Cherry Saturday, October 28, 2017



It’s Hug A Sheep Day.


Those of you without livestock can hug somebody who mindlessly follows whatever everybody in his or her group is doing.  They’re probably desperate for affection anyway.

Or you can go this route:

Forty inches long, sturdy enough to ride on, expensive enough to pass if only because of the guilt-inducing eyes.  Probably huggable.  

Or just go with the Jellycat Squiggle (big Jellycat fan here):



40 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday, October 28, 2017

  1. Probably won’t come across any sheep but I am sure to find sheeple to hug.
    Hope everyone is having a good weekend pre-Halloween. I am enjoying paid time off! Doesn’t get better than that!

  2. OMG, I love the Jellycat! I have a couple of stuffed sheep, so I could hug them. Instead, I’m going to hug my beautiful black cat Magic, who was diagnosed yesterday with a fatal tumor. I can tell my vet doesn’t think she has much time (her brother Mystic, also 15, has been dying more slowly since May from a probably related problem). But Magic has always been stubborn and done things her own way, so I’m going to hope that she surprises us and hangs around for much longer than expected. Getting lots of hugs all along.

    1. It’s tiny, just a handful of fuzz, and so cute. I put it next to the reading light in Krissie’s bedroom, aka the guestroom. It has a bunny theme, but one sheep won’t hurt.

    2. I am so sorry about Magic and Mystic.

      5 months ago my cat Aubrey came down with jaundice which the vet felt was indicative of a fast acting tumor but could only verify with a lot of tests which I did not want to do. She prescribed cortisone in a topical cream as a possible way to retard the cancer. He has gotten no worse and seems to be slightly better. So I will hope that her diagnosis is off and that your guys are going to be with you for a long time yet.

  3. Don’t know if this counts but a few years ago my husband and I took our granddaughters to a petting zoo. Instead of sheep there were baby goats. Our two year old granddaughter kept trying to pick them up and I was afraid she would squeeze them too hard, but no worries there, they just jumped right out of her arms and ambled along with her chasing after them. They also must have been well behaved animals because they didn’t try to butt the girls. There was also an elephant exhibit where we could take the girls for rides. So there I was on the back of an elephant with the two girls in front of me holding on for dear life, not really but it was fun. Good memories!

  4. Well, there was one as I was coming down off the hills yesterday, that didn’t flee in terror as they usually do. Don’t know that she’d’ve been up for a hug, though. I was feeling rather relieved/grateful to be making it down in one piece, and with all my camera gear intact: I’d had to cross about a mile of bog, and then ford a fast-flowing stream full of slime-covered rocks. Am resolved (yet again) to be more cautious in future. The trouble is, I love exploring . . .

  5. We had sheep growing up. I, mostly, do not have fond memories. We did have one ram who was a sweetheart, and we were all sad when he died (of very old age). Sheep do not recognize their flock mates when they have been shorn and what good shepherds do is pen up all the woollies and then let the shorn ones out into the pasture so you have one group of all naked sheep. If you put a shorn sheep in with her woolly sisters they will beat her up as an intruder.

    I would hug a new lamb though.

      1. Me either. I am impressed at that level of stupid. Then again, it’s a cliche for a reason.

        And now I want to go buy a Jellycat sheep and crochet a wizard robe for it – it can be the one that skipped the bell curve altogether.

      2. If you’ve ever come across a flock that won’t budge in the middle of a highway, you might reevaluate your estimate of their intelligence. There is a reason they just follow along.

  6. By gazing long at sheep flock behavior, “Bellwether” (Connie Willis) heroine has ‘Eureka’ moment; she understands how chaos theory effects human trend behavior, has personal chaotic proximity moment with the Unlikely Romantic Presence, and collides with intrusive good fortune. Sheep! Whodda thunk. Hug a Nebula.

    1. I love that book! The way the story structure mimicked the theme was brilliant. I used it for a book club discussion years ago with a group of readers who rarely read outside of Oprah’s picks, and they loved it too. It got me started on quite the Connie Willis kick.

