Happy Turkey Death Day

If you’re part of this holiday, Argh wishes you the best of luck surviving it with the family of your choice, especially if they’re turkeys of any kind.  

And regardless, I wish you all a very merry Solstice/end-of-2017/thank-god-the-shortest-day-of-the-year-is-over-and-the-sun-is-coming-up-again celebration.  




16 thoughts on “Happy Turkey Death Day

  1. Happy most-likely-have-a-day-off Monday, however you celebrate it, even if you don’t. Peace, love, and joy to you all!

  2. Over the river and through the woods to the grandchildren’s house we go – you know the rest. My husband and I left this morning in white out conditions at 16 miles an hour trailing behind other brave souls to see family. The closer we got the lighter the snow and by the time we got to their house the sun was just about out. Yay! Christmas bedlam is what we miss with having grown children. We left them to it after a couple of hours and returned home on clear roads. Double Yay! Blessings to all!

  3. I can say I survived another Christmas with my darling almost adult children who are impervious to anyone’s angst except their own. And they have plenty. Minimal breakdowns this year, thank goodness.

    Wishing you all a better year than last.

  4. I just spent my Christmas reading Welcome to Temptation, and I want more, but I read on your website how you won’t kill off a character. I’d love to see what happens in their lives though. Maybe other books on other characters like you did with her brother. I so want to know what happens with Amy and the police chief. Liz’s cruise, and so on. I’m so interested. lol I really like your work though, and I look forwards to reading more, and I’ll hope to learn more about the Tuckers and Dimpsys in the future!

    1. Amy and Wes are fine. Everything’s fine in Temptation: all the streetlights work and it has a terrific bookstore. And mayor.

      And thank you!

  5. I had the Official Geek Christmas Celebration, which involved playing Scrabble while watching The Princess Bride (with my best friend, not family). Try not to let the jealousy consume you, Argh people.

    Also, she brought cookies.

  6. And a Merry Noir Christmas to you, too!

    We had rain. On top of about 12 inches of snow. And today, on the second day of Christmas, we’ve got wind a-howling. I thought my car was going to tip over in the parking lot, but so far, so good. And the roads are not too bad, all things considered. Only three more days of work, and it’ll be time off for me! Maybe I can get my New Year’s cards done then. Or Mardi Gras cards started . . . .

  7. Here it was death to baby sheep. Delicious. My family are not sheep. Which of course means that no one wants to read the rules of the new board games first. Ha ha ha ha.

    I made a perfect pavlova with fresh berries and whipped cream. And chocolate brownie and icecream. And creme brulee with all the leftover egg yolks from the pav. Winning.

    And now for a moment’s escape, thanks Arghers.

    1. It sounds delicious.

      We eat a Christmas breakfast/brunch thing with my husband’s family. This year’s was odder than normal. Also depressing which I’m not going to get into here.

  8. We drove 250 miles, shared hugs and smiles and cookies, and ended the night snug in our own beds.

    Peace and happiness to all.

  9. My dog ate a box of chocolates on Christmas Eve, so I spent the night and much of Christmas Day letting her in, letting her out, walking her around in the snow storm, and giving her water. She’s almost 15, so it was a big deal. But today she’s making play bows and running slowly through the snow, so we dodged a bullet for now. I was not so lively, but aside from that it was a nice day.

  10. Had a nice, peaceful dinner at my sister’s house and rushed home so I could make an appointment with my eye doctor the next day. After sitting on a series of buses for almost 2 hours the next day, I got to the doctor’s office only to be told that she had died, the practice had been sold and no one had thought to notify the patients. For this I sat in below zero wind chill?

    1. This stinks. 15 years ago my husband scheduled a Lasik follow-up surgery (his problem needed two surgeries to correct) in Canada because it was so much cheaper than in the U.S. We drove 7 hours to the site, checked into our rooms, showed up the next day for his eye surgery only to be told that the business had closed. They said they had tried to call us the previous day. Whoopee. We were in transit.

      We traveled in our own car which had to be a lot more comfortable than the bus.


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