Cherry Saturday, July 14, 2018

Today is Pandemonium Day.  The word “pandemonium” is from Milton’s Paradise Lost and means “all the demons,” or possibly “the place all the demons hang out,” and he seemed to think it was bad.   Well, you know what a buzzkill Milton was (the poet, not the dog).  I like to think of it as Hell’s Elk’s Club.  

From there the word degenerated into a synonym for chaos, which isn’t nearly as interesting or probably as accurate since there isn’t a lot of evidence that demons aren’t as organized as human beings, who in turn aren’t as organized as ducks.  Organization is greatly overestimated in living things, is what I’m saying.  

So today, you get to be as disorganized as you want, in celebration of . . . I really have no idea.  Nobody really organized this holiday.

It’s also National Ice Cream Month.  Might want to go with that.

28 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday, July 14, 2018

  1. Yeah, I think that it must be Northern hemisphere summering countries’ National ice cream day.

    I try to actively avoid pandemonium.

      1. Me too. All year round. And I’ve had my ice cream for today so I win at ice cream day. (Mind you, I think that there can me multitudes of winners on ice cream day. But I win in my house! the dogs don’t get ice cream.)

  2. Well, it’s going to be in the 90s here today, which is certainty ice cream weather. But I’d have to actually go out into this overheated urban pandemonium to get some. And it’s already too hot. I just got home from a walk and yowza.

  3. Having a Heath-studded Klondike Bar while viewing your photo of the warm Elks’ Club, and thinking “Hmmmm — that looks nice!”

    But it was okay because it’s Ice Cream Day.

  4. Pandemonium was trying to get two kids and two adults out of the house to go to the damn YMCA this morning! But our reward was learning that we can put the 8-week-old in the childcare (I thought minimum age was six months, but it’s six weeks!). This opens up MANY excellent possibilities re: regaining some strength and stress relief, my two workout goals. (I like ice cream every day of the year, much to my trainer’s dismay.)

    Moving my body may be the antidote to inner pandemonium in either sense of the word!

    …I say “might,” having just learned a very important lesson about how I need to double up on sportsbras until I stop nursing/until my chest gets smaller! 😱 Pandemonium indeed!

  5. I was raised to believe ice cream was the cure for pandemonium. Well, the cure for anything really. At any time of year:)

  6. Definitely ice cream day. Best was in Lima many, many years ago. Italian ice cream on South America

  7. Yesterday there was some pandemonium here when I discovered my Word files for a big non-fiction project I worked on for two or three years in the 1990s were no longer openable. Luckily it only took me half an hour to discover how to retrieve the text (sans formatting, and with a bit of extra gobbledegook, but readable). So I spent the rest of the day retrieving those and a couple of other projects’ files, and saving them in Word’s current file format. Because they represent years of work, and include stuff that I hope may spark new projects.

    You’ve got to keep an eye on this digital stuff, or it vanishes.

  8. Oddly enough, I went to a rave at an Elks Club in Missoula, MT about a decade ago. Actually, several raves, because one was Goth, one was techno and there might have been a third. The one thing I do remember was a large sign announcing that the Elks make strong communities.

    I still ponder that.

    1. Holy cats, I would pay to see a rave at an Elks Club. I’ve only seen them filled with old fogies talking about ham radio & RVs.

    2. It’s the antlers. They have to watch out or they’ll hook up with some other dude and be dragged away.

  9. Pandemonium is interfering with the prospect of ice cream for me this month. First, my chest freezer died (and I don’t have an in-fridge freezer), and the replacement arrived today, except that when we took the box off it (while still in the friend’s truck who picked it up with me), it was smashed in a front corner and all along that side, like it had been dropped on the front corner in the factory and then tossed onto the side, so we had to bring it right back, and the replacement for the replacement isn’t due until the 27th. Sigh.

  10. A friend and I drove an hour and a half to go to a lavender festival this morning where we both made several purchases and indulged in some lavender ice-cream. We got there early, as we were leaving around noon, there was a line of people waiting to get in that snaked back to the parking area. A rough estimate…close to 200 people in line!

    There could be mass pandemonium if all the people there tried to leave at the same time!

  11. I think someone should invent a flavor called pandemonium ice cream. You know, with All the Things in it.

    Right now I’ve got a thunderstorm bringing welcome rain (and not so welcome thunder and lightning). Might have to shut down the computer for a bit. On the bright side, this might stave off the impending drought for a bit, and I don’t have to water the garden!

    But thunder and lightning is a bit on the pandemonium side for me.

    1. That’s probably available on Demon Island, don’t you think? At the local ice cream shop, Hell Freezes Over?

      Popular flavors include Ricky Road To Perdition, Devil Tracks, and Pandemonium…

      Any chance we can talk Ben & Jerry into a product tie-in when this book comes out?????

  12. Engulfed in Pandemonium today. Rancho Santa Fe Historical Society sold tickets – lots o’ tickets – to a tour of ’20s architect Lillian-Rice-designed houses, provided three glorified SUVs to locations ranging widely over the Village. After standing in *hot* sun over an hour waiting for a ride, we abandoned tour. We saw two of the seven houses, and they were glorious. Of course if you live in RSF you can afford the best designers, interior and exterior. There was one tiled lotus pond … Tour was extended by half an hour, but that wasn’t gonna help, not nearly. RSF Historians, listen up: hire yourself a tour designer before you sell another ticket to anything. On the other hand, came away with an armful of choice books from the library’s splendid resale shop. Nearest to pandemonium there was the ditzy head of sales, and she’s always a hoot.

  13. Pandemonium is realizing you are almost out of toilet paper, and also lost your wallet. So I called my Mom and she and my Dad showed up with toilet paper, vegetables, and cash to hold me over until I find the wallet, because moms bring the opposite of pandemonium.

  14. My house is in pandemonium as we’re prepping for new carpet. Smooshing all the furniture of 3 rooms into 1 with some cascading into a 4th. New bed arrived today. Bad planning as we now have old bed in dining room & will have to move the new bed for the carpet install.

    Buying ice cream to help cope with it all makes sense to me! 😋🍨🍦


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