  7. Sheep is something to eat. Sheep wool is something to wear. In 2015 I bought a sheepskin leather jacket – best texture ever. Sheep on an educational animal farm is something to look at and throw handfuls of feed at/for.

    I’d say something about mutton burgers but never mind.

    Sheep are smelly and not to be hugged.

    1. Decades ago, when sheepskin coats were de rigeur, my mum woke up early one morning, and didn’t *quite* wake my dad. “I’m going to a coat sale.” “mm-hmm”. “I might buy a coat.” “Mm-hmm”. Snore. I still have that coat, thanks mum.

      Don’t hug sheep. It makes your country the butt of jokes forever.

    2. I save most of my suspension of disbelief for the ridiculously large number of dukes the Victorian and Regency Brits have in a single book series by one author. 😀

      More truth telling. Mutton burgers are tasty. Lamb burgers are deeee-lish-esh!!! Especially when made with flavours used in Kakori Kebabs.

  8. Does hugging some of my yarn stash count? 🙂

    I got a little carried away at the native plant sale this morning – everyone who looked at my cart said, “Wow, you’ve got your work cut out for you.” Uh oh.

  9. When I was in college, two friends and I housesat for a couple of professors who were on sabbatical overseas for a semester. Along with the house and extensive garden (including fruit trees), we took care of two cats and two sheep. The sheep were named Martha (also my mother’s name) and Petunia. I didn’t spend much time with them–one of my roomies had more livestock experience–but it was interesting anyway. I was the cat caretaker since our third roomie was allergic.

    And Deborah, I’m so sorry about your fur baby. Hugs to you, and not the sheepy kind.

  10. I just watched a show on Netflix and thought of you… or, rather, Nita. Crazyhead is about two women who see demons who team up to save the world… from their psychiatrist, who is. (Not too big a spoiler, since you learn it early in.) Thought you might enjoy.

  11. I have to tell you, Jenny, that whenever I mistakenly open a news site and unwittingly read a headline that describes something unspeakably awful that I can’t unsee, I call up Arghink. Invariably, something good awaits there and I can go on with my day knowing that all humans are not dreadful. You delivered again, with the sheep and the Jellycat Squiggle. 🙂

  12. Sorry about all the sick kitties. Good and happy thoughts to all.

    I once spent some time recording what plants sheep ate. We had them for a couple of months. We had to move the water trough about 300m and the sheep couldn’t find it, they just stood in the old location and bleated. so we had to herd them over to the water’s new location, so they could learn where it was.

    This week I go for tests to see if the chemo and surgery worked. My mom gave me a little sheep, named Peep, the last time I was in the hospital. He’s due for a hug.

  13. I quite like artificial and fictional sheep. If I’m flipping through the channels on a weekend, and Shaun the Sheep shows up, I always get sucked in. Thank goodness the show is only for ten or fifteen minutes!

    hugs to them that needs them or wants them. Cancer sucks, in cats or in humans.

  14. I am just now going through an issue of Southern Living magazine from KU and came across an ad for sheepskin covered dining room chair seats for your tushy at Thanksgiving made for Ikea. Go figure!

  15. Some years ago there was a picture of a merino sheep in either Australia or New Zealand that got lost up in the hills and so was not shorn for several years. I think it would have taken at least 2 or 3 sets of arms to hug that sheep!

  16. I have a Sleep Number Bed sheep somewhere at home. Probably in with the kids’ stuffed animals. I can hug that!

    My main experience with sheep is seeing them in pens at the State Fair in August. They’re clean and sometimes we can pat them, if their owners agree. We’re city folk, we don’t know what will bite and what won’t, so we ask.

  17. Just bought a Seely mattress topper this weekend. The box had a google-eye sheep on it. However, not going to hug the box. I am enjoying the foam mattress topper though.

    Hugs to Deborah, Mystic, Magic, Phred, Jessie, and Aubrey! Like Micki said, cancer sucks, in cats or in humans.


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