37 thoughts on “It’s SUMMER! Be Happy.

  1. We’re past the solstice! The garlic is planted, matariki (the constellation whose appearance marks the Maori new year, also called Pleiades) has risen, the days are getting longer, and we’ve had two fairly solid days of sunshine. Happy happy.

    Oh my god, who am I kidding? So behind on work it feels like a weight pressing on my chest when I think about it so I can’t breathe properly. And it’s only 2 weeks til school holidays which is not yet a Good Thing. Head down, bum up. Productivity brings happiness too, I feel sure.

  2. Okay, so we adopted a cat recently, who gets bored when we don’t play string games or sticks under newspaper games with him for what feels like HOURS at a time. He jumps up behind me on the office chair at my computer to get my attention, so suddenly I thought I’d try “Video for Cats” on YouTube, which I used to put on at work during a season when we were sending out paper information packets, and we had to stuff envelopes.

    And our demanding boy was MESMERIZED by all the English birds and squirrels. He sat there on the chair, head moving back and forth as new bluetits or nuthatches appeared on the left, on the right, or suddenly A SQUIRREL FACE right in the middle, coming right toward you!

    The small browsing view was good enough, but full screening this video just astonished him. I had to leave my computer and go do other things, and he sat there for a full half hour, motionless except for his moving head and line of vision, but it made me happy just to see how happy it made him.

  3. We’ve had a very nice summer so far by swampy Washington DC standards. Older son and I went to the park around 6 AM today and there was a beautiful blue rain-washed sky, no humidity, birds singing. Older son had a great time swinging on the swing in an empty park 😉

  4. Today I’ll be attending the “Isn’t it Romantic” panel & should have some time in the exhibits. I’ve reconnected with friends that I only get to see at conferences. And I get to go home tomorrow.

  5. Newborn son smiled his first smile at dad today, and I managed to catch a picture of the tail end of it! Toddler son is currently learning to slide down the fire pole with help from dad. Meanwhile, I am nursing newborn and enjoying a croissant. The weather is beautiful and I feel great!

  6. I just finished reading 180 Seconds on your recommendation. It was adorable and so sweet and I cried. Wow. That is the best “show-er” (i.e. instalove) romance ever.

    1. Me too, read it Thursday in fact. Makes me want to try the 180-second thing. Best to choose carefully though.

  7. We’ve got sunshine and heat (as opposed to sunshine and chill last week. I don’t understand weather.) Just back from sitting in a garden chatting to artist friends, and about to do a bit of gardening on my balcony. I’m enjoying all the flowers everywhere at the moment.

  8. I discovered the web series Black Girl in a Big Dress this weekend and loved the whole thing! It’s hilarious and incisive.

    I got a bag full of books at a thrift store yesterday, including Getting Rid of Bradley, which I then stayed up to reread. re

    A local grocery is going out of business which is sad but the inspirational means that people in town have stocked up on ice cream. My parent’s freezer has Dove bars! We never had Dove bars growing up.

  9. Here in not-so-sunny Melbourne, Australia, we’re at least past the winter solstice now, so… nothing but good times ahead?

    1. I’m a Melbournite too, and last week had my currently-living-in-Brisbane Mother say that it was freezing there…

      I was a bit speechless. Not that it’s literally freezing in Melb (unless you’re in the hills) but it’s COLD.

      🙂 Nothing but good times ahead.

      1. You all should move to New Zealand. It’s literally freezing here. But it’s the season for roast veges and mulled wine, so definitely nothing but good times ahead.

        1. LOL – Those of us who don’t have actual freezing temperatures, complaining about it being “freezing”…

          I do love roast vegies and mulled wine though…

      2. Uh, those hills grow good wine grapes (and heritage roses), hope it *isn’t* freezing cold.

        Having no luck finding a good resto or cafe around Melbourne Airport. Just enough time to check into airport hotel early evening, eat well, sleep, fly home. Know of any? Last visit we ate at a great Chinese place in the city – John says something like Flower Blossom – but I don’t know if we have time for the run in. Tour is in November, and, yes, we over-plan.

        1. Thea, I think the restaurant you visited last time would have been the Flower Drum. Lovely place.

          The Melbourne Airport area is a bit dearth of nice places – you’d be much better off heading into Melbourne if possible.

          https://www.broadsheet.com.au/melbourne is a great resource, it may be that there is a good place near Melb Airport that I don’t know about.

