Serious Pleasure

Pleasure is a “feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment.”.

How did you enjoy satisfied happiness this week?

(Don’t google for “pleasure.”  You get a lot of pictures of a cute scooter and then “ribbed for her . . . .”  I kind of wanted the scooter, but the reviews were awful..)



37 thoughts on “Serious Pleasure

  1. Happiness is watching our granddaughters wave with excitement when they see us, a clean house, and a lazy Sunday afternoon. And, seeing your blog pop up, couldn’t get connected yesterday and now, yeah.

  2. Happiness is being able to get back onto Arghink. For two days. TWO DAYS. I kept getting the 403 message that I was forbidden access. Withdrawal had set in. I whined.
    I had to haul bark and clean flower beds to keep from obsessing. I am back. Nothing but good times ahead.

    1. You think you whined. It’s been a long time since I’ve been that angry with anybody except Trump and his minions.
      Fixed now I think.

  3. Welcome back, Argh Ink.

    Fabric brings me pleasure. I have a lot of it; not that I’ve done anything with it, but I do love it.

    1. I will say in time of stress, I’ve grabbed some fabric just to hold it. Like a blankie, it helped ease my stress so I could focus on the information I was supposed to be learning.

      Why yes, I felt like a 4 year old.

  4. Yesterday I did not realize there was a problem because we went to our granddaughters high school graduation. So glad your back.

  5. Just had an unexpected late hit of bluebells up on the hills – I thought they were long over for this year. Have also been smiling at the surreally glossy buttercups that are doing their thing at the moment.

    Wobbling still, but making a focus board for my new home calmed me down this afternoon and made me much happier.

    Had a good time catching up with artist friends at an opening on Friday night.

    And while I still haven’t got my replacement iPhone (it’s a month now), Apple rang on Friday evening to say they’re not going to charge me for it, which cheered me up.

  6. Like everyone else, Argh being back up is a delight, thank you for all the work it required to cause it.

    My mother in law seems to be slowly getting the hang of using thunderbird to read her email – AOL had just gotten too confusing with pop ups and ads and such, and then she got hacked……… She’s not stupid, but panics when confused, so DH has had to be very patient with guiding her through this multiple times, but as of this morning, she did it by herself. fingers crossed.

    I am sure there are other happies, above and beyond food (fudge, anyone?) but right now I am just enjoying a lazy day. with fudge.

    1. Ohhhhh. Fudge. I haven’t had homemade fudge in years. Possibly decades.

      My mom used to make the kind without the marshmallow and it never set properly. She claimed it was “Spoon fudge” because you had to eat it with a spoon. My mouth waters.

  7. Argh’s back, so all the happy.

    As a potential juror, didn’t even make it through locked doors into the courtroom before trial was called off. So credit for another year, none of the misery. And then reward lunch downtown so I could feel all the urbane.

    To keep my after-jury-duty promise to myself, made a slew of medical and dental upkeep appointments, so all the virtuous.

    Being happy, urbane and virtuous gives all the pleasure.

  8. Hello all!! I’m quite happy today. My EX stopped by with his new girlfriend, and you all are going to think I’m nuts, but I do like her. It’s like having a new and excellent member of the family. She’s delightful and thoughtful and makes the Ex (notice I didn’t put in any negative descriptors) happy.

    He still mows over my flowers but the divorce will be final before long and he’ll have to mow her flowers over instead. (His mother is coming for my youngest’s high school graduation and he feels the need to help get things ready…

  9. Fresh picked Oregon strawberries were my pleasure for the week. I look forward to them every year.

    I missed knowing the site was down, and I am a little thankful for that. I catch up a couple times per week, it also gives me a feeling of happy enjoyment.

  10. I had a delightful weekend. We finally had sunshine in L.A. instead of May gray or June gloom. I sat outside and read on both days. It made me happy to relax and soak up the sun.

  11. It rained all weekend. There is a pleasure in not feeling like you have to go out and do things…

    Hanging out with my son, who only has a couple more weeks here before he heads to Switzerland for the summer. He made us excellent enchiladas which we ate while watching our favorite pitcher Max Scherzer win a ball game in the 14 th inning as a pitch hitter, which is going to be the answer to trivia questions for years.

    And planning a five family Chinese dinner. We have four sets of good friends—their kids’ ages intersect with ours which is how five family Chinese dinner started but we all liked each other enough that we keep having them even when the kids are at college or living independently. So that will be fun.

  12. My dear sister-in-law was up this weekend to take a yoga for veterans teaching class. She finished this afternoon, and we took a walk around the yard, which is full of amazing blue/purple lupins by the sea. Then the old dog got very excited and ran up behind us and hit her in the knees and took her right down. Not sure how that happened, except that she’s (the dog) is really old, she used to be able to just almost graze you as she passed by at hyper speed, but those days are gone. So my SIL, my mom, and I sat and watched “the Jane Austen Book Club” instead of anything more active, while SIL iced her leg. We think she’ll be OK by tomorrow.

  13. I took my 11yo shopping for a 5th grade promotion dress. She’s so grown up and getting girlier and more grown all the time. We found some reversible sequins flip flops that were so cool I decided I wanted some too. Made her squeal. Then we found a dress in Target that was a dead ringer for the one I was wearing, and we promptly bought it and she changed and we walked around Twinkie’s for the rest of the afternoon. She was so excited and so happy, and I just drank it in, because when is that going to happen again?

