst Yourselves . . .

It’s taking longer for my eyes to come back than I’d hoped, so I’m going off the computer for awhile. If I don’t post much this week, it’s not because I don’t love and respect all of you. It’s because my eyes hurt and I’m a wimp.

Oh, here’s something I’d like to know: What do you want to see on Argh this year? Not making any promises, but you know me, if you leave it up to me it’ll be talking about television shows and moaning about writing Nita.

Exploiting You in 2016

Welp, 2016 is almost over (thank god) and I hadn’t exploited you yet, so . . .

Hey, anybody interested in buying signed books by Jennifer Crusie?

Mollie cleaned out the Argh storage which was full of signed editions of my stuff, and she’s opening up a sale right now over at the Jenny Crusie store on Shopify. (English editions are up now; she’s adding foreign editions as fast as she can.) Argh People get to hear about it first because she knows you’ll find the glitches in the site and report them to her without yelling at her. Also, you should get first whack at the stock. And 15% off if you buy before Dec. 16 (that’s Friday); just use “arghink” as a coupon code.
Fifty percent of the profits will be divided between the ACLU and Planned Parenthood (because we’re gonna need those people); shipping is free if you order more than $50.

This has been your exploitation post for the year. Thank you.

ETA: Francois/Romney? Are you still here? I owe you books.

While We’re Waiting 24 Hours . . .

I can’t talk about the critiques for 24 hours, so that’ll be sometime Thursday Sunday probably, but there are a few things that need to be said:

1. You are terrific critiquers. Seriously. This is good, good stuff and it’s blowing away a lot of the fog for me. One thing I noticed: nobody’s telling me how to fix things. Do you have any idea how rare that is in critiquing? I mean, you people are pros. So thank you very very much. Continue reading

Monday Notes


There was a wasp in my bedroom a couple of weeks ago, and I thought about getting a shoe and killing it, and then I thought, “No, be one with Nature.” Then it stung me on the bottom of my foot, incredible pain (I beat the damn thing to death with my slipper), and then I limped for two days. Fuck Nature, this is MY BEDROOM. Then last week I looked up and there was a spider the size of Milton (almost) on my bedroom wall. So I cut the top off an empty water bottle, trapped it inside–sweet Christ that thing was huge–and then took it out on the porch and threw the whole thing over the rail (the spider lived, I’m not a monster). I know spiders are Our Friends, but not in my freaking bedroom. Also, they bite. Then last night, a giant bee started harassing my reading lamp, so I water-bottled it and flung it outside to buzz again, too. And that’s before we get to the no-see-ums and other general insect population munching on my flesh. (Benadryl Itch Stopping Cream: it’s like 42, the answer to everything.)

This has been your Nature in New Jersey post for the month. Continue reading

Viciously Horrible

Every time I go to post here, I’m dragged under again by the horrors. I’d post something cheerful about the WiP, but I don’t want to write. I want to scream and blame somebody, but it’s not one person, one group, it’s a whole collective mindset that’s fogged the whole damn country– all black men are dangerous, we need our guns for protection, if you’re afraid it’s okay to shoot– insane ideas that defy logic and humanity. I need to believe that things will be different, but I’m afraid they won’t. I’m aching for those lost, and I’m terrified for the future, and I should not be posting now.

But some thoughtful things have come out of this. Continue reading

Binge Watch Plan

I never really thought about the binge watches I’ve done here. I didn’t even think of them as binge watches, but there are four, counting PoI: Leverage, Arrow, Sense8 and Person of Interest. problem is that the back posts of the blog are a mess because of the hack, so I really need to go back through and clean-up anything that might be of value, which I’m not sure all the binge watch posts were. Continue reading