Thank You, Susan B.


I saw Hillary’s name on the touchscreen and I cried a little. Then I voted and got in the car and cried a lot. I never thought I’d see this day. And now, fingers crossed, my granddaughters will grow up thinking, “Of COURSE a woman can be President.” I wept both times Obama was elected, really proud of my country. I hope like hell I’m still proud tomorrow morning. Because otherwise we have this:

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Save the Day

Josh Whedon assembles the Avengers:

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(I’m very excited about this. BIG Mark Ruffalo fan.)

Making Up Is a Pain in the Ass To Do

Once again I have missed a social moment. Or movement. Whatever, I completely missed the NoMakeUp thing, which is odd, because I haven’t worn make-up for years. Once I got off the promotion train, there didn’t seem to be any point. This is my face. It’s the face I take to McDonald’s and to see my grandkids and to buy chocolate. It’s the face I mow the lawn in and walk a hundred yards to get my mail in. For me, make-up isn’t necessary, but then it’s no big deal for me to go without. My neighbors don’t throw things because my lips aren’t glossy. The window people at McDonald’s do not refuse to hand over my chicken sandwich because my cheeks are pale. The plumber fixed my toilet without batting an eye at my lack of eyeliner. To me, this all seems kind of logical. And rational. Why the hell would I wear make-up? Continue reading

Nothing to See Here . . .

poster-DOTHEMOSTGOOD_grandeIt’s been glorious here in northern New Jersey where it’s pretty much always beautiful, but now is also balmy, if you can call temps in the 80s balmy, which I can because I have air conditioning. Also allergies, so I’m sneezing a lot.

I am also going down for the third time under the weight of the news. I hate Donald Trump, not just for the dire threat he poses the republic, but because he’s such a banal asshole. If I have to read about this jerk every day, the least he could do is be interesting instead of repeating stupid and dangerous. Stupid-and-dangerous was interesting for awhile, I grant you, but now he’s just churning his schtick. The problem with Donald Trump’s narrative is that he doesn’t ARC. His character path is a flat line. If you’re gonna be the center of a story, Don, you have to change. Sad! Continue reading

Politics as Research

I used to say, “Go to the mall and people-watch, but mostly people-listen.” Because character is action–we are what we do–but the way we present ourselves, the image we want to project, is often in our voices. Then the whole enclosed mall thing started to crash, so now I’m making up for it with politics. Because EVERYBODY has something to say in politics, and they’re all crafting the way they want to present themselves. Most of them are blowing that part because they’re blind to their own weaknesses, tone deaf, or such narcissists that they’re living in a different world, sometimes all of the above. And since I’m writing a book right now that has a political subplot (the Demon-Firsters are basically Green Pride), I’m watching the election with even more interest than usual. Continue reading