So I’ll see you all Friday . . .

We had another SBP.  I won’t have power until Friday.  

Good news: Good Book Thursday, Cherry Saturday, and Happiness Sunday will post automatically.


14 thoughts on “So I’ll see you all Friday . . .

  1. Love and hugs. And extra cuddles to the animal family.

    For this who read this, please send me a few prayers/light/ good vibes or FGBVs if you will. I’m mostly ok but I seriously must get my work efficiency up, which I can’t do without getting my sleep right, which I can’t do because…. Chain.

    And I stagnated on the studies because of work soooo, it is time. I refuse to let the letters after my name be ABD… “All but dissertation.”

    1. Consider them sent!

      Might sound weird but I started taking magnesium to help with sleep. I believe it should be what you focus on fixing first because as you realize, poor sleep messes with everything else. I hope you get lots of sleep and have pleasant dreams!

  2. From Gizmodo via IFLS:

    “According to Gizmodo, roughly a dozen Google employees have announced they’ll be leaving the company in light of its involvement in “Project Maven”, a military program that controversially uses machine-learning and image-recognition software to sift through millions of hours of drone-captured video footage and identify things of interest – people included.

    The (now ex-) employees have raised a number of issues, including an increasing lack of transparency within the corporation, the blind eye frequently turned to employee concerns, and ethical questions over the use of AI-controlled drones in military situations.”

    It’s POI, without Finch.

  3. Wow, that post from 10 years ago felt like a lifetime ago.

    Hope you have power soon, Jenny.

    1. I hadn’t, so thanks!

      I knew the series was going as I saw a tweet about the Tessa Dare one for her stud club series. The candle was Willowberry Pet’s Horse-Sweat & Leather. Not sure I’d like that scent.

  4. Have been up in the Arctic again. Poor internet connection so here I am reading a weeks worth of posts. For a minute I thought, “Jenny and Bob are going to write another book?” then, I looked at the date of the post; 2008.

    I love the idea of candles but never think of burning candles unless the lights go out, which rarely happens. So, I’ll just grab a donut or banana bread or bowl of cherries when I reread your books.


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