Cherry Saturday, May 19, 2018

It’s National Hamburger Month (Cheeseburger Day is September 18th) so find yourself a diner and indulge.  Get the fries, too (French Fry Day is July 13).  And don’t forget the ketchup (June 5th) and pickles (November 14th) and lettuce (June 9th) and onion (June 22nd).  

You’d think they’d coordinate or at least throw a party together. 



35 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday, May 19, 2018

  1. It’s my birthday, and I don’t fancy a hamburger at all. I’m trying to get back on an even keel, but there’s a lot of upset lurking. Just over halfway through my holiday, and feeling I need more like a year away to right myself. I’m about to leave for my brother’s – I mustn’t get there before one, or I’ll interrupt the royal wedding (I’m not into feudalism).

    Then to a friend in Oxford tomorrow for a couple of nights, and the last two nights at a b&b in Hay (the original British book town). The weather’s been brilliant, and friends welcoming – so hopefully will cheer up very soon.

    1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! My wish for you is wprfect, trouble-free house, under budget, in the right location.

    2. Oh, happy birthday!

      I am not a feudalist, either, but the pictures seem to show that was a nice wedding. They both looked happy and pretty relaxed for being at the center of that hoopla, and her dress was pretty wonderful (smart to put all frou-frou in the veil that she’d be taking off fast anyway), and “Stand By Me” was wonderful.

      1. I don’t mind looking at pictures, or listening to excerpts; it’s the cringing commentary I can’t stand.

        1. I agree about the commentary. I watched the coverage here with the sound off and it was lovely. Unfortunately I didn’t turn the television off soon enough to miss the coverage that immediately followed of the latest school shooting here. Devastating.

        2. I watched it via streaming on HuffPost who had no commentary — sound was excellent, so could enjoy the music, hear the vows, etc. it was excellent like that.

          I’d actually forgotten about it until just before they said their vows, so I missed many of the more unusual highlights (the gospel choir and the black Anglican priest who made such a hit).

          I swear he looked a bit teared up at the vows. She looked radiant.

    3. Happy birthday! I think I once saw a B&B in Hay that was a bookstore. The notion was that the guest would run the store and stay in the apartment on the premises.

    4. Jane, good luck with your recovery. I’ve returned from a trip to England and Wales, and your Shrewsbury neck of the woods is a beautiful part of a beautiful country.

      Britain is certainly features both sedate, ancient villages and massive housing construction projects. Good luck with eventually finding the right next home. In England we heard stories like yours of failed or stalled attempts to buy houses. The US laws and practices are set to make the overall process between buyer and seller speedy; our system bogs down with the mortgage lenders. (I’m not a professional, but that’s been my experience.)

      We made friends everywhere we went. Enjoy all of yours —

    5. I hope that well before all your birthday wishes have reached you, you’re well into feeling relaxed and refreshed. You’ve been through a grueling experience & you deserve to find The Best Place. May this next year bring you everything you want and nothing that you don’t.

    6. Happy Birthday, JaneB! Adding my wishes to all the others that you find the perfect dwelling place just around the bend.

  2. Tonight the hubby and I will dine at the local minor league ballpark, assuming the game isn’t rained out. There’s a stand with thick, juicy, fresh-grilled burgers, but they can be a bit messy to eat in the stands. I’m partial to the Donato’s personal pepperoni pizzas or to the Chipotle-esque taco & rice bowls.

    Later on, should we choose to throw carb caution to the wind, the funnel cake stand also offers freshly fried doughnut holes with sugar and cinnamon. After that, we care much less about whether the home team wins or loses – which is a healthy attitude to maintain in this town.

  3. Watching the royal wedding and thinking it could be i proved with Brenda in a black dress

      1. Did Brenda have a heart? I looked up Princess Michael — certainly, she would have completely understood the Fortunato name and game.

  4. I watched the royal wedding, although I hadn’t planned to, and it was mostly lovely. I spent the first 20 minutes crying, which I suppose proves that I’m more of a romantic than most would think. Or maybe it was just the relief of watching something that wasn’t horrible news about politics or shooting of children. Either way, it was very nice.

    1. It really was a good break from all this Trump crap. The fall, when it comes, is going to be popcorn worthy, though.

  5. When Something
    Goes Wrong
    in your life
    Just yell
    “Plot Twist”
    and move on.

    a very superficial comment when children are being killed

    1. But useful otherwise. I’m hoping I’m at the fourth-act low point, and am headed for a speedy happy resolution.

      1. I hope that for you too. My internet sojourn in your area had you in a two-bedroom ground-floor flat that had its own garden. Then I decided the garden was such you could do nothing with it. Then I moved you to a small bungalow with garden on three sides even though it was 9000 over your limit. Great garden possibilities but I had my doubts about the bungalow. About once a week I visit you house hunting. Unfortunately even though I am in the area we can not get together for tea.

  6. Where I am right now is in the breakfast room eating local strawberries from the farmers’ market and a croissant with honey and coffee with cream and a glass of juice. The sun is coming in through the window and I can see a big patch of vivid purple siberian iris with a nearby patch of a blooming cranesbill geranium “A. T. Johnson”. This is exactly where I need to be.

    Yesterday I needed to be watching the royal wedding. Much to my surprise my husband joined me and I could see he was really enjoyed it and was touched by it. After 48 years he still can surprise me.

  7. I think I might have to go listen to the vows after all this Argh commentary… we’ve been taking Angus on his victory lap this past week: yesterday was a visit (complete with french fries) from his oldest & first human friends, and today was a proper fancy bath at the groomer he’s seen most of his life, topped off by taking me for a long walk in the dog park across the street afterwards (if Lab then mud so yes, my bad for not properly arranging the sequence of events. also had no idea he could walk that far anymore so yay! who cares about mud). Coming to peace with our decision to let him go out on a high note this week and giving him all the snuggles until then. But in the meanwhile, there will be comfort eating – to include hamburgers.


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