Thank You, Susan B.


I saw Hillary’s name on the touchscreen and I cried a little. Then I voted and got in the car and cried a lot. I never thought I’d see this day. And now, fingers crossed, my granddaughters will grow up thinking, “Of COURSE a woman can be President.” I wept both times Obama was elected, really proud of my country. I hope like hell I’m still proud tomorrow morning. Because otherwise we have this:

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Save the Day

Josh Whedon assembles the Avengers:

Background info here:

(I’m very excited about this. BIG Mark Ruffalo fan.)

Yep, That Critique Response Is Coming Right Up. But First . . .

So I’m behind. The plan is to get the critique response up on Sunday. There were a lot of comments–you guys do good work–and I’m still sifting through everything.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on a lot of different aspects of the book because as one thing shifts, it shifts the thing next to it, and it becomes like a giant box of gears, turning in all directions. And one of the directions it went in was toward the collages. In the beginning, still under the influence of Lucifer, I used Tom Ellis, the star of that show, as my placeholder for Nick. That wasn’t right–no shade to Mr. Ellis who is very good on the show–because that wasn’t my story and it definitely wasn’t my kind of hero. That collage looked like this:
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I Went to Demon Island and All I Got Was . . .

As some of you may remember, there’s a bar in the book called Hell Bar. Because I am not creative. No, because the guy who owns the bar is not creative. He lives on Demon Island, Demon Island gets a lot of tourists, he designed a t-shirt thirty years ago and made sure the only place you could buy them was his bar. They were pretty awful, plus his bar is in the bad part of the bad part of town, so he doesn’t get many tourists. All of which means that anybody who has a Hell Bar t-shirt has been to Hell Bar. A CLUE. Especially because it keeps turning up on bodies, demons, etc.

So last night, I designed a Bad T-shirt:

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The Lucifer Chat

Yeah, he even plays the piano.

So, the Lucifer chat. For those of you not up to date on my ongoing Lucifer hatefest, Krissie (aka Anne Stuart), liked the pilot and wanted to keep watching, Lani didn’t like the pilot but saw potential, and I hated the pilot with the fury of a thousand firey suns. However, pilots often suck, so we agreed to meet in a Slack chatroom and watch episode 2. Nothing we saw changed our minds; Krissie is still going to watch it, and I have no plans to ever look at it again. I think Lani’s fed up with it, too, but I forgot to ask her. I’m not at all sure how much value this transcript has, but we promised so . . . Continue reading

Cherry Saturday: The Feel Better Galavant Edition

So far, 2016 has been awful. In honor of that, here’s the Cherry Saturday Feel Better Galavant Edition because not everything in the world sucks, especially a world that has a musical comedy fairy tale satire . . . you know, you just have to watch it.

Not convinced? It has Timothy Omundson, Joshua Sasse, and Kiley Minogue doing this:

Fun fact: Sasse and Minogue met doing this scene and began dating after that. Well, how could they not? Continue reading