Hell Is a Company Town

You know how it is with world-building: One damn thing leads to another.

So the swearing question led me back to a world I’d sketched in as different parts of it rose up in the story: Hell is a company town.  That is, everybody there works for the Afterlife and the CEO is Satan.  They see themselves almost as zookeepers: there’s this huge preserve called Earth full of animals left to their own devices in their natural habitat  until they die, and then Hell sorts out what happens next.  If things go wrong, they send in agents to clean up the problem and then leave the humans to their lives again.  Demons aren’t intrinsically evil, they’re just like humans.  Some are terrible, some are great, most are just trying to lead full lives and have a good time after a good day’s work.   Continue reading

Working Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Well, I completely borked the shawl I was making, so I left it a skinny scarf.  Some things you just can’t save.  I need to finish some of the project I’ve started (dozens of them) but I feel the yen to start something new.  

Must.  Not.  Start.  Something.  New.

What are you making?

In Which Krissie and I Argue About Georgette Heyer

I’ve been on a Heyer binge the past two weeks, and I was surprised to find that I didn’t love all of the ones I read.  I mentioned that to Krissie and she said, “Which ones?” and of course those turned out to be some of her faves because Krissie and I are Alpha and Omega (or as Krissie put it, she’s Pollyanna and I’m Medea).  The only one we agreed on was The Grand Sophy, a book I loved so much I named my heroine in Welcome to Temptation after her.  It still holds up after all these years, aside from a brief but nasty bit of anti-Semitism which the heroine does not commit (it’s the author’s narration, not Sophy’s thoughts, so I just skim past that part).  

After that, Krissie and I parted company on most of our evaluations.  So here’s what I think, with some Krissie quotes in there to provide a counterpoint;


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