Cherry Saturday, April 14, 2015, Okay, Fine, 2018

April is Garden Month and Decorating Month.  Or Winter Is Finally Over So Let’s Get This Place In Shape Month.  Or Screw It, Nobody Is Coming Over So I’m Going To Read A Good Book And Eat Chocolate Month.  No, wait, that’s every month.  

April is Unf*ck Your Habitat and Yard by Tidying Up and Death Cleaning Month.  Also, taxes are due Monday.


This Is A Good Book Thursday: Can We Find Happiness?

My current rant is for book blurbs that end in questions: Can he save the woman he loves?  (No, she dies in the end.)  Will she learn to love again? (No, she becomes embittered and vindictive and a house falls on her.)  Is it possible for her to face her problems? (No, she’ll give up and go home to the town she swore she’d never return to and open a bakery-restaurant-B&B where she will become bitter and vindictive because there was a reason she swore she’d never go back, and she’ll die in the end.)   It strikes me there’s a reason there’s no blurb that asks, “Will Gregor Samsa find happiness as a cockroach?”  and also why I’m not asking “Can Argh People find good books to read?” Of course he can’t, and of course we can.  What did you read this week?

Hell Is a Company Town

You know how it is with world-building: One damn thing leads to another.

So the swearing question led me back to a world I’d sketched in as different parts of it rose up in the story: Hell is a company town.  That is, everybody there works for the Afterlife and the CEO is Satan.  They see themselves almost as zookeepers: there’s this huge preserve called Earth full of animals left to their own devices in their natural habitat  until they die, and then Hell sorts out what happens next.  If things go wrong, they send in agents to clean up the problem and then leave the humans to their lives again.  Demons aren’t intrinsically evil, they’re just like humans.  Some are terrible, some are great, most are just trying to lead full lives and have a good time after a good day’s work.   Continue reading

Working Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Well, I completely borked the shawl I was making, so I left it a skinny scarf.  Some things you just can’t save.  I need to finish some of the project I’ve started (dozens of them) but I feel the yen to start something new.  

Must.  Not.  Start.  Something.  New.

What are you making?