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  1. I have a comment about skepticism. Having gone to a number of meetings over the course of a few (a lot of) years it has always been my understanding that you give you’re full attention to the host of the meeting. In my case I would get to the meeting room early and find a seat facing the window. My boss had a tendency to drone on and on. Anyway in all of the photos of the president’s meetings, he talks and the people to the right and left of him are listening and not talking over him, so there is no way anyone at that meeting could not have heard him.

    Enough about that. This weekend, Sunday night, I’m looking forward to watching The Queen’s first interview. Pretty sure I saw the coronation on TV at the time. I think the film footage was flown over here.

    1. You really have to wonder. “I was at a meeting YESTERDAY and the President said something that has the entire world in a uproar, and yet I can’t recall . . . “

      1. Using “recall” is a convenient dodge. It gives the impression it didn’t happen, but leaves the door open in case someone can provide definitive proof (tapes??) that it did (“hmmmmm, guess I just wasn’t paying attention…”). Which is why I believe it did. Otherwise, they’d’ve flat out denied it.

        But that’s me. (Of course, I only wrote an entire dissertation about hedging and expressions uncertainty and stance in English, so I am totally unqualified to comment, according to White House standards these days..)

        1. I just read the explanation. They’re sure he said “shithouse” instead of “shithole.”
          (A) Same meaning, same insult, so not a refutation.
          (B) Nobody says “shithouse.”
          (C) They’re idiots.

          1. Yeah, I just read about that too…. Splitting hairs. Sure explains the waffling.

            BTw I gave my hubby a newly published book (excellent reviews) on Nixon as a birthday present. He’s just finishing it and read some excerpts from it to me this evening. Talk about dejá vu all over again. Scary.

  2. Has anyone noticed that someecards no longer seems to actually have some ecards? Like it just seems to have turned into advertising spam? Seriously, I couldn’t get any to work the last time someone had a birthday and I hate not being able to send snark. (Though wrongcards.com exists, so that’ll have to do.)

    In other news, tonight I am going to see my ex from college, who I have just started talking to via e-mail again even though who the heck knows if this is a good idea because I am crazy. This is *that* ex, if you know what I mean. He mentioned that he does acting now and I’m trying to, so … even more intrigued. He’s in a show tonight and I am going and it is possible that I might run into him somewhere at intermission or whatever (I think once people are done performing in this show they’re allowed into the audience) and I honestly don’t know if I want to or not. He has a reason to go to my town and wants to get together when he’s over next so this is probably gonna happen anyway sometime, but I honestly just kinda wanted to go and watch and not mention to him that I was going. But it was pointed out to me that it would be creepyweird if he did spot me there and I hadn’t mentioned it, so….fine. He said great, look forward to seeing you there!

    It can’t be a case of him wanting me back because he broke up with me, it’s been an extremely long time, he’s very popular with the ladies so it’s not like I’m anything special in the long lines and I can’t for the life of me figure out why he still wants to talk to me, but…apparently. Also, you know that Emma/Clueless moment of “I have the picture you took in my locker?” He’s got a picture I drew on his fridge. Whaaaat? Like…17 years later?!

    I am just gonna be out of my mind crazy tonight, y’all, pray for me :p At least I’ve got new hair and an awesome velvet outfit so I can look impressive.

    1. You are not required to tell him anything. It’s a public play. Lots of people go.
      We really have to get over the “somebody might think this if I do this perfectly innocent thing, so I have a responsibility to take care of that.”
      Somebody can just handle it.

      1. I wish I hadn’t told him. I actually uh…ducked him. He could have spotted me (the lobby area was small enough that yeah, he could have and that’s why I told) but he literally did not recognize me and I didn’t say anything.

        I pretty much freaked out at the show seeing him after all this time and wanted to go hide. It really really weirded me out.

        1. Whatever you feel is okay.
          When I feel weird about my ex I think a lot of it is because I think that life is a competition. My ex is married with 2 kids and I’m not, I must have lost. Not true, but the feelings come anyway.

        2. It sounds to me that when he comes to visit your town later, you will have other plans. Maybe those plans are “taking a bath with a really good book”, but he doesn’t have to know that. All he needs to know is, “Sorry, I’ve got other plans that night. Enjoy your stay in town!”

          Unless, of course, you are looking for story/drama fodder. Because if you do decide to meet up with him, it sounds like you’ll get a great story out of it (full of emotion and conflict). If this is what you want, commit to it and have fun with it. If he messed with your mind all those years ago, it might be delicious revenge to mess with his (although, possibly a bit unfair because he may have changed and matured).

          Me, I vote for the book and the bath, though.


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