Cleaning the Office 1: The Wayback Machine Goes Into the Recycling

So I’m cleaning my office because it’s become a dumping ground, and because I’m combining it with the home office I thought would be such a good idea kept separate (not), and because I need to paint the floor, and because I need to get serious about finishing this book and for that I need a working laser printer. No, there won’t be day-to-day pictures, I did that once before and my office this time it too vile to photograph. This past couple days, I’ve been going through files because really, how much paper do you need stacked around? and I’m finding a lot of stuff from my past. It’s my own Wayback Machine, and some of the stuff I’d forgotten completely, for good reason. Among other things, I found my first feeble attempts at fiction, most of which is now in blue recycling bags, but which showed me a lot about who I was then and how little I knew. (That’s okay, everybody starts someplace.)
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And Now for Something Not Depressing . . .

So it’s been weird here. Things happened that I wasn’t expecting. Things I expected to happen didn’t. And there was winter. It all kind of combined into a perfect storm that swamped me into a ocean of depression (which is why I’ve just deleted that horrible depressing post I put up about a month ago.) I’m much better now. Not dead yet. So here are some of the things that have comforted me and helped lift me out of my depression: Continue reading

Wear the Lilac Towel Day

LILACYes, I know it’s also Memorial Day, and that’s important so put a poppy on your towel, but this year wearing the lilac is even more important because it’s our first year without Sir Terry.

We wear the lilac on May 25 in honor of Sir Terry Pratchett, a victim of Alzheimers who refused to become a victim. The lilac comes from Pratchett’s Night Watch novel, but it has become a symbol for fighting the disease.

We wear a towel on May 25 because Douglass Adams told us to in the Hitchhiker’s Guide. It’s the most massively useful thing an interstellar space traveller can have, plus it creates a great impression, hence the expression “That guy really knows where his towel is.”

We wear the poppy on memorial day because of Flanders Fields and because people who don’t remember the devastation of war are compelled to repeat it. We need a LOT MORE POPPIES in the world.

Have a wonderful lilac towel and poppy day.

April Will Be Better

You know how it is when all hell is breaking loose in your life, and you just put your head down and keep on going because quitting isn’t an option, and then the sun comes out and you look up and realize you’ve been clenching your jaw for three months and it’s not over yet?

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