Keep Calm and Carry On


I bought a canister of tea yesterday even though I have plenty because I wanted the pink tin to remind me that even though there is real and present danger on the horizon, every day life is important, too. And in that spirit, I’ve been working on pulling the basics of Nita’s book together. I’ve looked at the cast and tried to figure out how to make them a team, so next week, there’ll be a post on defining and building a story team. I think I’ve solved my antagonist problem and I’ll probably be talking about that, too, because this is a new approach for me. And I’ve been talking with Krissie about the importance of touchstone images while pulling a story together, and I have a lot of those. So starting Monday, it’s gonna be a lot of posts about writing and Nita again.

Add a hot cuppa for attitude readjustment and I’m good to go.

Political Argh

Late Note: In the post below I used “Republicans” to mean “the Republicans working in government now,” which is wrong; there are many politically conservative Republicans who do not embrace social conservatism and have refused to be part of the Trump mess. I apologize to any Republicans who didn’t vote for Trump.

Kiernan wrote:
“I just went through all the comments here, and it didn’t appear there were any conservatives. I could be wrong, but this seems like a homogenous group, politically. I’m generally conservative and small-townish, although I come from a very diverse family politically. So a big part of me feels afraid to speak on this particular thread.”

I think this probably is a mostly-liberal group with a few centrists mixed in, but I think that’s in part because social conservatives (different from political conservatives) probably spit on my books. This group self-selected well before the elections, and I think (not sure) that this is the first time we’ve really addressed politics here in any concrete way because we come here to talk about story in all its shapes and forms, and whatever else comes to mind. So far, I haven’t had to do much moderating in the comments because we’re a relatively small group and we don’t attract much attention. We’re pretty much sitting here with cups of tea and diet Cokes arguing about prologues. And we’re pretty good about agreeing to disagree, but still, I understand your hesitation completely. This is a liberal blog. Continue reading


Let’s slow down.

There’s bad stuff coming, but it’s not here yet. There’s time to think things through, figure out what’s actually happening before Jan. 2017, make plans for the long run. It’s going to be a long run with slow progress, but slow is almost always smarter than fast. Slow lasts.

So deep breaths and steady as we go. I don’t think we’ve survived worse, but we’ve survived a lot of bad. We’ll fix this, too. We have work to do . . .

. . . but for just this weekend, just this moment, let’s go slow.

RIP Leonard Cohen. You were amazing and your music will live forever. Wish you could have, too.

Even better:

Thank You, Susan B.


I saw Hillary’s name on the touchscreen and I cried a little. Then I voted and got in the car and cried a lot. I never thought I’d see this day. And now, fingers crossed, my granddaughters will grow up thinking, “Of COURSE a woman can be President.” I wept both times Obama was elected, really proud of my country. I hope like hell I’m still proud tomorrow morning. Because otherwise we have this:

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