Cherry Saturday, September 29, 2018

September has been Milkshake Month.

I waited until now to tell you so you wouldn’t hurt yourselves.  

(My fave: chocolate and amaretto, an alcohol-sugar buzz that’s unbeatable.)

42 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday, September 29, 2018

  1. I don’t know if Rax is still around anywhere (it isn’t around here any longer), but they used to have THE BEST chocolate chip milkshakes.

    I haven’t tried any milkshakes with alcohol. I figure that’s a slippery slope. 🙂

  2. Last night we went out for dinner and I ordered a date sunday: meringue, dates in clove-scented caramel with milk ice cream, toasted hazlenuts and whipped cream. Oh, it was good.

    1. I like the idea of clove-scented ice cream! (Not so much the dates or the caramel). But meringue, hazelnuts, whipped cream, and cloves ice cream? Oh Yeah! 🙂

  3. I apologize for this posting late. For some reason, I had it set for tomorrow. My grip on my calendar is obviously not as tight as I thought it was.

    1. Yes, but now we still have time to have a milkshake or three before the month ends. Despite the luscious date sundae described above, you can’t beat a coffee milkshake. Once a favorite, always a favorite.

    1. Bailey’s now makes an Almond Milk Irish Cream. I’m not a fan of almond milk but my husband was happy enough with it.

  4. When I was a teen, my aunt got one of those cute milkshake machines that sits on the counter and looks like something from a diner. She was not into lots of gadgets, didn’t even have a microwave, but that little milkshake maker got lots of love. The woman knew how to prioritize:)

  5. Your diet allows milkshakes?!? And alcohol?!? (I’m allowed 5 ounces of red wine a day. I hate red wine. Why couldn’t they have allowed a nice Zinfandel?)

    I’ve been known to cheat on the diet. But if I’m going to cheat, it’ll be like last night – an entire pan of bacon-wrapped water chestnuts with brown sugar. I thought that was rumaki, but apparently I would have needed to add bird livers.

    1. Love those! (Not the rumaki, don’t care for liver).

      But if the bacon isn’t cooked 100% (or more), I have an allergic reaction. I can feel it in my ears, my throat, my tongue, my chest. Everything starts itching and swelling. And I start coughing. At least once a minute. Last time, it took over an hour for the Benedryl to work. And I didn’t get to finish my sandwich. 🙂 That may have been the worst part. 🙂

        1. Although, come to think, it’s the “white” Zinfandel that I enjoy. Is that the abomination? Beringer White Zinfandel, and 3 ounce glasses.

          I almost find Port to be tolerable, in a true Red. It’s what I use when a recipe calls for a dash of wine. (This is my dash of whine.)

  6. Most “real” milkshakes are often too rich for me. I usually can’t finish one. But if I can get a teeny one, I like them topped with whipped fresh cream.

    🎼🎤My milkshakes bring the boys to the yard. Hands up, they’re better than yours. I could teach you, but I’d have to charge.🎵🎶

  7. Jenny, you do make me laugh. Thanks for thinking of us and posting this late. I now have a powerful craving for a strawberry milkshake.

  8. How can it be that I don’t like milkshakes? I love ice cream. Passionately. Yet I’ve never had a milkshake I really liked. Some friends of my parents had one of those milk shake machines, in the fifties when I was a preschooler, so I think I must have had some really good ones, and yet….

    1. You haven’t had a banana date milk shake from The Malt Shop or the Convention Grill in Minneapolis. That would change your mind.

    2. The Dairy Kastle on Eastern Pkwy (Louisville, not sure where in Kentucky you are). Chocolate milkshake with a banana smooshed up in it. Is. The. Best. And trying to slurp banana up a straw is pretty hilarious 😉

  9. Chocolate is my all time favorite and I LOVE amaretto. I put it in my hot chocolate in the winter before bed.

    However, the best ever milkshake is Fresh Peach. When the peaches are ripe and juicy and the chunks get stuck in the straw. When I used to live in Bakersfield, CA (the armpit of America) There was a little mom and pop fast food drive through – I went through every day in peach season.

  10. Fresh peach ones are my favorite, though I was in Oregon afew years ago during huckleberry season and the huckleberry milkshake came really close.

  11. I *did* have a milkshake today. A chocolate one with sprinkles and whipped cream. I wish they made child-sized milkshakes, like about 1/2 cup. (Not counting the sprinkles and whipped cream). 🙂 It was very good, but it was too much.

  12. There was a place in western PA I used to stop by when I went home to visit family that made the best banana milkshakes I have ever tasted. They used real bananas and ice cream to make them; no artificial flavoring of any kind. I wonder if it’s still there and open. I haven’t been back in that area for a few years.

  13. My dad always said that a chocolate milkshake was the best way to both celebrate and heal from almost anything. When a friend showed up at his wake with a tray of milkshakes for my family because she remembered him explaining the usefulness of milkshakes fir heartache, I felt like it was the first proof the real him, not just the professional him, would live on.

    I still have milkshakes both to celebrate and to deal with bad days. I just share them now more than when I was in college.

  14. When I was 16, I went on a school trip to New Caledonia. They had coconut milkshakes and they were divine. I haven’t had a milkshake as good since.

  15. It’s my birthday, and while I had berry pie a la mode, both my kids had milkshakes, and paid their mom tax on them. Yum!

  16. When I was a kid and my dad would forget he was supposed to pick me up from school if it rained and I had to walk home in the rain, he would tell me to take a hot shower and when I got out he would have made me a guilt banana milkshake. To this day whenever I get caught in the rain I want a banana milkshake.

  17. Friday I got a free milkshake from potbelly with an order. I picked strawberry banana since the pineapple banana was no longer an option. Tonight I had a “grasshopper” which is vanilla ice cream, creme de mint, and creme de cocoa blended.

  18. I have, once again, completed an entire month with zero milkshakes. Is there a point at which all this self-denial pays off?

    There is a joint here in L.A. that does a Fireball shake. Cinnamon ice cream, milk, Fireball cinnamon whisky. I would have one every day if not for all that $^&@#! self-denial.


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