Cherry Saturday, December 23, 2017

Happy Festivus!

You may commence “the “Airing of Grievances” and recounting of “Festivus miracles” in the comments.  Feats of strength you’ll have to share with those standing close to you in reality, not the internet.  

Also, in this case the “family” of the”Airing of Grievances” tradition is anybody including that damn raccoon that keeps getting in the trash because we do not say bad things about the Argh family here.   I believe the tradtion is to begin with “”I got a lotta problems with you people, and now you’re going to hear about it!.”  Feel free to cut and paste, changing “you people” to the designation of your choice.  I suggest “Congress,” “Fox News,” “men who think it’s okay to harass people sexually because they’re powerful and can get away with it,” and “people who make fake maple syrup,” but your rants may differ..

The Festivus miracles are up to you.  Mine is the incredible community here that just appeared after I did the first post.  It’s a miracle!  Especially since in the beginning, on Mollie’s advice, I didn’t enable comments on the blog.  Can you imagine Argh without the comments?  That’s like dressing without gravy.  The blog posts are really just the delivery system for the comments.  It’s the only time in our professional relationship that Mollie has been wrong, and it was twelve years ago, so I’ve forgiven her, and it will not be part of my Airing of Grievances.






33 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday, December 23, 2017

  1. The miracle would be that I am still here, with most if my organs, and I feel good, because last year at this time, those things were in doubt. And my husband, who put up with a lot this year with really good humor. We also went to Dubai and I rode in a hot air balloon for the first time.

    The grievance would be that my job converted from a contractor slot to a Government civilian slot and my boss did not fight to have the job announcement open to the public, so I couldn’t apply to keep the job I have had for 15 years. I don’t know if I will have a job until Jan 6th when the new contract comes out.

    And all the stupid people practicing in public. Couldn’t they keep their stupidity private?

  2. One of the very lovely things about aging is that my short-term memory has gone. So I have no grievances right now. Just happy to sit and bask in the glow of Festivus (the festival for the rest of us) — best poetry of my generation, really.

    Merry merry, and a very happy happy!

  3. I just had one of those good days. The kind that makes grievances seem inconsequential. But I shall remember them to better improve my future work life.

    At home, I’ve done my best to air what I needed to as soon as the issue arose, helping me have a positive outcome.

    And funnily enough, am on holiday, embracing my roots!

  4. Happy, merry, everything to everyone! I have no grievances worth mentioning.
    The miracle is my family enjoy getting together. I’m cooking today, sort of a belated Hanukkah as my daughter was out of town then, so I’ll celebrate the gathering around the pole, we’ll eat brisket and latkes, then have a Christmas dessert. Had not realized it was Festivus, so this perfect.

  5. After my husband puts the cover of the barrel on top of said barrel, snaps it in place using a bungee cord from handle to handle, then loops a rope around the handle attaches it to a post and does the same with any remaining barrels. Nine times out of ten it works. Pesky critters! Grievances I keep to myself until I do something stupid and let it all out at an inappropriate time. But seriously can’t think of a quick come back unless it’s at two o’clock in the morning. Peace

    1. The raccoons here are not that bad.
      It’s the bears. Those suckers are strong and bungee cords hold no mystery for them. Mostly they’re sleeping now, but now hibernating, so unless it’s really cold out, I wait until the night before to put out anything they might find tasty. That way unless they amble past on that exact day, they leave the place alone.
      I love wildlife, I just want it to stay out of my garbage.

      1. Bears? BEARS!? Ffs. Do you know what native wildlife we have here? Birds. And some invertebrates. And a giant snail.

        Still, I guess bears are a lesser danger than all of Australia. (Sorry Aussies, couldn’t resist).

        1. Northern NJ is bear central.
          Australia isn’t bear-free, there are drop bears. Australia has everything.

  6. I have to work on not having grievances, which is ridiculous because I have a good life and good friends. For some reason it is easier to say no then to say yes. So my rule is not to say no until I figure out if there is a legitimate reason such as the only time I hear from this person is when he/she wants to use my place as a free airb&b. So No. Or I am just quibbling and this person has had me to stay many times so why am I even hesitating. So – yes. Or better this is a person I really like and having them to stay is always fun and not all favors should expect a return so Yes. So I try not to have grievances. Try not to say no just because it is easier than saying yes.

    And the miracle is that I have good friends even though I can be a real pill.

  7. My holiday miracle is that my oven is working today when I REALLY need it (for cookie baking and to roast a small turkey, which would sort of fit in the oversized toaster oven, but not easily). The grievance, of course, is that the oven started acting up about a month ago (sets off the GFCI outlet at random intervals, but only some days and not others), and it’s not a good time to replace it. Although that’s a pretty small grievance, because the oven is something like 25 years old, and the stovetop still works, so I can make most of the things I eat on a regular basis.

    1. When I bought this cottage (derelict), I bought a cheapo stove until I could afford the retro one I really wanted. I swear it was around $200. That was almost five years ago and the thing is still working, and I’ve decided until it gives up the ghost, it deserves my loyalty. Also it has knobs, which I like, instead of just squares that you poke at. I want knobs.

  8. My main grievance this season is hearing from *that* ex, the one that is my personal kryptonite, getting all excited about it (regardless of whether or not we could ever get back together, he is still probably the most interesting dude I ever met in real life AND he told me of some super cool things he was doing related to what I want to do now, and I really wanted to talk about that because my friends don’t do that activity) and then of course, he doesn’t write back after the first time. Fucker. Why the hell any guy does this and then does a flake and bail, I will never know. It makes me mad. I knew I shouldn’t respond to him because no good comes from contact with exes, but this was the one ex I would have wanted to hear from and….yeah. I did it to myself and I was an idiot.

