Admin: Having to Sign In: UPDATE: FIXED

Mollie’s looking into this.  When did it start?  Who is it affecting?  I know Deb’s in the US and Jane’s in the UK, so I don’t think it’s a national thing.  Also, very sorry for the hassle.  We’re on it.

And Mollie and Sharon fixed it.  Thank you, Mollie and Sharon!


33 thoughts on “Admin: Having to Sign In: UPDATE: FIXED

  1. I have never had to sign in, probably because I’m not one of the long timers. However, since the mess with someone reporting Argh as spam, I haven’t received follow up replies when I’ve sent in a comment. That’s disappointing.

    Also, I assume that only the long time members can see 2018 revisions for Nita.

    Good luck with figuring things out!

    1. Nope, everybody should be able to see everything, no matter how long you’ve been here. I have to clean all of that stuff out.

  2. I was just about to smugly comment that except after the site goes down, I never have to sign in. Well, I am going to have to sign in now.

  3. and I went away to order a pizza for dinner and then looked in to see if anyone had something further to add and it looks like I will be required to sign in again. and I am not getting autofill either.

    I just have to type my fingers to the bone. Sigh.

  4. I’m allowed in easily enough, but for each comment I have to give name and email. For replies too, which are treated as regular comment and not attached to the comment to which I’m replying. (ooh, I’m getting dizzy.) I’m not given an autofill option.

    Previous to this week – Wednesday? Thursday? – my information presumable was stored and all I was required to do was hit “Post Comment.” Then, voila, as if by magic, my words appeared.

    I’m in SoCal, pretty darn near the Mexican border. Perhaps some sort of wall is operating …

    And here I go, inputting my info so I can post this comment.

  5. Amending to say I am given autofill option, which works for my email just dandy. The infill for my name, however, is in full, and I prefer my shorter identity.

    None of this is deal-breaker stuff. I’m not abandoning Jennifer Crusie, my Argh peeps or Nita and Nick.

  6. The little check-box for the instruction “Remember sign-in for this site” -paraphrased – has disappeared. Along with, methinks, the built-in auto-fill.

    Good luck.

    1. Yes! that’s it! The tiny box “Remember sign-in for this site” has vanished. Mystery partially solved. I knew something looked more bare-naked.

  7. I’ve always had to sign in to comment although I’ve always been able to see everything. Ditto Thea’s comment. I’m in Australia if that helps Mollie at all.

    I am a demon for clearing out my history periodically though I’m not sure if that relates to what you’re talking about here.

    Demon, ha!

  8. I’ve been automatically signed in since I first found Argh, I think – which must be eight or ten years ago. Don’t remember the checkbox, though I’m sure it must have been there. The problem started a few days ago, I think with the authors post. Anyway, I queried it as soon as it happened. At first I think I was auto-signed-in for some comments, but not others, and not for any replies. But it rapidly became every single time.

    I imagine if it’s linked to anything, it’ll be to the browsers we’re using and to our privacu settings – although I haven’t changed any of these, nor installed Apple’s latest upgrade to iOS. So I’m using Safari on a 2017 iPad, running iOS 11.3, with ‘Limit ad tracking’ switched on. I’ve also got an ad blocker app called Better.

    I don’t get offered any autofill suggestions, by the way.

    1. Just checking on my iMac (OS 10.12.6; Safari). I’m needing to sign in here, too – but then I haven’t commented from my iMac for ages. So will check after this comment, by hitting Reply, to see whether it remembers me. (And I’m offered an autofill for my email; but I think this is a function of the iMac rather than the Argh site.)

  9. Chiming in to say I think I’ve always had to sign in, but previously there’s been autofill. The “remember me on this device” box is gone. When I start typing I’m offered auto fill through my browser. I’m in the US using chrome from an android phone. Good luck, Mollie!

  10. Yes; no problem, no sign in, all as normal. It asks for my name, email and website, but I ignore and push post comment, and I get linked properly.

    BUT WAIT: it worked once, but won’t work again. Now, I need to sign in. argh!

  11. I use firefox, and I still have autofill and a “save my name, email and wesbiste in this browser for the next time I comment” option. I know when I had to wipe out everything historical, cached, settings – in fact, it may have been ‘factory reset” I had to type my name and email again, so I think it might be linked to the browser one is using.

  12. And this should now be fixed. There was some kind of update and a box didn’t get toggled. Or something. You should now have a “remember me” box to check again.

  13. I’m getting this error: uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate expired on Thursday, August 02, 2018, 2:40:38 AM. The current time is August 6, 2018, 7:14 PM. Error code: SEC_ERROR_EXPIRED_CERTIFICATE


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