Pride and Recreation

Remember Sweetness, Lani’s little girl who moved in with me back when we all hung out in Squalor on the River? She’s not so little any more and she has a Tumblr you must see, Pride and Recreation, which combines pictures from BBC’s Pride and Prejudice with quotes from Parks and Recreation:


Our little girl is growing up (sob). And she has a great sense of humor (of COURSE).

Passwords To Remember

I recently changed all my passwords because of that damn Heartbleed thing, and I’ve been lost ever since. I knew all my passwords before because I’d had them for over a decade (that’s a bad thing), but finding secure new ones that I could remember turned into a nightmare. Then I found this post on Lifehacker that had this excellent password generator from security expert Bruce Schneier. Here’s my version of the Schneier method:
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True Facts About Science

I was never very good at science. You have to have some focus to do well there, and I was always getting lost in color and shape and story and wandering off. But I can pay attention for four minutes, one of the many reasons I like Ze Frank’s True Facts You Tube series.

Here, watch this one on chameleons. (SpitTake Alert: Do not drink anything while you watch.)

Or if you’d rather, here’s one on the mantis shrimp:

Or this one on the katydid, which is really a conversation between the katydid and evolution. There’s some swearing.

The one on the fruit bat is excellent but dirty (I have a thing for fruit bats because of Pratchett). The one on the land snail is downright pornographic. Okay, most of them are borderline perv. Oh, watch the one about owls. That’s a good one.

Science. Yeah.

I Heart WeatherSpark

Accuweather has always been my go-to weather site. I know some people swear by The Weather Channel, but those people are just odd. They keep calling this snow and cold situation Hercules even though nobody names snowstorms. Why? Because storms with names get more hits, and if they’re the only site calling it Hercules . . . Plus have you seen some of the links on that site? Do not get me started. Where was I? Oh, right, Accuweather has always been my go-to place for forecasts. But since I’ve been coping with the cold in a house with no furnace, I’ve gotten obsessive about checking EVERYWHERE: Accuweather, Wunderground, even The Weather Channel . . . and then I found WeatherSpark and stopped dating around. From now on, it’s me and WeatherSpark 4Ever. Continue reading

Good Blog: Dog Shaming

I will come back and do real writing posts soon–I have half a dozen started–but I have to get caught up on McDaniel and winterize this house, not necessarily in that order. Oh, yeah, and write a book. So in the meantime, here’s a good blog: Dog Shaming. Krissie felt bad for the dogs, but if you look at their expressions in these pictures, you’ll see that they’re not exactly contrite, especially the guy who ate Bunny’s eye.

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Site To See: Does the Dog Die?

I love io.9 because it tells me so many interesting things, but the most vital link it’s given me lately is to a much-needed movie review site called Does the Dog Die? which mostly consists of one or two line reviews like

Raiders of the Lost Ark: A capuchin monkey that the main characters treat as a pet is killed when it eats poisoned dates. Reggie the pet Burmese python is not harmed but a number of venomous wild snakes are set on fire.

See, that’s the kind of thing you need to know, although I’d have mentioned that the cute monkey was a Nazi spy. Continue reading