17 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday, Sept. 30, 2017

  1. Hmm. Cute. We’ve never had cats at home. I’ve dealt with a few at friends’ homes, but never for very long.


  2. My sister has a kitten who is small enough that when she wants time alone she flattens herself and slides beneath one of their bedside tables. It is both a miracle of physics and pretty damn cute.


    1. Almost everything cats do is pretty damn cute. My husband tells me it’s because they have binocular vision, large eyes and when mature have the same weight and feel of a human baby. So people get the hormone hit of “cute baby” whenever they look at them or pick them up. Plus, soft, furry and cute.


      1. Don’t try picking up my Muffin like a baby. Actually, don’t try picking her up one way or another.

        Joe on the other hand can be carried like a baby but that may be because he’s an orange male and every orange male I’ve owned is a person oriented sweetie.

        But Muffin is still my girl.

        Then there are the dogs.


      2. You could pick up my Zeppy like a baby. He liked to be held in the crook of an arm with his hind feet in your palm and his fore feet by you neck. If you curled him in for a hug, he’d wrap his paws around your neck and hug you back. He was the best kitty ever!

        His sister on the other hand doesn’t like being held but will tolerate it for a minute, maybe 2.


  3. Our three cats rule this household, all three dogs and two humans are very aware of this.


  4. I’d be happy if I could bring my childhood pet back to life; sixteen years wasn’t enough. However, I am infinitely more allergic now than I was then, so perhaps I should dig out a picture and reminisce.


  5. When my sister flew out to visit in July, she sat next to the real Grumpy Cat and (his?her?) owner on the plane. They were on their way to shoot a commercial. Once word got out that a celebrity was on board, cat and owner were moved up to a seat in First Class. My sister was left in coach, but with a great selfie 🙂


  6. Love those pictures!

    My cats are happy right now, especially Magic, my black cat, who is sitting on my lap purring as I type–because I just got home after being away at a SF/Fantasy con for the weekend, only a week and a half after being away for a week in California. They–and I–are happy I won’t be doing any more traveling soon!


  7. LOL, that last cat reminds me of Ron Swanson for some reason.

    My cats are VERY happy to see me these days. We haven’t turned the heater on, so it’s very much, “Come here, my lovely, large, warm human!” I’ll lie down on the sofa and be unable to move for two hours because the cats take turns flopping on me.

    My two were orphaned at a very young age, and the guy who rescued them fed them like babies. They still love being cuddled like that.

    Kitty love . . . .


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