    I probably wouldn’t have this kryptonite issue had anyone better come along, but lord knows that has not happened in way over a decade for me. Especially annoying since this ex finds a new girl every 2 minutes with ease if he wants. Which makes it even weirder that he’d wanted to track me down since he did the breaking up (with good reason, I was a horrible clinger) and then doesn’t want to do more than like, one email or whatever. I don’t get men. Why bother with them?

    1. This is why romance novels outsell all other genres.

      I ordered a T-shirt to wear while Krissie is here. It says, “My book boyfriend is better than yours.”

    2. That does sound annoying. I’m very petty (and scheming), but I think I’d write to the ex- and ask him to introduce me to his friends that do X-hobby. At best, he’d be relieved that I wasn’t going to glom onto him, and I’d have new friends to talk to! At worst/best, he’d be insanely jealous and feel a tiny bit used, and vengeance is MINE! At completely neutral, he’d never contact me again. I don’t know what the worst case scenario would be, but I suspect it’d make an extremely funny farce in the right hands, so it’s still not worst-worst.

      Ah, the holidays. When all sorts of people come into our lives to just say “hi”, and wind up provoking a lot of conflicting feelings. (I got a couple of messages like that on my phone today. Nothing kryptonite-y. Just low-level angst about “I should do more”.)

  9. My miracle is that both my dying cats are still with me today, which wasn’t by any means a certainty, for one of them in particular. And a quiet day today to recover from the preceding week and brace myself for working tomorrow (I run an artists’ cooperative shop featuring 50 local artists, which is the least horrifying kind of retail, but still, this time of year is exhausting). A day spent mostly reading and hanging out with said cats, and which will soon have wine in it. Also, Argh and the Betties, which are a miracle in and of themselves with or without a Pole (and a few Germans and Australians). Plus a day of continuous rain which could just have easily been a shit-ton of snow, so WHEW.

    For Grievances, please see “two dying cats,” above, and all of 2017. Plus I now hate the color orange for reasons that aren’t at all its fault.

    Happy Festivus, Jenny. Happy Festivus, all!

  10. Miracles: my husband is still the awesome and fabulous critter I married, both old doggos are alive despite one’s best efforts to thwart my intention to keep her that way a little longer, we have heat & food & oxygen & light and all y’all and Jenny to hold this space for us, and books, OMG So Many Books.

    Grievances: not enough sleep, not enough ice packs, not enough sticky toffee pudding.

    Happy Festivus!!

    1. Well, you married a prince, he was bound to last. Give him a hug for me. Are you still in LA? Still in that cute house? That’s always where I picture the two of you.

      1. We are still in LA (fingers crossed not too much longer because it’s a frickin’ nightmare of expensive on one income here) but sadly we are not still in that house. It was a great space, wasn’t it? Plus the awesome old-timey retro stove of awesomeness was awesome.

        Hugs are given and returned *MWAH*!

  11. Grievances: socializing with people out of duty rather than preference. Good news is one event down, one to go, soon to be followed by being with people I like to hang out with.

    Miracles: Everyone is in relatively good shape, and I am feeling more than usually aware of my blessings. Trying to pay attention to the holiday activities and not just let the time slip by.

  12. Grievances – all the people who have been mean to my friends in the box office selling tickets for our holiday show. If it mattered this much to you, you shouldn’t have waited until the last minute to buy tickets! Also, if you are yelling at customer service person for so long her hands start shaking, and then you have to be escorted away by security because you were LITERALLY BANGING ON THE BOX OFFICE GLASS, all because of a mistake YOU MADE, you are an asshole. Frankly, whoever started teaching customers that they were always right should be held accountable for their crimes.

    Miracles – all the kids in my lobby who are so fucking excited to see the show. Especially the girl who’s head barely reached the counter of the marketing kiosk who told me all about how claustrophobia is inconvenient in crowds when you’re pretty much elbow height. And the very polite boy in a bow tie who wished me Merry Christmas, causing his younger brother (also bow-tied) to suddenly blurt “Merry Christmas!” like an actor who had missed his cue. Also all the cozy Christmas books and movies I get to watch. And FINALLY having a day off to clean my apartment. And the fact that after tomorrow, I get two glorious weeks off to do holiday stuff with family, and then to visit my friends on the other side of the country.

    Of course, the bigger miracle is just that I not only love my family, I like them, and I love spending time with them during the holidays. Something I always took for granted as a kid, but as an adult I’m realizing is a pretty awesome thing.

  13. Grievances: all the people in 2017 who declared that the news media is irrelevant.
    Miracles: all the many more people who remembered that the news media is more relevant than ever.

    Happy & merry Festivus!

  14. My grievances are in the White House, Congress, and a number of newly appointed judges, administrators and ambassadors.

    My miracle is that we have actually won a number of important battles including keeping health care despite all the attacks on it, and that I get to play a teeny part in those victories in my job.

    And that I managed to arrange to spend the holidays with the family members I wanted and avoided the one I didn’t without a fight.

  15. I’m not sure if this is a miracle or a grievance. My living room is Legoland Central. I bought damn near all of them so it’s my fault either way.

    I’m at work and my spouse is home with the kids. I’m calling that a miracle because I’m not dealing with over tired, over stimulated kids who’s meals have been disrupted over the last few days. I’m going to miss some of the Lego putting together though, which isn’t a miracle (Hi, I’m Beth and I love Legos.)

    We’re also all sick so not being around snotty, coughing kids and husband is also a good thing. 🙂

  16. Miracle: When my husband tossed his Christmas-gift-from-me sweatshirt onto the bathroom counter at his mom’s house, only the sweatshirt caught fire.

    Grievance: Mothers-in-law who place lighted candles on the bathroom counter.


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