Cherry Saturday, April 14, 2015, Okay, Fine, 2018

April is Garden Month and Decorating Month.  Or Winter Is Finally Over So Let’s Get This Place In Shape Month.  Or Screw It, Nobody Is Coming Over So I’m Going To Read A Good Book And Eat Chocolate Month.  No, wait, that’s every month.  

April is Unf*ck Your Habitat and Yard by Tidying Up and Death Cleaning Month.  Also, taxes are due Monday.


35 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday, April 14, 2015, Okay, Fine, 2018

  1. Hahahaha. #CleanAllTheThings but with an actual plan. I’m on board with that. The secret is to avoid throwing all the energy into it and getting burned out.

    Have a plan, and a vision of how you want it to be. And the less you have, the less there is to clean. This is an idea I can get behind.


  2. Gardening! Ha! Excuse me while I go a little hysterical. My garden is under 3’ or more of snow and by Wednesday we are supposed to have another 6” (which is down from the 10” they were predicting yesterday). We leave for Ireland in just under 6 weeks and we might not see all of our yard before then. We will have to pay the house sitter extra to clean up all the dog poop.

    I am decorating though.


    1. Let’s go back in time and get the hell out of here!

      I am going to go to a powwow and then to a comedy show marathon.


        1. Sigh. On the other hand, we’d miss all the excitement of the (a) impeachment, (b) indictment, (c) personal-implosion-that-takes-out-the-cabinet-and-the-entire-WH-staff, (d) all of the above.


  3. I cleaned and gently rearranged the living room. Maybe tomorrow I’ll clean the deck. Not sure how the knee will respond to the action of sweeping. Vacuuming I have down pat. Ah well, if it doesn’t work there’s always chocolate and a book.


  4. Actually, this year (2018), U.S. taxes are due on the 17th, Tuesday. The 15th fell on a Sunday and Monday is a holiday in D.C. only, but for tax purposes it counts as a federal holiday. So, go ahead and read that book! You have an extra day to procrastinate on taxes! (I was way ahead this year & got mine done last Saturday.)

    As for gardening, the rain which is to become freezing rain (here’s hoping not) is going to prevent that. I’m grateful we don’t have the snow that O.W. Cherry has!

    On today’s agenda is house cleaning and baking. Company tomorrow.

    Also, hope to do some quilting. It was a stressful week. The interim president announced publicly – before letting affected employees know – that all of IT was going to be centralized. Within an hour of that announcement, all targeted people received an email saying – Welcome to IT. You now report to us. We’ll be in touch to let you know who your new boss is and what you’ll be doing. Till then, carry on as if this message didn’t just fuck with your life. – It was a shitass move. 14 people in my department reassigned, including 3 who reported to me. Between 350-450 people contacted. But so many more people impacted as everyone they support will lose. Also, no communication to the larger community nor to peoples’ previous supervisors unless they too were snatched. Then a news story broke about him being a bigger ass and I’m hoping that gets him fired.


  5. Cleaning out the crap for a month now, on and off. Washed the linen curtains, have to starch and iron. Guess that’s why the label said “professionally dry clean!” Shrunk a bit but thanks okay.

    Started Skinny Dip this morning. Terrific, so far.


  6. The sun’s come out, and I was all set for some gardening on my windowsills and balcony. I gave the car a test run to a couple of nearby garden centres to buy some baby pelargoniums to pot on. But then I started feeling wobbly, so am sitting in the sun reading instead.

    I’m trying to gather my strength to tackle the legal mess that is my house purchase. Maybe Monday for that.

    A couple of friends are coming for dinner and staying over. I haven’t seen them since before Christmas, so should be fun. And since I had another friend to dinner last night, the flat’s clean.


    1. We should share a drink someday. I’m having legal problems SELLING my house, and you’re having them BUYING. We could swap sad tales.


  7. Got my big lawn cut, it’s first cut if the year (it’s not normally this late, but the weather has been too cold/wet to get to it). Hopefully I’ll get the back lawn done some evening this week. Now to sit down and rest! (I was out for about 2 hours, long grass + getting over a cold = taking it easy!)


  8. Gardening? Not here, not yet anyway. We don’t have the snow on the ground but it’s cold and rainy out with freezing drizzle (freezing rain for the higher elevations, I am in a valley) and falling temps this afternoon. I was looking forward to today too, it’s my Sat. off and it was SUPPOSED to be warm with a high near 60 but the front that moved in, stayed to the south so the early high was 43 and it’s going down fairly quickly. I ran my errands early, donated blood, and got a chai latte as a reward and now am going to settle down with a good book. Maybe in a few weeks we’ll see real Spring in central NY!


    1. I’m in upstate NY. Today it was 65 and sunny (although windy, and in the afternoon the temps plummeted). They’re calling for highs in the 40’s all week though, with rain every day and some high winds. Oh, the joy.


  9. Take my word for it: I am not compulsive. However, in my attempts to grow a lawn in difficult part of my yard, I have taken to making grass plugs from grass seed volunteers that come up in my flower beds. So all spring long I have dug up those suckers whenever I found them, then dug a small hole and plugged them in. Much to my surprise it is working. The area that for 30 years I have fought to grown something other than weeds is now covered with a green carpet. The theory is that grass seed that sprouts in my flower bed obviously is happy to grow in my location while not all lawn seed that I buy is.

