I Completely Understand Pratchett’s Bulldozer

Terry Pratchett wanted his unpublished manuscript partials destroyed, so his daughter did it with a bulldozer.

Good for her.

There’s a reason writers don’t want their unpublished stuff published after death, and it’s the same reason they didn’t want it published during life: it’s bad.  Even if it’s an early draft that could have turned into something good, it’s still bad.  And no writer wants her or his last publication to be bad, or even mediocre, especially if he or she already knows it’s bad or mediocre.  Destroying unpublished manuscripts is a good thing; just ask Harper Lee.   Continue reading

In Search of the Womanicule

Atlas Obscura has a fun post on the manicule
, that pointing hand that has been showing up in infinite variety in manuscripts for centuries.   And of course I want a stamp of  that because I can put it on manuscripts that I’m editing and . . .
Okay, I just want a stamp of a woman’s finger pointing.  Which is when I made an annoying discovery:

There’s a reason they call them MANicules.   Continue reading