The Lucifer Chat

Yeah, he even plays the piano.

So, the Lucifer chat. For those of you not up to date on my ongoing Lucifer hatefest, Krissie (aka Anne Stuart), liked the pilot and wanted to keep watching, Lani didn’t like the pilot but saw potential, and I hated the pilot with the fury of a thousand firey suns. However, pilots often suck, so we agreed to meet in a Slack chatroom and watch episode 2. Nothing we saw changed our minds; Krissie is still going to watch it, and I have no plans to ever look at it again. I think Lani’s fed up with it, too, but I forgot to ask her. I’m not at all sure how much value this transcript has, but we promised so . . . Continue reading

Cherry Saturday: The Feel Better Galavant Edition

So far, 2016 has been awful. In honor of that, here’s the Cherry Saturday Feel Better Galavant Edition because not everything in the world sucks, especially a world that has a musical comedy fairy tale satire . . . you know, you just have to watch it.

Not convinced? It has Timothy Omundson, Joshua Sasse, and Kiley Minogue doing this:

Fun fact: Sasse and Minogue met doing this scene and began dating after that. Well, how could they not? Continue reading

The Nopefish Is Your Friend

This is a post from the Argh Draft Vault. It seemed appropriate for starting a new year.

I’ve been having a fraught time lately. I don’t think that’s correct usage, I think something needs to be “fraught with” something, but lately I’m fraught with everything, so I’m going with “I’m fraught.” I’ve been dealing with things by saying, “No, that is not my problem;” “No, I am not going to worry about anything that hasn’t happened yet;” “No, I am not going to feel guilty about an honest mistake;” “No, I am not going to make myself crazy about this.” Then I just shortened it all to “Nope.” As in:
Continue reading

You Should Read: The Whisper by Pamela Zagarenski


Tis the season to buy gifts, so I bought my very talented granddaughter, Calliope, a book called The Whisper by Pamela Zagarenski. Her teacher says that she’s the best writer in her class (her father, also a writer, and I are very proud), and this book as it was described sounded like a great book for a girl with an imagination. It came today, and I sat down to whizz through it as I got the Christmas stuff together.

Then I slowed down and read it again. Continue reading

New Show. Huh.

No, I’m not done with Sense8, that show has made me think more about story than anything I’ve watched since Life On Mars. But while I’m thinking about romance writing and ensemble writing, there’s this sizzle reel for a new show: Maggie Lawson: She was great on Psych. Jane Lynch: She’s great in everything. Premise: Way too cute. Still, Jane Lynch . . . “It’s an observation, not a judgment.” I’m using that one. And the bit with the brother flirting against his will was funny. But it feels very one note, even Lynch. I dunno. What do we think? ETA: In OMG news for fans of Elementary, Sherlock’s father is finally going to show up on screen. Played by John Noble. Jonny Lee Miller and John Noble with father/son issues. Must go stock up on popcorn.