Working Wednesday: Make Something Happy

 Well, the world is going to hell, maybe it’s time to make cookies.  Or hay while the sunshines.  Of just something fun.  Whatcha doin’ out there, Argh People?

75 thoughts on “Working Wednesday: Make Something Happy

  1. I decided on the straight approach for putting my 90 blocks together. The orange stars make a nice contrast to the light gray ones that come from putting things together. Now to cut and apply some borders!


  2. I made a book case. Well, I say ‘I’. I planned it, measured it, bought the materials, and held things while my partner sawed things, nailed things, un-nailed the same things because I fucked up the measurements, renailed, and painted. But hey, the idea was mine, and I could have done it myself if I wanted to (yeah, right). Just looking at the shelves makes me happy, and he feels appreciated. An excellent result, which anyone within hearing distance while we were building it might be surprised about. We could give demons lessons in Earth curses and obscenities.


  3. I need to make banana bread. I invited my work from home and unemployed friends over yesterday and we knocked out a bunch of personal stuff together, so most of what I have left on my to-do list are household tasks and passion projects.


  4. I made a dog happy. I took an Uber out to visit my grand dog. Then I got the staples out of the knee, steri strips on and no more compression hose. It’s real shower time. No more Saran Wrap and kitchen tidy bags to cover the leg while showering. Yay!


    1. Oh my goodness I remember my husband and I working to get the compression hose on/off him after his second knee surgery. It was a mighty struggle. Next on the list will be a visit to see our grandchildren and grand dog today. That’s the not so good news. Our grand dog was diagnosed with cancer two weeks ago and the grandchildren are not taking the news at all well. She is the first pet they had as a family and she will be the first that they will lose. I thought my oldest granddaughter was moving in the right direction when first found out and took her camera and went to the pharmacy to have pictures developed to create a memory of her dog. It’s tough for kids when you don’t know which way they will take things. They will have another memory of her from when same granddaughter bought a canvas poster and safe paints a couple of years ago and had the dog walk back and forth across it all in light hued colors. It hangs in the hallway of their home.
      This week I made a trifle for two with fruits, angel food cake, whipped cream and a mixture of vanilla yogurt and sour cream. Then I lost a bead to a bracelet I was making and watched it roll under the stove. I didn’t think I needed it until I did. Got down on the floor and searched, no luck, pulled the drawer out and looked and could not find, Brought out the vacuum thinking I would be able to hear the clink of the bead going up the hose, still nothing. Struggled big time trying go get the drawer back in place. It’s a good thing I had all day.


    2. Yay! Glad you are feeling better. I don’t remember Paul needing a compression stocking, they just wrapped the hell out of his knee.


  5. I’m working on oven roasted ribs. Maybe biscuits.

    I really should be working on folding laundry. We’ll see. . .


  6. I listened to a piece of electro-retro pop, thought “that seems slightly too slow,” did a short BPM survey of songs to compare, and did a quick edit increasing the tempo of said song which sounds hilariously better to me, now.
    Dance music was on a definite trend of getting faster, though the most recent new genres have slowed a little bit, what with the artists’ turbulent feelings about these past years.

    But there’s definitely something to be said for how storytelling has also gotten faster as increased historical records enabled us to better remember the tropes, and want to get to the good and/or novel stuff more quickly.
    Even the decompression storytelling techniques can be interpreted in the speed framework, in how stories used to span years as epics, but now can exist in a microcosm of time, an entire narrative pulled from shorter and shorter moments.


    1. Thank you for sparking writer brain today. Here I thought all I was going to do was cook and do my PT.

      Yesterday the thing I made was “it” all the way too and from my eye doc, to the happy news that my eyes are responding to the glaucoma drops I started last year AND that my optic nerves both look stable, so not facing down total blindness in the near time. Which, thank Horus!


  7. I’ve been working on my exhibition-in-a-frame for an upcoming group show. I’m trying to get just four of my Powis pictures to work together. I’m nearly there, but they’re not quite singing. I’ve posted a reject (wrong shape, but right for Instagram) on #workingwednesdaypix. This exhibition idea is proving really controversial; I don’t think we’re going to do a show with these kind of constraints again.