    There are people who are opposed to lawn but it is a real life saver. You get the grass to grow and mostly the rain keeps it watered then you pay someone who obviously needs a job, (kid, underemployed worker, senior on a lousy pension) and they mow it for you and your yard looks great.


    1. That is admirable dedication! I am not an outside person and if left to my own devices would definitely hire a landscaper to put in a rock garden, hahaha. (I’m actually allergic to grass, so although I do think it looks nice from afar/behind a window, I go inside if anybody on my block is mowing, so clearly grass is Not For Me. Husband’s the master of the yard, and graciously avoids planting things I’m super allergic to in most cases, but does insist on keeping the grass…)


    2. I’m a tree-hugger, but I think the main problems with lawns are the watering, the chemicals and the not-composting of the clippings. Other plants may be better oxygenators and wildlife feeders, but as long as you skip the chemicals and watering and your mower has a mulching blade, it’s not too bad. That’s my excuse for what lawn I have anyway.


      1. And even if it is full of weeds, you mow it and your yard looks great. I have a lot of flower beds and they are way more work to keep up then a lawn is. Also since it is one of the cheapest things you can hire to have done (unless you use a professional landscaping company), you can help out someone who needs to make a few buck.

        Thirty five years ago I hired a guy who had a small independent business to mow my lawn. As he has gotten older, he passed the lawn mowing part of the business to first his oldest son, then his daughter who was tired of being a social worker, then the next son took over, then the next son. The fellow who is currently doing it is covered with tattoos and I suspect has taken over from the youngest son although I am still sending my payments to the same address. They do a great job and it is one of those annoying chores that never go away that I no longer do.


  10. Surviving solo long weekend with the toddler (mostly). I’ve only been bitten twice today! 😭

    On the plus side, I made good progress on unfucking the house in order to fight the sudden infestation of both small ants (in the kitchen) and large ants (in the living room). And toddler has become a champ ant-stomper, and charmed everybody at the doctor’s office yesterday by bringing his pretend medical kit to my checkup and “helping” the nurse find baby’s heartbeat.

    Anyway, now that he’s asleep I’m going to consider showering, because I do not currently smell great and my hair is insane, but the bathroom is right next to his bedroom so… I might sit quietly and stare at my phone for a while instead???? At least until I’m sure he’s down for the count…

    7 weeks till there are two of them. God help us! 😆


  11. All my tulips and narcissus and even a couple of bleeding hearts bloomed at once today . Mission accomplished.

    and the political pace will pick up now that the presidents fixer is going to be presssured to turn and there may be tapes.


  12. In honor of read a book and eat chocolate month I just made a batch of brownies and tossed in a handful each of chopped walnuts, semi-sweet morsels, white chocolate chip and butterscotch morsels. Along with a smidge of leftover Bailey’s Irish Cream frosting on top. Burp!


  13. If it is clean all the things month, somebody should have warned me at the beginning… I am about to travel for 8 days and trust me, no cleaning is happening before then. I did finish all the other people related computer projects though, if that counts. Chocolate and reading work well with plane trips so no worries there.


  14. I’m celebrating Gardening Month by touring native gardens this weekend – the Theodore Payne Foundation here puts on quite a show. Collected lots of ideas today, and I imagine we’ll get a few more insights tomorrow.


  15. Not only have I not started gardening yet, although I usually would have by this time of year (at least some spinach and lettuce seeds, and maybe peas if it was mild), but I haven’t even ordered my seeds yet. I normally do that in February. But this is the year of the neverending winter, and I just haven’t felt it. Plan to order the seeds tomorrow, but I did go out and check on the garden (it has only been clear of snow for about a week) and the garlic is poking its little green shoots up out of the dirt, so that’s something. And the frogs had returned to the small garden pond.

    The house, on the other hand, is cleaner and neater than it has been in years, and I’m still working on it. Three new teenage kittens who get into EVERYTHING have necessitated a lot of rearranging and putting away of loose objects.

    Kittens–nature’s way of telling you your house isn’t neat enough.


    1. I’m just starting to get raised beds put together before I start hauling in planting soil. My yarn is a nightmare, much like my house, so I have to get cracking on it. But yeah, yesterday and today were the first possible gardening days, and I’m still iffy about freezing overnight temps.


  16. I went on a cleaning spree before I went to the States. The house could use about 15 more cleaning sprees, but for now, I am coasting and just trying to keep up with the dishes and the laundry. I really, really need to get some stuff done, though. Apparently, my new CPAP machine must go on the floor next to the bed (below my head, not above it), which means a major Augean purge in the area between bed and bookcase. Before Thursday.

    As for spring? Well, my sage that I wintered over thinks it’s here. One even sent up a feeble flower stalk. Outside, however, it keeps snowing every three days. Sure, yeah, it melts. But then it comes back. Too early to put anything out, I think. Maybe I should start moving those in and out during the day, though, so they are hardened off by the time it is planting season.


  17. We finished our tax returns yesterday and DH is mailing them today. I gave myself the weekend off from heavy-duty gardening; after a couple of weeks of sleeping poorly I was Tired, Saturday was Hot, and I just wanted to sit under a fan and read – so I did.

    Did some light rearranging in the morning room, watered plants, moved a couple of things in pots that were getting too much of the realigned sun, pinched back some extra arms one of my grapevines was sending in non-optimal directions.

    Got groceries, including vegetables which I have not been eating enough of, and made three different salad-ish preparations.

    Generally speaking, at six months past move-in, our house is unfucked. And I can always weed the pollinator garden after work when it’s cool. 🙂


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