Argh Author: Jeanne Estridge’s The Demon Always Wins

Jeanne Oates Estridge‘s Golden Heart winner, The Demon Always Wins, is available for pre-order now, to be released on September 1:

After beating Satan at poker, demon Belial takes on a new bet: If he can get God’s champion to curse God, within the agreed timeframe, Hell gains another soul and Belial earns a promotion to chief demon.

The demon always wins, but this time the deck may be stacked against him. Widowed nurse Dara Strong, the granddaughter of famous demon fighters, has no problem recognizing Belial, so when he appears in her clinic in doctor’s disguise, she kicks him out.  

But Belial, the most successful soul-stealer in the history of Hell, is not about to give up so easily, and as their conflict escalates, so does their passion.  Caught between a victory-hungry Satan and an unforgiving God, Belial and Dara discover there may be only one way to ransom the soul of a fallen angel: sometimes you have to go through Hell to claim your Heaven.

Read the first three chapters on Jeanne’s website, then go to Amazon to pre-order.


This Is a Good Book Thursday: June 28, 2018 except now it’s August 2

Note: For some reason, I did not schedule this on the right day.  Happy belated, George.  And now I must go write about dogs . . . .

If you haven’t read George Booth’s cartoons, you are missing out.  I love Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes.  I love Berkeley Breathed’s Bloom County,  But George Booth is the cartoonist who really knows my life.  For example . . . Continue reading

Working Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Hey, it’s August.  (That whooshing sound you heard was summer going past.)  School supplies are in stores.  Parents are counting the days (well, Mollie’s counting the days).  I’ve started crocheting again, a sure sign of recovery.  And it’s time to trim the forsythia.  What’s on your To Do list?


Act Blurbs

This book is huge with a cast of thousands and five subplots plus, of course, a main plot.  And as we all know, organization is not in my natural skill set.  This leads me to do Act Blurbs.

You know what blurbs are, those pithy synopses on the back of the book that run something like “She’s a cop, he’s the Devil, they fight crime!” and right away you know what the book is about and if it’s your thing.  So early on, I figured out that one way to break the progression of a book down was to give the acts titles.  Then I remembered I’m bad at titles and went to one sentence blurbs.  Like: Continue reading

Ava’s Happiness List

I have no idea if Ava Gardner actually said that, but if she did, she was my kind of woman.  In the end, that’s what happiness comes down to, I think: beauty around you in sight and sound, people you love close to you, work and play that fulfills you, and really great food.  Everything else is noise.

What was on your list for happiness this week?


It’s Gonna Be a Good Go-To-Hell Day

I was not looking forward to today because I had an MRI scheduled.  I don’t mind MRIs, I can sleep through those, but the drive there included I-80 to 287 S, and that’s a bitch and I was stressed.  But they called and asked me to reschedule and I said, “YES!” and now I have the whole day free.  Oh, joy, joy, happiness, happiness, joy.  Of course I should be spending my time doing a decent blog post for here, but instead, you’re getting this and I’m going to go out and leap about, having a good time.

My plans are: Continue reading

This Is A Good Book Thursday, July 26, 2018

I’m currently re-reading the Rivers of London series by Aaronovitch because I mistakenly thought the next one was out in August.  Nope, November.  I’m still enjoying them after multiple re-reads, so it’s about time I started taking them apart to see why.  There are minor things that annoy me, but mostly they’re really solid stories about a great world full of great characters.  Can’t ask for much more than that.

So what have you been reading?