          Happy for Jenny to pass on my e-mail address if I can help further. Always happy to help in the search of nice places to eat. 🙂

          1. Oh, you’ve achieved Sweetheart status! Thanks for the invaluable link. I thought the city our best bet too.

  10. I decided to go back to university and finish my bachelors degree last year (just, ya know, a couple of decades late); it been a challenge but finally feeling like I’ve got the hang of it again. Summer quarter starts tomorrow!

  11. Annual dinner in the Casa del Prado courtyard as the sun turned it golden, then inspirational talk by the Queen of succulents. I came away with two of Deborah Baldwin’s books and a chair with seat planted in pretty flowers, the latter a birthday gift for my friend. Passed my annual physical with triumph (I’ve been working). Celebrated our anniversary with dinner at a iconic restaurant. Good, but just as good was takeaway dinner last night from the lobster roll place down the street. All the Happy this week, and with excellent medical report, nothing but good times ahead.

  12. Lovely reunion dinner with some friends this week – we used to walk in the mornings but have fallen out of the habit, so it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other. Lovely to catch us. DS finished his exams – only 1 more year of HS left! Tomorrow his dad is taking him to get his learner’s driving permit. Can’t believe how almost grown up he is. Watching a beautiful sunset. Yeah for summer.

  13. My kid had a orientation for an upcoming Girl Scout leadership camp. I live in the Santa Cruz Mountains, so we don’t have to go too far. But some other parents and I ended up in this wee little town deep in the mountains, grabbing lunch at a pizza place. The World Cup was on, and we caught the tail end of a goal celebration, and the only other people in the joint were Germans watching their team equalize. I love the World Cup, but I don’t hit a lot of bars to watch it in these days, so it made my week.

  14. I finished my MBA!!!!!!! and then got laryngitis 2 days later so my delight’s been mixed with frustration. But delight’s winning overall.

  15. I’ve been feeling happy for several days now for no particular reason. Or perhaps the reason is that I know that I’ll be done with my psychological therapies soon and though I haven’t achieved all I hoped for when I started, I have passed milestones I never thought I’d pass and overcome challenges I never believed I would be able to kick out of the way. And let’s be realistic: there will always be things that are challenging, and there will always be things I won’t like to or would really rather not do, but I’ve come a long way and I’m pleased with the place where I’m at now. I’m not feeling as good physically as I wish I did, but mentally I’ve kicked ass the last days and that feels so incredibly good!

    And because this is something I still need to work on to say, let’s also go for an: I am proud of myself for what I have achieved. I did it for myself and myself only and I have done it excellently. I’m very, very happy about that.

  16. Spending the weekend with daughter, s-i-l and 16 month old grand daughter, ending with family party celebrating neice’s well and long earned graduation from college (and unofficially celebrating that she and her significant other are on their way to getting married now that she has completed the college goal!).

    Sweetest momment was when grand daughter was at her first parent-and-me gymnastics lesson on Saturday (which she thouroughly enjoyed). She caught sight of me watching her through the window as she made her way around one of the courses and gave me a huge grin and a wave!

    She spends a lot of time with her other grandmother, who lives much closer and watches her two days a week, so I sometimes wonder how much she remembers husband and me with occasional face-times and weekend visits every few months – that grin and wave just melted my heart!

  17. A day late and a dollar short, but I’m having a lovely day today. It’s not too hot here, and breezy so the bugs aren’t too bad. I’ve been taking my littlest dog to work with me and she makes everyone smile. She also gets me out of the office every couple of hours for fifteen minutes or so.

    This is my last week then it won’t be my monkey anymore.

    I’m happy.

  18. I’m back from my trip to San Diego (from upstate NY) to visit my parents and sister. I got to spend part of every day at the ocean, which is my happy place, and was able to be there on the solstice with my step-daughter (who is also a Pagan) who drove in from San Jose. Big happiness there, even though we didn’t do anything more ritual-y than dance on the beach, what with all the innocent bystanders 🙂

    1. In Coronado midway down the Silver Strand is a Solstice Monument which usually has a group ritual ceremony. Just so you know next time you’re here.

  19. Sunday, I went to karaoke with a friend, and she put “Happy” in the queue! So damn fun! She is a good singer, and has lovely taste in music, so we were pretty happy.


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