    I’ve also been chasing my house purchase again. And my faulty car. The day job’s improved, though: I’m proof-reading a new edition of Audre Lorde’s ‘Zami: A new spelling of my name’. I hadn’t heard of her, but it’s a vivid memoir.


    1. I worked for the company that published that book originally. I thought it was terrific. I’m so glad it’s getting a fresh launch.


  8. I cut fabric for a quilt retreat in a few weeks. I’m taking 2 classes, so now I don’t have to worry about getting ready. Our next 3 weeks are super-crazy!! But playing with fabric made me happy yesterday! 😊


  9. The theater company I work for has dress rehearsal tonight, and it’s my job to herd photographers and videographers so we get the material we need without disrupting rehearsal. Also I have to do a bunch of other prep for show things. So I’m counting work as working Wednesday, as boring as that is.


    1. I was planning on planting honeysuckle next to my fence inhopes that it spread and cover it. Is this a bad idea? I don’t care if it goes rogue, I just want pretty-and-smells-good on my fence.


      1. I have a sort of honeysuckle shrub by my fence. Definitely not a vine, but it does cover a lot of the fence. Hummingbirds love it. Very happy making.


      2. I love honeysuckle, and find it very accommodating. My favourites are varieties of Lonicera periclymenum, which is native to Britain. They grow quite fast, but if they get out of hand you can cut them hard back. I had one that was bare at the base, so I cut it down to a foot or eighteen inches, and it came back covered in leaves and flowers. It’s a pretty foolproof plant.


          1. If it’s anything like our honeysuckle, the problem is it won’t be satisfied with the fence. It’ll have a really good go at choking trees and everything else. Ours has spread at least 10 metres, in all directions. And it grows from underground suckers so it’s really hard to eliminate. I battled valiantly with it all summer and now it’s holed up in a few places, but I bet in spring it’ll sneak out again.

            It smells gorgeous but I like having other plants too!


          2. The other trees are more than ten yards away, this is right beside the garage. It would have to travel thirty feet in all directions to find a tree, and some of that is under concrete (the driveway). I just looked it up: some species are invasive and some are not, so I just have to be careful which one I buy. Thank you, Reb, Jane, and Argh for this head’s up.


      3. It depends on the honeysuckle. The common–what I know as Japanese honeysuckle–one with yellow/white blooms will TAKE OVER your world and quickly. It’s a thug. There is a native honeysuckle (lonicera sempivirens) with a reddish coral bloom that doesn’t grow as fast and that’s beautiful. One of my friends has this one growing on a trellis attached to her home and the hummingbirds love it.


  10. I found some Very Important Documents that I needed to complete some Vital Official Things. It will take till end of April to complete, but I’m making myself calmer because the de-hoarding had worked to this point!!!

    I made a basic worksheet about food groups for both grade three classes. Then made 88 the copies and gave it to the other teacher. Yesterday we did basic fractions – we cut a mandarin/naartjie/Minolia in half and talked about halves and how to write it, then we cut in quarters and talked about what quarter means and how to write it. Then we ate the quarter! :-D😋

    So when we did food groups today, I talked about how they ate vitamins yesterday. This is when I love being a teacher.🤓 It’s all connected. (Ha, appropriating the old MCU hashtag because I don’t mind if they disconnected a few things.)

    I feel so relieved that teaching is better and that I’m finding documents. I backslid on the hoarding side at work but am getting better.


  11. This morning I refilled my hummingbird feeder & seed feeder, so the birds are happy.

    Last night I chopped back the mutant grass in my front yard, so the grapevines are front & center as they should be, and the neighbors are happy.

    Also, I saw the news about that disgusting hypocrite Ryan deciding not to run again, and that makes me happy.


  12. Sooo I finally did something creative at the creativity/crafting club today! I think last time I let my hands work on something was just before new year’s eve, so it’s been a while.

    An acquaintance is having a baby in August, so I chose one of the terracotta piggybanks I purchased just before christmas (a rabbit, in this case) and decorated it with glittery white foam clay. The paws, insides of its ears, its fluffy tail and its little nose are all light glittery pink and its eyes are glittery blue (The baby expected is a girl, so everyone coaxed me into putting at least SOMETHING pink on the rabbit). I’m just in argument with MIL about giving the rabbit’s eyes pupils – she always says I shouldn’t, but everytime I have persisted the eyes have turned out approx. 10 times better than before, so I should probably trust my experience and not her in this case. It’s a bit tricky to make eyes when you can’t err, “see that they look right”. But I will give it a shot. Worst case scenario would be I’d have to remove them and make new ones. Not a big deal, really.

