Structure and Nita’s First Act

This is another wonky post about structure, so you have been warned.

I’m obsessed with structure.  Structure has a huge impact on meaning in a story the way that structure has a huge impact on meaning in a sentence.  So when I went back to Nita’s Act One, currently logging in at an unsustainable 37, 236 words, it was time to analyze the structure.  In the beginning, I look for two things: word count of scenes and scene sequences (scenes that grouped together form a narrative unit of their own).  If I’ve planned my scene sequences right, a one sentence description of what happens in each should tell the story of that act.   I do structure analysis in Curio because it’s the easiest way to diagram out and color code a scene.  So let’s start with the Curio doc of Nita’s First Act:

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The Minimalist Office

Over the years I’ve posted pictures of my office, usually to the horror and amusement of everyone, especially Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Noted Neat Freak, who always replies by posting pictures of her lavish office which is professional and spotless.  If you haven’t see the pictures ( 2005 here, 2007 here, 2016 here) my office always looks like Staples threw up in it.  But my entire cottage has now reached critical mass, so I’m rethinking everything, including whether I even need an office (“Why do we even HAVE this lever?”). 

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The Glass is Cracked, But It’s Still Half Full

So America is in the middle of a massive stomach churn of the body politic, heaving while half of it freezes and the other half burns (climate change is a myth, part of SoCal always slides into the ocean during January).  The Evil Empire that Trump put into office is cancelling net neutrality, funding Big Coal, releasing the oceans to drilling, and trying to criminalize pot again.  Also Trump is still President.  So it’s bad.

But it’s not that bad, it may even be good, and I am not a glass-half-full kind of person.   Why am I delusional about this?  Here, have some random optimism: Continue reading

You Should Read (Maybe): Fire and Fury

This weekend in the comments, I said something disparaging about Michael Wolff’s book on the Trump administration, mentioning I was only half finished with it.  I’ve finished now, and I would change my reaction from “meh” to “huh.”  That is, it got better, but I’m still not sure if it’s worth reading since its general thesis was pretty evident before it was published.  I did laugh out loud once (more about that later), but mostly I had a Stengal-like reaction: “Can’t anybody here play this game?”  The following is not a review–this book has been reviewed enough–it’s a reaction to a description of the executive branch of our government that Monty Python would spit on as being too absurd..  A dead parrot would be a step-up in this administration, according to this book.  At least it wouldn’t tweet. Continue reading

Cherry Saturday, January 6, 2018

Today is Cuddle-Up Day.  

Because if you’re in eastern America, you are freezing your freaking whatsit off.  MY GOD IT’S COLD.  It’s going to get down to five below zero tonight, but I cannot complain because up in Vermont, Krissie’s going to be facing twenty-five below.  Even so, I’m cuddling up with an electric mattress pad, three dogs, a good book, and chocolate in some form, which I will consume with my fingers crossed, praying the electricity doesn’t go out.

You know what I want?  A nice Cherry Saturday.  IN APRIL.