Krissie is Heartless

Well, her new book is Heartless,  the final book in the House of Rohan series, and it’s on sale today at Amazon. She says there’s even a Crusie Easter Egg inside if you look hard enough.   

We’re going to do a Slack chat later this week (next week? we’ll get to it) talking about the book and writing and probably cats and dogs and food because we have difficulty with focus, but in the meantime, that cover is great and the story inside is probably even better.  Off to buy my copy now.

Anne Stuart’s Heartless:

A strong, resilient woman who learned to survive in a world of betrayal. Emma Cadbury had been an innocent, a whore, a charity worker and a surgeon. She chose a life without love until she saved a dying soldier in a charity ward.

A scarred soldier who fought to redeem himself from the horrors he’d committed. Brandon Rohan had lost himself to drugs and degradation, wanting to die, and only one person could save him. But she’d disappeared.

A love neither of them wants, and a passion so strong it could burn down the world. Now they’ve come together again, but he doesn’t remember, and she doesn’t want to. But someone is trying to kill her, and Brandon is the one man who can save her.

England in 1840, where no one is what they seem.





11 thoughts on “Krissie is Heartless

  1. Goddamn you all! I am not meant to be spending money, or reading (today). I’m meant to be saving and writing.

    I have now bought it and will try and ration it out.

    Yeah, right…

    And next we’ll find Jenny has finished and published hers and…

  2. Well, I *wrote* “bought” – that’ll teach me – and then I went right over to buy it, and found it only in Kindle. I don’t Kindle. Will it be out in another format?

    1. Krissie should be over to address this, but I think she said, yes, it’ll be out in print soon. I think. Bad week here.

    2. The paper version hit a snag, but should be up at any time now (assuming it passes the last committee or whatever it is that okays these things). Kobo, iTunes, Nook and D2D plus others should be available now, though it sounds like there might be a delay there too. I’m on it.

  3. I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS BOOK!!!! I have been waiting on it for a long time and I love Emma and Brandon. I have my copy, but sadly I have to finish several books that I am about half-way though first. Sadness. But I need clear mental space before starting something new.

    And an Easter Egg. Woohoo.

  4. Um. Yay books. But what pantone colour is that dress on the cover? I MUST HAVE!


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