    I also decorated the larger part of a papier-maché cow for my psychologist, also with foam clay. She loves cows and I really want to give her something for thanks when I’m finished with the therapy (which I hope will happen this year). I have the head and hooves left, but except that it’s a black and white cow with golden horns, and its hooves and udder will be golden as well. Haven’t decided on the eyes yet, though…

    It felt good to let creativity flow again. 🙂 I will post pictures as soon as rabbit and cow are photographable.


    1. Years ago I bought three miniature bagpipes from a store in Vermont that sold everything Scottish. They play Auld Lang Syne and I put them on my Christmas tree every year and give them a squeeze on New Years Eve.


  13. I finished editing and proofreading my friend’s first book today. She is very happy which makes me very happy too. I helped make a book, right?

    Granddaughters need new aprons to help cook dinner. Lots of fabric in my sewing cupboard, that will to reduce the stash.


  14. I’m celebrating because my sister chose today to finally come out! I can’t even say how happy I am for her and her girlfriend!! <3 I'm going to go home and crochet afghan squares with hearts on them.


  15. My pix will have to go up tomorrow. It’s supposed to be WARM tomorrow, so I can get out there and catch up on the whole crochet/dogs/whatever record-keeping.


  16. Made muffins with almond flour and cherries, and cookies Sunday and shared on Monday. Today helped my sister make clean space in her basement. Domestic theme this week apparently.


  17. I’m teaching my 7/8 Special Ed students how to paint with watercolors & introducing the Impressionists.
    It’s a good day.


  18. Downloaded into WORD scanned copy of a book SD Floral will reprint. First – if you know scanned copy – comes proofing, my job. No digital version exists, thus the scan. Book is Kate Sessions’ columns in our California Garden magazine, 1909 to 1939. We’re down to two copies on our shelves, and, believe it or not, demand is high for a reprint. For me, this is fun times.


  19. I spent Saturday adulting – I got our taxes done and called Comcast. I’m quite proud of myself. But I wasn’t that creative on the taxes nor in the words I chose to use with Comcast.

    I made minor progress on the current quilt project. More to come this weekend as I have to demo parts of it on the red Thursday for guild.

    Finally, it is evaluation time at work. Worst time of the year. I’m working on my self-eval. I have my Goals and Objectives annotated – 10 pages. Three more parts to go… Argh


    1. Oh, I realized I made progress on my hand-piecing project so I posted that rosette to Instagram. All, I got done was adding a gold star, a green diamond, and sewing up some seams. Most of it had been done earlier. This is year 2 or 3 that I’ve been working on this project. More pictures of it will be shown in the future.


        1. Thanks! I wish the picture was better so the details showed. I’ll post the other rosettes during weeks I don’t get anything new done.


  20. I don’t understand why some of the links people have posted here, with the Working Wednesday hashtag, aren’t showing up when I click on that hashtag in Instagram. (I don’t have the app, so am looking via their website.)

    I’ve never followed the logic of ‘most popular’ and ‘most recent’, because the posts under each seem pretty random. But it’s frustrating that not all of our posts are showing up.

    In case anyone’s not seeing mine for similar hinky Instagram reasons, here’s a link:


  21. I made a presentation of my MBA project results, to the client I’m doing the research for, and it went really well. I’m so relieved!


  22. I made days worth of dog food (not happy making for me, but the tiny dogs will be v pleased and happy that they are fed) and managed several rows of crochet on an afghan.

    Oh, best of all, I built a funky jigsaw, it was second hand and all the pieces were there so that was very happiness inducing. I’ve tagged on Instagram….


  23. I made sub plans so I can kill two birds with one stone: use up my PTO before my maternity leave behinds so that disability insurance kicks in, and save the cost and headache of finding a sitter while husband’s pout of town (he’s usually the one home with toddler). Today kiddo and I went to a dance class at the library and then got pizza, two blocks from school, so I definitely felt like I was playing hooky. 😂

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