New Show. Huh.

No, I’m not done with Sense8, that show has made me think more about story than anything I’ve watched since Life On Mars. But while I’m thinking about romance writing and ensemble writing, there’s this sizzle reel for a new show: Maggie Lawson: She was great on Psych. Jane Lynch: She’s great in everything. Premise: Way too cute. Still, Jane Lynch . . . “It’s an observation, not a judgment.” I’m using that one. And the bit with the brother flirting against his will was funny. But it feels very one note, even Lynch. I dunno. What do we think? ETA: In OMG news for fans of Elementary, Sherlock’s father is finally going to show up on screen. Played by John Noble. Jonny Lee Miller and John Noble with father/son issues. Must go stock up on popcorn.

Zo's First Story Retcon Collage

So I haven’t put any more words on paper, but I’ve figured out the major problem with the first story/chapter which was two-fold:
1. Zo wasn’t doing anything except trying to escape with the kids. I need a protagonist with a goal. And now I know how to do that in this story/chapter/whatever.
2. The mood was so grim, and I didn’t know how to lighten it because, hello, somebody’s trying to kill her. So I collaged with the elements I knew were in there, searching for period illustrations for the people, and by George, I think I’ve got it. All the people illustrations are Leyendecker except for one Mucha and one Coleman:
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