Snow and Writing/Romance

My computer is developing alarming symptoms (lines, flickering screen, very slow restarts) and I have a lot of snow to shovel, so if I fall silent in the comments, it’s just because I’m digging myself out or on the way to the Genius Bar in a panic. The latest in the Structure series (Escalation and Pacing) is up on the Writing/Romance blog now, and I have a Draft Vault post scheduled for Tuesday and a Questionable scheduled for Wednesday, so at least you’ll be getting posts. Argh.

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So I Have A Plan . . .

I’m trying desperately to get organized here. There’s a storm coming in so I won’t be going anywhere until next week anyway, I’m stocked up on bottled water and dog food, and I need to clear out my blog, my work docket, and my cottage. So I’m starting with the blog because I don’t have to get out of bed to do that. I love this plan! I’m excited to be a part of it! Let’s do it!


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PopD is Done . . .

Remember Popcorn Dialogues? The site where Lani and I dissected romantic comedies in podcasts for months?


We’d left it on hiatus, but yesterday Mollie said, “Look, you’ve had a ‘we’ll be right back’ post on there since 2012, do something about that.” Lani said, “If we ever do another podcast together, it should be something new. PopD was a very specific time and place. I think it’s best to end it.” And I think she’s right. So she’s put up a beautiful final post and that’s done. The site will stay up because there’s good stuff on there, but there won’t be any more Pop D posts.

Nothing but good times ahead.

Part Three: There’s A Draft in Here. 97 of Them.

And I’m done. I winnowed eight pages of drafts down to two and a half pages, 156 down to 57, forty-four to think about and twelve to finish plus five scheduled to post (and thus no longer in the draft count). The plan is to finish the twelve and then go through the remaining forty-four on a case by case basis. And then maybe ask for more Questionables. Or something. Anyway, I’m proud that I just trashed ninety-nine unnecessary drafts.

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For Love or Magic


Lani’s latest Lucy March novel is out now, For Love or Magic, the third in the Nodaway Falls series, . If you like bad boys on the path to redemption, this one’s for you:

Eliot Parker’s good–for-nothing ex-husband has died and left her with a new lease on life: a house in sleepy Nodaway Falls, New York. But Eliot’s new house comes with a housemate: her ex’s ghost, whose personality has not been improved in the afterlife. And then there’s the new guy she just met, Desmond, and there’s something, well, supernatural about him; in fact there’s something a little odd about all of Nodaway Falls. Now Eliot just has to hope that her ex will move toward that white light soon, and that Des.

You should go here and buy it now.