Cherry Saturday, June 2. 2018

Today is Rocky Road Day.

No, not that.  This (you know, chocolate, nuts, and marshmallows.:

If you gotta travel that lonesome road, make it rocky.



6 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday, June 2. 2018

  1. I’d kill for some Rocky Road ice ccream.
    I have chocolate ice cream (Ben&Jerry’s Karamel Sutra) and I have dark chocolate with almonds and seasalt (Tony’s Chocolonely)…but I have no marshmellows. I so. need. marshmellows. today. Guess I’ll have to do without.

    Hope all of you are having a wonderful Saturday! <3

  2. Ben and Jerry’s isn’t available here. We got Haagen Dazs in some places.

    I really remember rocky road as a metaphor about dating a different type of guy in Lois and Clark, The New Adventures of Superman.

  3. FUnny you should mention ice cream, today our son came for a visit and brought two almost gallons of ice cream, one butterscotch swirl and spumoni that he found on sale. Also two pints of Rhode Island frozen coffee milk.

  4. This was my favorite glyco I’ve cream as a kid. But now I’m old. I can tell because a good vanilla is my favorite.


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