Cherry Saturday, Feb. 17, 2018

Today is World Pangolin Day.

Fun pangolin facts:

• Pangolins are the only mammals that are covered in scales, which are 20 percent of their total body weight.

• Pangolins eat about seventy million ants a year, which they slurp up with their sticky tongues which are longer than their bodies and attached near the pelvis and last pair of ribs..

• Baby Pangolins ride on their mother’s back and tail.

As animals go, they’re extremely laid back and very cool.

Less fun fact: 
Pangolins the most trafficked animal in the world, possibly because their idea of a good defense is rolling into a ball which makes them easy to pick up.  And estimated ten thousand pangolins are poached each year, which is why they’re endangered. (Damn it, do we have to destroy everything that is good and true in the world?)

Go here to Adopt a Pangolin (no, you can’t keep him) or do one of these things or any of these things.





22 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday, Feb. 17, 2018

  1. I watched Black Panther half an hour ago. Wakanda Forever.

    Guys, there is NOTHING like watching it in South Africa and being able to UNDERSTAND the IsiXhosa because it is an Nguni language and you understand IsiZulu.

    1. What an amazing movie! We left the theatre yesterday and within 5 minutes were looking for another showing that day so we could watch it again. I was so blown away that Marvel could release 2 back-to-back movies about the evils of colonialism and lying about the past and putting countries and ideas like that ahead of people.

      1. And I hit post before I was done. That’s what I get for having 3 conversations at once.

        And make people flock to them because they are disguised as superhero movies. They made Killmonger sympathetic and understandable and, really, just misguided. You could totally see how a different decision by one person would have led to a different outcome and how the ripples of that decision impact the world.

        Bridges not barriers. They couldn’t resist the cheap shot, and I’m glad they didn’t.

        1. And I was so happy that Thor Ragnarok was out in digital. Now I have to wait for Black Panther. The reviews are phenomenal.

          1. With good reason. I’m exhorting people to see it on the big screen. Go 2D, don’t even bother with more. Cast😍,Plot, music, character, COSTUME 😍. Even the part that was iffy have their place. We will discuss, when you’ve seen it.

  2. Those look like they’d be a very fun animal to crochet! I’m seeing crocodile stitch, all the way (-:.

  3. I have a membership in CharityWatch, self-described as “America’s most independent, assertive charity watchdog”. I looked up the four “CNN-vetted” charities mentioned in the Sutter article. Just fyi, the only one I found was Wildlife Conservation Society, which was rated an A (on an A to F scale). I have a question in to CharityWatch on why the other three didn’t show up.

  4. So happy that people are positively noticing Winston Duke (Dominic in PoI) in Black Panther. Not everyone can play a high schooler who can go head to head with Enrico Colantoni.

    1. He was great in PoI & I loved the fact that Dominic said the moment that changed his life turned out to be when Finch was teaching Pi.

  5. I just wanted to finally de-lurk, to say howdy and tell you that from time to time I re-read The Glass is Cracked, But It’s Still Half Full, for which comments are now closed, but it’s like a tiny Women’s March, it’s like a Queer Eye episode, it’s my dog on my feet staring at me with love.
    I’m a teacher who hasn’t unlocked her classroom door since Valentine’s Day. I thank you for the bright spot you are.

    1. Thank you, Aimee, I’m so glad it helped.
      And keep that door locked. I keep wondering how I’d be teaching now, dealing with all of this on top of all the other insanity that goes on in an American classroom. Good luck!

    2. Hi Aimee. Teaching is so difficult, that teaching big numbers is easier than what you guys have to deal with. Strength and courage to you.


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