Cherry Saturday, November 18, 2017

Today is Occult Day, which I was all over because of Nita until I read this quote:  

“When you start to notice the mystical, the mystical will start to notice you.” ― Dacha Avelin 

So maybe not.

27 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday, November 18, 2017

  1. I’d planned to do some meditation and tarot today, but am too wiped out. I’m taking next week off, in the hope I can unwind a bit and get some energy back. I’m feeling like I used to at the end of each term at Oxford: so overtired mentally that I’m not sleeping properly. I tried taking yesterday as a photography day, but had to pack up after a couple of hours.

    So today I’m vegging on the sofa, looking at ideas for my new garden, rereading a Mary Balogh, and then watching another couple of episodes of the BBC ‘Pride and Prejudice’, which I haven’t seen for some years.

    Maybe I’ll be up to tarot tomorrow.

      1. Had to look that up: my first thought was, it doesn’t look a natural for my garden; then I realized it’s also a remedy. I went to the herbalist’s this morning and bought a bottle of her ‘de-stress’ tincture, which I’m taking alongside echinacea since I feel I could easily come down with something. (Do love orange and gold echinacea in the garden, but it can be tricky to keep them through our wet winters.)

        Thanks for the suggestion.

        1. Orange and gold echinacea are robust in our garden. Yay! for the herbal tincture. And for having herbalist at all.

  2. I’m making a set of tarot cards – all oceanography and critters and things – and it feels less like parting the curtain to the other side, and more like following the quietest promptings from the Girls in the Basement. YMMV

    1. Sounds a wonderful project. I definitely see tarot as a way to talk to the girls; which is also why there’s no point in doing it when you’re exhausted – you need some creative energy.

  3. Was on Constantine “you see them, they see you”

    Though the best cautionary tale was a short story about the twit who held a ceremony to see the ancients, into the past and the future. Then all the ghosts turned up and never gave him a moments’ peace so he couldn’t even talk to his grandmother who also turned up. He also saw his surroundings in the past and the future, so he didn’t know what was actually there in the present. He was driven mad

  4. It’s all connected.

    I keep whispering like an idiot. I am using g a notepad tho’ but sometimes can’t help it. The need to do better on silence tomorrow.

    Today I tried to distract by watching Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Perfect because I didn’t need to engage my brain very hard.

    Maybe tomorrow I’ll go see Thor Ragnarok. I need it.

  5. Please could we do Argh Movie Multilogues on Guardians of the Galaxy 1 and 2. What worked and why. What didn’t and why?

    Was it me or was Drax a tad less literal second time around?

    1. I have 2 and haven’t seen it yet but yep, when I get to it, we can do that.
      I still want to do Wonder Woman. I have objections, which seems anti-feminist and also picky because it was such a fun movie to watch, especially if you’re female.

      I’d love to see Thor Ragnarok, but it’s not happening. Maybe when Krissie comes next month it’ll still be in the theater.

      1. They really went for the humor with Ragnarok, and it made it the most fun to watch of the Thor movies. I feel like Thor is a lot less stupid than he was at the beginning, which is a big reason why each progressive movie is more enjoyable. Incidentally, one of my biggest take-aways was just how horrible Odin was at parenting. He absolutely sucked.

        1. Have you seen any of Taiki Waititi’s other films? Hunt for the Wilderpeople is an excellent example. I can’t imagine him doing a film without some sly humour.

        2. It makes sense that he’d get smarter; a lot of stuff happens to him. The big arc happens in the first movie which is when he grows up. The second movie I’ve mostly forgotten. Really looking forward to this one. From the previews, he’s still basically Thor, which is most of the guys I grew up with, except with a much larger hammer. Good old boys.

  6. I loved Guardians 1. Sometimes 2 wasted a lot of time with CGI battles, but baby Groot is hysterical! Love Yondu in both movies. I agree that Drax isn’t as literal or as funny in 2. Antman has humor and is a favorite Marvel of mine, too. I hesitate to see Ragnarock because I really don’t like most of the Marvel Hulk CGI in past Avenger movies. It just doesn’t feel believable to me. Is it better in this movie than the past?

    1. Antman is like the first Captain America; it seems less intense and exciting and interesting but still a lot of fun, and then you go back and watch it again and it’s great. Unlike say, Age of Ultron, which I have no interest in ever seeing again.

  7. In real life I don’t want the mystical to notice me. But I wouldn’t mind an attack of inspiration.

  8. Hadn’t been here in a few days but popped in on ReFab, where Krissie is urging people to take a class in the new year. And I thought it might be cool to explore tarot, and looked up a couple online classes.

    And THEN I came to Argh and saw this.



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