  14. I rely on Argh for sanity and warmth in a rough, cold internet.

    I slept for large parts of Saturday and Sunday, so much that I thought today was going to be Sunday. It wasn’t so much a pleasurable as much as necessary for health.

  15. Having a wonderful time in Ireland, wish you were all here! The weather has been fantastic and we are all seeing what we wanted to see. Today is the Giant’s causeway, the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge, and a photo op at Dunluce castle.

    Also, Instagram Arghers, is it annoying that I’m tagging some vacation pictures with the Working Wednesday tag? I will check back here.

    1. I forgot to say that our Airbnb here in Northern Ireland has cows and a donkey right out our front door. Heaven. When we got here, the donkey ran up to me braying for ear scritches. That made me very happy.

  16. Hubby and I took the 25-week-old to Chester Zoo yesterday. It was glorious weather, surprisingly not crowded, and a great time was had by all.

    Hubby made a point of carrying Baby at various points so that he actually got to see some of the animals (since he’s usually lying in the pram asleep when we visit – we go often, it’s just up the road). So we are confident that Baby enjoyed it too – though to be fair he seemed just as fascinated by the people as by the animals. 🙂

  17. I was pleased last Thursday when I woke up with rain hammering against the windows and thunder roaring above us and I knew that I didn’t need to go outside that day. AT all. I had books and tea and chocolate and didn’t need to do anything but sit and read in my pj’s all day long. Sometimes you really need those days.

    But I think that was it last week. Last week was a bitch. Or I guess the week was innocent, but living with Mr Burnout-Depression is…challenging at times. Last week was “at times” after a 2-3 weeks slightly better period. So I’m happy there’s Argh and enough books to read and tonight I’m going, together with MIL, to a concert of the solo project of my favourite vocalist, which will be a welcome pause and 100 % awesome since it’s the only concert there’ll be with this solo thing. We’ll eat somewhere close to the venue, which mean I don’t have to cook which is great, too. Pleasure? Hell yes! 🙂

    1. I’m reading Styron’s “Visible Darkness”, an account of his (Thank the Protector of Crazies) recognition of his plunge into suicidal depression. As he says in the intro somewhere, he became one of the writers who survived.
      Deep depression is a very slippery condition to describe to nondepressives. “Yeah, I feel sad sometimes, too.” Folks don’t mean to dismiss or minimize our condition, but I think it must be like describing color to a blind person. Normies just have no context in which to place the soul-sucking dilemma of reluctantly having to refuse suicide daily.
      Good for you, for riding it out and seeking pleasure as a balance. Styron’s final clue that he was in trouble was when he had to fake a wan contentment about being in Paris, instead of the enormous delight he had expected.

      1. I meant to say that the pleasure is in having an alluringly articulate writer give an account of the disease that claims its power and relates the grief of depression to the juice of joy that inspires creative writing. No grief, no joy, for some of us. I’ll take both, thank you.

  18. My big happiness yesterday was that it was a rainy day that actually managed to be productive. The six-year-old and I cleaned out my bedroom closet and the worst of the clutter in the master bedroom. So it was a bonding exercise. We worked slow and steady (oldies on in the background), not frantically and made progress, so it was very satisfying.

    In some ways, it does take longer when he’s helping, but I enjoy how he wants to help
    and spend time with me (he loved crawling into the back of the closet and handing me things) and if he gets bored or tired he’s absolutely allowed to go relax. No mom guilt since this is something extra he wants to do, not his own chores. I did a lot of handing him things and saying “here go down and ask Dad if we can throw this out.” He enjoyed seeing some of our old stuff and hearing about things that happened when he was little or before he (and even his big brother!) was born. He also keeps me honest when I’m ready to just give up and take a nap.

    My mom never really let me clean or made me clean. She just cleaned it all and wondered why I grew up to be a mess. I’m hoping by including my sons, they’ll learn better habits. I’m sure I’ll make all new mistakes, but that’s okay 😉

    1. I adore your method. It will teach them, because I suffered from mom-cleanitis too. It only became hoarding when I was an adult.

    2. Huh, I never thought of that. My mother never let me cook or clean, she was always too busy getting everything done.
      I don’t think that’s why I’m a mess, though. My room at home was the only disaster area in the house. I think I just lack the ability to see the mess until I fall over it.

      1. I will always have the ability to overlook a mess! I think for me it’s a creativity “happiest living in my own head” thing. I just was having a “good energy” day yesterday.

        In a lot of ways, my mother would love me to be totally helpless, even today (it has a lot to do with her own weird relationship with her demanding b*tchy mother). My mother would drop everything, any time for the feeling of being needed and that she could swoop in and “save the day.” It’s a little sad, but considering all the truly awful parents in the world, it’s something I try not to complain too much about. I’m an adult with a really good life and I’ve gotten really good at drawing boundaries and sticking to them. She lives a few states away, that helps too. 😉

        Mothers and children always something interesting going on there.

      2. Jen, Your space looks like the happy result of droplets from the chaos of creation, a few galaxies scattered around after the big boom of, say, “Faking It”.

  19. Happiness is going out dancing with the husband and still enjoying it after almost 21 years.

    Also, a yard full of birds and blooming things this morning.

  20. Some people are born neat and some are not. But as my 9 year old daughter once said to my husband and my 3 year old son “you are neatfreaks but you are still freaks” .

    My towel closet always miraculously looks better when my son is home from college. Unlike me he can fold precisely. And enjoys it.


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