The Argh Ink Book Club: Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather

Welcome to our discussion of Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather.  We can talk about anything you want, but especially:

Susan: Best protagonist or best protagonist ever?
Teatime: Is a batshit crazy antagonist that compelling?
Belief: Not just the power of belief in this story, the power of belief in all story.
Gift-giving: The complexity of exchanging (or just giving) things of value (or not so much value).
The movie: Good adaptation or bad?

Or whatever else you want to talk about. 


This is a Good Book Thursday: Haul Out That Holly or the Symbol of Your Winter Solstice Celebration

Thanksgiving is over, it’s officially Christmas time.  Yes, I know not everybody is Christian, but if you think Christmas is a religious holiday, you haven’t been to a US mall lately.  Haul out that holly, damn it.  You get hot chocolate and sugar cookies with it.  Also, a good book; you get GIFTS at Christmas, let’s make them read-able.  There are things to be wary of: Mistletoe is poisonous, the Christmas tree used to be used for human sacrifices, and your relatives probably watch Fox News, so it’s the Australia of holidays, full of amazing beauty and exciting people and stuff that’ll kill you..  See here for a complete explanation of how our bastard holiday evolved.  I can see why the nudity fell out of favor in New Jersey, it’s cold here at Christmas, but at least it still involves a lot of liquor (“Get the egg nog, Marge”).  

So whatcha reading?


This is a Good Book Thanksgiving: You’re Gonna Need a Break Today

For those of you lucky enough to live somewhere where this holiday doesn’t happen, count your blessings.  I vaguely remember my family’s Thanksgivings before I got old enough to escape–lots of booze, leftover turkey, and yelling with football playing in the background–which I escaped by going into my bedroom, a book in one hand and pumpkin pie in the other.  For those of you stuck with it, tune out the relatives and get a good book.  

The Argh Ink Book Club for December: Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather

For those of you who want to play and have never read Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather, you’re in for a treat.  For those of you who have, let’s wallow.  We can talk about belief and commercialization and gift-giving and  how really insane bad guys can make a book move like the Hogfather’s sled.  And all the other stuff.   There’s a movie, too, which I’ve never seen but have somewhere on the DVD.  Tis the season, let’s welcome the Hogfather.

We’ll start Dec. 1.  That gives us two weeks to reread and/or watch.  

A New Bujold AND A Great Cover Discussion

Eight Ladies Writing has another interview with Lois McMaster Bujold in conjunction with the release of the sixth Penric and Desdemona enovella, “The Prisoner of Limnos”. They talk about choosing ecovers, and her artist, Ron Miller.   Several of the Ladies are busy choosing ecovers themselves, so there’s a lot of information to share.

So you should go here:


This Is A Good Book Thursday: The ReReaders’ Edition

Have you ever re-read a book you loved and found it less?  Not the ones you loved when you were a kid and find wanting now that you’re an adult, a book you read for the first time lately and then went back for a reread.  I’m having that experience, and it’s weird.  It’s not as though I liked those books for the plots (although the plots were good), I liked the characters, too, but now I find my mind wandering and not finishing.  Yet I’ve returned to books I read twenty years ago and still found them compelling.

What makes one book re-readable and another one not?

Oh, and what did you read this week?