Telling Myself the Story

So I have now accumulated enough Nita plot that it’s all over the place.  Think putting together Ikea or any multi-part kit: You have all the pieces but they’re all spread out; you know how to put them together, but you keep checking the directions; you’ve counted the connectors and you’re pretty sure you’re short a couple, except you’re doing it all in your mind, which cuts down on losing the screws, but ups the screw-up level.  It’s time to take a step back and consider the big picture.

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The Cinderella Deal $1.99

Once upon a time, I wrote a book called The Cinderella Deal about a painter named Daisy Flaherty who had some father issues.  Harlequin bought it, but they wanted a few changes: Her name couldn’t be Daisy, artists didn’t sell so she had to have a different occupation, and HG heroines didn’t have father issues.  I found out later that they didn’t the want the book–the fools–but they didn’t want to void my option clause.  So instead of saying, “How about a completely different book?” to which they would have said “GREAT IDEA!” I tried to rewrite The Cinderella Deal.  Never do that.  I ended up with a book that was not what I wanted at all.  HQ wanted it, and they published it as Strange Bedpersons.  Fast forward a year or two . . . Continue reading

Staring Into Space While Cleaning

I’m getting company this afternoon (YAY) so I’m cleaning, which in this house means getting a backhoe.  The thing about cleaning is, it’s pretty mindless except for the “Why is that in here?” moments and the “I should just get a box of garbage bags and put everything into them” moments.  That means that I am now productive while staring into space, which is what I’ve been doing for much of June because Discovery Draft sometimes comes with a side order of “Why would that happens?” (Because the Girls want it to.)  And “How could that happen?”  And What does that mean? (Who care, write the damn book.)

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Cherry Saturday 6-10-2017

Today is Knit in Public Day.  I’d say something snarky about how crochet is better, but knitting’s good, too.

It’s also Gin Day, Iced Tea Day, Ballpoint Pen Day, and Doll Day, so spike your tea with gin and take it outside with your craftwork and a doll along with a pen to take notes, and you should have this covered.